Warren Coins Lady Gaga as the best she’s ever worked with


Known for her eccentric fashion sense and style and out of the ordinary vocals, one of the world’s leading pop divas has found another fan, who is none other than the writer of her new song “Til it happens to you”. Diane Warren who wrote the latest Gaga song, is has nothing but praise for the world famous music icon.

Both of them have collaborated for her new song “Til It Happens to You” which has been recorded as part of The Hunting Ground Documentary. The song which has only been released a few days ago has already garnered over 10 million views on YouTube in the first week of its release.

Diane Warren a legendary song writer in her own right, collaborated with the Pop Icon to create a sound track that focuses on the problem of rape that has been rampant on so many US college campuses. The song writer was all praise for Lady Gaga identifying her vocal charisma and power house performance at the Academy Awards Earlier in the year as one of the best she has ever witnessed.

“She is the best artist that I have worked with” says Diane; she believes that the song they have collaborated on brings the best of Lady Gaga the artist. In her opinion Lady Gaga’s ability means she has no need to gather attention by wearing meat and other eccentric dresses. She believes that all of her eccentric acts are not attempts by the pop icon to get into the headlines but instead are her own distinct style, a part of who she is.

Warren best known for having written power vocals such as “Un-Break my Heart” and “I don’t want to Miss a Thing”, believes that Lady Gaga with her power packed voice and history of sexual assault was the perfect singer to do justice to her lyrics. In an interview last year, Gaga revealed how she had been a victim of sexual assault when she was aged just 19.

As for Lady Gaga’s vocals, Warren believes they are a performance of a master talent. She lavishes praise on the Diva for giving her lyrics emotions of true assault victims and as she aptly puts it, bringing her songs to life. Explaining the lyrics and the performance of the singer, Warren highlights how the song’s translation to the lyrics is truly captured by the singer, who starts the song as a victim who becomes a defiant survivor and later an activist.

Despite the video of the song released on YouTube not featuring the singer, the power packed vocals executed by Lady Gaga have meant that it is ready to make a big splash on Hot 100 Chart. Released on September 17, the song is a tribute to all of the young victims of sexual assault that are subject to such grim fates at a very young age. As a sign of solidarity, it has been agreed that all the proceeds from the song would go to aiding victims of sexual assaults.


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