Travel Agents Reveal Their Favorite Under-the-Radar Vacation Spots

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Travel Agents Reveal Their Favorite Under-the-Radar Vacation Spots

BloombergApr 16, 2018
… their obscurity is only temporary. Word is already getting out about destinations such as Puglia—the architecturally-fascinating heel of Italy’s boot—which came up again and again in conversations with multiple specialists. And it’s only a matter of time before the rest of these vacation spots become the talk …
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WWAY NewsChannel 3

North Carolina Woman Arrested on Vacation Settles Lawsuit

U.S. News & World ReportApr 20, 2018
North Carolina Woman Arrested on Vacation Settles Lawsuit. A North Carolina woman who says her arrest during a vacation left her physically bruised and emotionally scarred has settled a lawsuit against the former police officer who detained her. April 20, 2018, at 12:11 p.m.. North Carolina Woman Arrested on Vacation …
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Ex-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Relists Texas Vacation Home …

NewsOK.comApr 20, 2018
Rex Tillerson doesn’t need a vacation spot? The Texas native and his wife recently re-listed their vacation property in Horseshoe Bay with a price cut. … NewsOK highlights articles of interest from selected websites to increase the scope of commentary and coverage available to readers. Readers are linked …
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Five steps to vacation bliss

Grok Nation (blog)Apr 16, 2018
Many articles talk about anecdotal evidence as to why travel and vacations make us happier—they open our mind, they cash in on novelty, they take us on a path to self-actualization—but I’m curious whether there is any actual scientific evidence that vacation and travel makes us happier. Most studies …
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The News-Press

US News Releases the 2018 Best Summer Vacations Rankings

U.S. News & World Report (blog)Apr 18, 2018
1 spot on the list of Best Summer Vacations in the USA. The No. 2 spot, Seaside, Oregon, is a family-friendly beach town that sees few crowds and provides easy access to nearby natural wonders. Coming in at No. 3, Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is ideal for outdoor pursuits, such as hiking and camping.
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Survey Shows That Vacation Guilt May Be on the Decline

Travel Market ReportApr 4, 2018
Most Americans say work inserts itself into their vacations in some form, leading to leisure time guilt that prevents them from completely relaxing during their time off. In its annual Family Vacation Survey, Alamo Rent A Car said that 59 percent of adult workers say they put pressure on themselves to work …
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Former HUD employee accused of faking cancer to get extra …

HousingWireApr 18, 2018
According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New York, Timothy Oravec is accused of defrauding HUD and some of its employees out of their vacation days by falsely claiming to have cancer. Court documents show that Oravec is former employee of HUD in Albany, New York.
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The Beloved Pie Shop in an Amish and Mennonite Vacation Town

Atlas ObscuraApr 11, 2018
On a sunny Saturday afternoon, two Amish-Mennonite women wearing pink and blue gowns and white kapps (prayer coverings) cruise down palm-studded Bahia Vista Street on oversize tricycles. They’re headed to Yoder’s Amish Restaurant and Village in Sarasota, Florida, a popular spot for fried chicken …
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Culinary Tours of the World

TravelPulse14 hours ago
Looking for a domestic trip for your foodie clients? GOGO Worldwide Vacations‘ “San Francisco Vacation Package” brings to light the culinary side of San Francisco. Travelers can take part in the “Flavors & Murals of the Mission” walking tour, which mixes a tasting tour of the trendiest parts of the city with a …
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Your Next Vacation Destination: Space Hotel!

SavingAdvice.comApr 17, 2018
Your stay at the space hotel will sit comfortably atop this list at $792,000 a night, but it’s definitely a bucket list-worthy destination. Readers, care to share the most expensive or exotic vacation you’ve ever taken? Do you think commercial space travel will be affordable in our lifetimes? Are you already saving …

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