Who will be the New Clara Oswald–Mystery at Doctor Who prevails


It seems that the Doctor Who cast has to play a game of who’s who, this year. Jenna Coleman the 29 year old beauty, who played the role of Clara Oswald a companion to the Time Lord announced last week that she was stepping down. It seems that even she doesn’t really know who is going to replace her, if she is to be believed.

In the days that have followed the announcement by Jenna, it seems the throne of the new Clara Oswald in Doctor Who isn’t able to fine a worthy champion. Fans of the science fiction series that has spanned  decades have been wondering about the replacement of Jenna, who had made the role her own with critics and audience alike praising her for her performance.

When asked as to the name or clues to her successor, Jenna was emphatic in her denial of any knowledge in this regard. In her opinion once she left the show her connections to it left as well and it is not her place to either speculate or be told of her successor in the widely popular BBC series.

While Jenna has been firm in her denial with regards to her successor on the show, the rumor mill has gone into overtime churning out names of possible replacements at will and at the speed of knots. One of the rumors according to a leading entertainment daily discusses that the fans of the show are calling for Rose Leslie the Game of Thrones actress who plays Ygritte as the new companion to partner the Time Lord.

Other names that have been brought up in the days following the announcement have ranged from being close to reality to outright blatant wishes. There have been calls for Amy Pond on Doctor, played by Karen Gillian to play the part. According to sources the fan’s also want Downtown Abbey’s Jessica Brown Findlay, Game of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer and Piranha 3D’s Kelly Brook as well as the reality queen Kim Kardashian.

Different sources have been quoting different names with another entertainment website claiming that the fans of the show first aired back in the 70’s want Michele Keegan from Coronation Street at ITV to accompany the doctor in his travels through space. As one enthusiast of Doctor Who puts it, “Keegan is just what the doctor ordered”.

Coleman’s leaving has left a number of fans in shock, but she has reiterated that the reason why she had to leave the iconic BBC series is that she is busy shooting  her new ITV series role as Queen Victoria and wants to keep all her focus on that role. As far as her appearance on the show is concerned, she has said that her last episode has already been recorded and will soon be aired.

The writer of the show however was quick to allay the fears of the audience and promised them a newer, better series packed with new twists and turns. He highlighted how the change was in the planning for a good year or so, and had only come to fruition recently.

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