Daimler In North America Is All Set To Moving Its Headquarters To Michigan



It has been eight years since the parent company dumped the Chrysler Group, and now Daimler North America Corp. is all set to make Michigan its American headquarters instead of New Jersey. The move will result in 30 new jobs being established in the new headquarters including Mercedes-Benz Research and Development in Ann Arbor and Redford, Detroit Diesel in Redford Township, and Mercedes-Benz Financial Services headquarters in Farmington Hills.

What Has Been Said

A spokesperson from the company, Andrea Berg stated that the headquarters in Michigan will be established in Farmington Hills, a facility that they already possess. The 30 employees  will begin moving at the start the coming year.

Governor Rick Snyder met with the executives at Daimler while attending  the Frankfurt International Auto Show in the presence of 60 suppliers and made the announcement. He stated that they have been receiving a lot of positive feedback recently and this was mainly because people knew them better.

A Strong Hold In Michigan

With 63 out of the top 100 suppliers based in Michigan, 75% of the automotive development and research within the United States happens here. Michigan happens to be an automotive leader in the world and considering that Daimler wants a strong presence in the region it is clear that the company is establishing itself there for the long term.. Currently, the company has a strong presence, not only in the United States but worldwide as well. Michigan is a leader when it comes to creating more auto related jobs in the country. The company’s leadership has also stated that they are fully present in all parts and areas of this industry namely engineering and technology development, R&D, and manufacturing.

About Daimler North America

The holding company handles all of the business units for Daimler AG within the United States. In 1997, the company’s predecessor namely DaimlerChrysler AG acquired an automaker based in Auburn Hills since then had the intention of building a multi brand and global automaker for competing with the likes of General Motors Co., Ford Motors Co., and Volkswagen AG.

After a decade, it sold to Cerberus Capital Management LP its Detroit’s No. 3 automaker in the middle of blame and recriminations. The principals of the private equity and new company renamed the company as Chrysler LLC. The leadership of this new company then established a new partnership with Fiat SpA of Italy and culminated in a historic bankruptcy.

However, with the shifting of the company’s headquarters to Michigan, the move builds the strong image of the state as the place where all automotive business should be conducted. And with this move, the company might just be able to make a strong statement of their determination to remain in business and succeed at the same time.

Daimler Benz

Daimler Benz

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