The Who Decides to Postpone North American Tour 2015 after Illness of Their Lead Singer


The Who – one of the most influential English rock bands of the 20th century with over 100 million records sales – had announced the first leg of their 50th anniversary tour of North America last year.

The English rock band had developed into one of the most influential rock bands of the 1960s after releasing their very first single, “I Can’t Explain”, which made it to the UK’s top ten. This was followed by a string of singles like “Happy Jack”, “My Generation”, “Substitute”, and many others.

The band had planned to play all of their classic hits on this tour from their entire career from the days of The High Numbers to classic albums such as Tommy, Who’s next, My Generation Live, Live At Leeds right to the present day.

However, the band had been forced to call off their North American tour as their 71 year old lead singer, Roger Daltery, has been diagnosed with viral meningitis.

The English rock band that had previously delayed the first four concerts of the tour due to the illness of their lead singer has now decided to call off the tour until he recovers from the disease.

On The Who’s official website, the band had apologized to fans about the postponement of the concert tour and the inconvenience it had caused ticketholders. The statement said that they hadn’t taken the decision lightly and expected to give their fans everything they had. But ultimately they had no alternative but to cancel the tour due to the unfortunate illness of Robert Daltrey.

Roger Daltrey stated that he was especially disappointed of the cancellation of the North American tour as it means that he would have to miss the opportunity to contribute to the Teen Cancer America benefit in Los Angles. Teen Cancer America is the US chapter of the Teenage Cancer Trust charity founded by Daltrey that is dedicated to providing expert treatment and support to teenagers and young adults with cancer.

He said that he had been visiting the hospital for the past four weeks after he was diagnosed with viral meningitis. Although the lead singer of The Who is feeling much better at the moment, he would need some more time to recover fully from the illness.

The doctors have stated that Daltery will completely recovery from the disease but has to avoid any other activity throughout this year.

Daltery revealed to Rolling Stone Magazine that there are no confirmed dates for the future North American tour. But he said that they obviously want to complete the North American tour to say ‘thank you’ and ‘goodbye’ to the American crowd for supporting the band over all those years.

The band guitarist Pete Townshend had said that the North American tour will probably be rescheduled for the spring of2016. Once Roger is fully recovered, the band will come back stronger than ever and deliver their most memorable performance one that will live long in the hearts of their fans.

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