The View Wins Praises, Loses Sponsors After Nurses Unite Controversy

After a tough and rocky weekend, The View continues to entertain people on Monday and started with chipper chatting about the Emmys. With more hits on social media than ever, what change did Nurses Unite controversy bring to the show?

Going back to September 14, 2015, the controversy arose when Johnson was wearing a stethoscope and nurses’ scrub. Behar continued his hilarious act and suddenly asked Johnson why he was wearing a ‘doctor’s’ stethoscope.

Nurse Hilary Helkenn took over and posted on Facebook, ‘See my Stethoscope? I use it to listen to a childrens lungs, so I can quickly get them the appropriate level of care, reassuring both child and parent. I also use it to listen to our elderly loved ones, who sometimes have aging hearts that go into abnormal rhythms. It is the NURSE that usually sees the patient first, and it is often the NURSE that notifies the doctor of what is going on.’ The controversy was put forward on social media and #NursesUnite hashtag became the top trending topic on Twitter and Facebook.


On September 16th, Collins and Behar publicly apologized for the act but the social media backlash continued to scroll down the show. The result; England’s Best and Johnsons & Johnsons withdrew their sponsorship from The View. Later Snuggle, Party City and McCormick followed them in withdrawing the sponsorship.


As critics continued to criticize  the show and their support for #NursesUnite, The View responded in a way that won over many viewers hearts. The View invited nurses to the show and celebrated nurses throughout the show by praising their efforts in natural disasters and regular routine. It was too late to keep the sponsors but it was just on time to win the hearts.

On Wednesday, an article was published in Huffington Post talking about how the Nurses Unite controversy had sparked pride amongst the nursing community. The article provides an in-depth depiction of how The View and the Nurses Unite controversy influenced the nursing communities  emotions and helped people look beyond nursing as just another profession to something more important and critical to our everyday lives.

While much of this story was blown way out of proportion, the controversy shows how the power of social media has overtaken the power of traditional media channels..

The story also  shows the growing struggle of TV media and the advertising giants. For the large Ad agencies and brand managers, it is ironic that a TV show that lost so many keysponsors still grew in stature because they won the hearts and minds of their viewers through social media.. And if this is the case, then the television media industry may finally be getting the message on the importance of new media in today’s internet driven world.

It shows that thepower of unity that led to the acknowledgement of a profession which had never been viewed this light. It was a tough week for the show which put up with all of the turmoil but changed THE VIEW of the nurseing profession.


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