State of Illinois Faces Lawsuit on Demand of Money by Two Lottery Winners

State of Illinois

Categorized as high-achievers; two lottery winners Rasche and Chasteen have filed a lawsuit against the State of Illinois claiming to payout for their winnings. According to the suit statement, the State of Illinois should stop selling out the tickets above the worth of $25,000 and also stop paying on lottery achievements.

Rhonda Rasche, the winner of $50,000 on purchasing a scratch card of just $3 in July, is more aggravated about the disregard of her rights. Aggressively she claimed, ‘How the heck can they do this, and they are still selling out the tickets?’ Continuing her tough stance on the State, she claimed that if she had disregarded someone’s right, she would have been jailed, sued or punished in both ways.

Danny Chasteen, the second plaintiff had won $25,000 on scratch card of just $5. Talking about budget impasse and States economic instability, he questioned why the unstable, poor or the one with lesser resources suffers the loss and not the stronger one even if the State is unstable?

In August, the State of Illinois had claimed that it will stop paying to achievers with winnings worth more than $25,000 but the State didn’t stop selling scratch cards and tickets worth $25,000 prizes. The lawsuit filed by Rasche and Chasteen claims that the State is cheating people by committing this act.

Despite court orders, lottery is not the only department suffering from lack of state funds. Several human service providers have also claimed to have gone unpaid for weeks and even months. The state had claimed that $2 billion in funds will be released for human services like cancer screening and autism treatment.

The Rauner Administration, on the other hand, is against the idea of increasing funds or releasing the decided funds. In order to get money moving to human and social services, it is important to make positive moves with state democrats.

Rauners administration pushed forward its idea of reforming the policies and claimed that instead of following the Groundhog Day strategy, which failed miserably, the government should make reformations in the budget. According to the administration, the Senate Democrats are also urged to come forward to the negotiation table and pursue promises or make considerable reforms.

Rikeesha Phelon, who works as Spokesperson of John Cullerton aggressively replied and repeating  that sending snarky letters from one floor to the other at every opportunity is not the solution. Firing back at the administration, Rikeesha claimed that the administration should resolve issues with the leaders by arranging budget meetings on fiscal policies. Continuing on their stance, she claimed that till the return of Cullerton, the Senate will continue working for human services.

Thomas Zimmerman, the attorney of Rasche claimed that the policy of lottery clearly states that the achiever will win the amount immediately. Although the State declared not to pay to winners of $25000 and above yet it failed to publicize the claim. It also committed the fraud by selling out the tickets of worth more than $25000. The court has not released orders yet.

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