Barbara Bush, Matriarch of US Political Clan, Dies at 92

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Barbara Bush, Matriarch of US Political Clan, Dies at 92

Bloomberg12 hours ago
Just as her husband represented the last of a breed — the World War II veteran as president — Barbara Bush exemplified a type of first lady who went out of style when she departed the political scene. Though she never expressed second thoughts about her chosen path — she’d dropped out of Smith …
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Trump and Abe Talk Trade as Well as Relations With NKorea

U.S. News & World Report8 hours ago
By JILL COLVIN and ZEKE MILLER, Associated Press. PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Seeking to reassure Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of their close alliance ahead of planned talks with North Korea, the Trump administration has signaled it is open to considering exempting Japan from new steel and …
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Trump Says ‘Good Relationship’ Formed With North Korea

U.S. News & World Report1 hour ago
Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said at a briefing Wednesday that Beijing hopes the two sides will work on a political resolution of tensions on the Korean Peninsula and set up a peace mechanism. The Koreas are technically still in a state of war after fighting in the 1950-53 Korean …

Election 2018 Is Off to the Racists

The Nation.2 hours ago
And through their popularity and their ties to Trump staffers, they’ve been able to influence the White House and demonstrate that there is room for the advocacy of openly racist policies in the US political system. President Trump has read and reacted to at least one article from GotNews, which is run by the …

Sharif’s Lifetime Ban From Politics Is the Final Blow to Pakistan’s …

The Diplomat20 hours ago
The Pakistan Supreme Court’s ruling that disqualification under Article 62 (1)(f) of the constitution is for life, which means a lifetime ban from parliament for ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, wasn’t the slightest bit surprising. For starters, the pretext for Sharif’s ouster on July 28, 2017 – not over the many …

Political holiness? More on Gaudete et Exsultate!

Catholic Culture17 hours ago
By Dr. Jeff Mirus (bio – articles – email) | Apr 17, 2018 … I mean the solution to the problem of what sort of political measures should be taken to eliminate these evils. Talk about “clarity of solution”! Here we … Moreover, in the form in which these problems are typically presented to us, they are proposed as political problems.

Why the Usual Political Gravity Hasn’t Grounded Greitens and Pruitt

RealClearPoliticsApr 15, 2018
WASHINGTON — It feels some days as if the ordinary laws of political physics have been suspended. Politics operates by unseen but generally predictable forces. Go too far and the mechanism of political gravity will bring you down. Not now. Not reliably, anyway. This unsettling development has …

What the Rape and Murder of a Child Reveals About Modi’s India

New York TimesApr 16, 2018
NEW DELHI — India is sliding toward a collapse of humanity and ethics in politicaland civic life, as the recent reports of the rape and murder of an 8-year-old girl from a seminomadic Muslim community in the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir reveal. Politicians from India’s governing Bharatiya Janata …

Paul Ryan and Freedom

RealClearPoliticsApr 17, 2018
Amid the political hullabaloo now engulfing us — special prosecutors, tell-all memoirs, calls for impeachment, Lord knows what else — the opportunity to salute Paul Ryan has a cleansing effect, like heavy-duty detergent following a food fight. The opportunity arises on account of Ryan’s understandable but …

Corruption, Not Russia, Is Trump’s Greatest Political Liability

New York MagazineApr 3, 2018
“My whole life I’ve been greedy, greedy, greedy,” declared Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign. “I’ve grabbed all the money I could get. I’m so greedy. But now I want to be greedy for the United States.” To the extent that Trump’s candidacy offered any positive appeal, as opposed to simple loathing for …

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