Liddle Wales articles ‘rude’, UK minister says

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Liddle Wales articles ‘rude’, UK minister says

BBC News18 hours ago
The Wales Office’s Stuart Andrew said Sunday Times columnist Rod Liddle’s articles“frankly downright rude”. Mr Liddle had said some people would prefer … In a later piece, Liddle has defended his column item as a joke and criticised the critical response to it from politicians. The original article prompted …
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Labour vows to settle anti-Semitism complaints by July

BBC News7 hours ago
Jewish Voice for Labour, which has accused Mr Corbyn’s opponents of using the issue to undermine the leader, said there had been too little focus in the media and Westminster on anti-Semitism on the right of politics. In an article for the group’s website, academic and activist Justin Schlosberg said he had …
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Politics in 2018, ‘Upstate’

Putnam County News and Recorder8 hours ago
Primaries seem to be the rage this year. Gov. Andrew Cuomo faces a challenger to his left, Cynthia Nixon, the Sex and the City actor. She turned heads with her assessment that “upstate New York” begins somewhere around Ithaca, though her campaign later said that, obviously, she was joking. Well …
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Mueller Reviewed Manafort Testimony on Russian Deripaska

BloombergApr 24, 2018
In Washington, he is charged with laundering profits from tens of millions of dollars that he made as a political consultant to former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and other politicians there, as well as of failing to register in the U.S. as a lobbyist. In Alexandria, Virginia, he’s accused of tax and bank …
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The Hidden Bombshell in the McCabe Report

RealClearPoliticsApr 23, 2018
All of them are high-level political appointees. According to a Wall Street Journal article, McCabe says he stood straight and tall and “reiterated past instructions to FBI agents that they were to keep pursuing the work within the authority they had.” But that’s based on McCabe’s self-serving leak. The FBI …
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Trump Voters Driven by Fear of Losing Status, Not Economic Anxiety …

New York Times21 hours ago
Ever since Donald J. Trump began his improbable political rise, many pundits have credited his appeal among white, Christian and male voters to “economic anxiety.” Hobbled by unemployment and locked out of the recovery, those voters turned out in force to send Mr. Trump, and a message, …
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India’s Own Red-Blue Divide

BloombergApr 23, 2018
Modi’s BJP has since replaced the Congress as the dominant force in Indian politics, but very much remains much a party of the north and the west, with little or no presence in states like Tamil Nadu. Even more disruptive is the fact that north and south have diverged economically and demographically.
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Michael Cohen Has Said He Would Take a Bullet for Trump. Maybe …

New York TimesApr 20, 2018
“Donald goes out of his way to treat him like garbage,” said Roger J. Stone Jr., Mr. Trump’s informal and longest-serving political adviser, who, along with Mr. Cohen, was one of five people originally surrounding the … [Mr. Trump on Saturday morning harshly criticized this article in a series of tweets.
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White House Deterring Republicans From Defending Pruitt, Sources Say

BloombergApr 23, 2018
White House officials are cautioning Republican lawmakers and other conservative allies to temper their defense of Scott Pruitt, according to two people familiar with the discussions, in a sign that administration support for the embattled EPA chief may be waning. The warnings come as several top GOP …
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Hope in Arizona

New York TimesApr 23, 2018
Since Hillary Clinton’s defeat, “college-educated women have ramped up their political participation en masse,” the historian Lara Putnam and the political scientist Theda Skocpol wrote in a recent article, “Middle America Reboots Democracy.” It’s this civic renewal that is transforming politics in Arizona.

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