News Flash: President Barrack Obama Didn’t Block a 13 Year Old from Twitter

Let freedom ring because President Obama did not block a 13-year-old from Twitter. The name of the boy who screamed “block” is Pearson, a YouTube sensation, a fierce Ted Cruz supporter, the national chairman of Teens for Ted, and a Republican. Governor Ted Cruz, you can definitely count on his vote.

Young Pearson’s YouTube videos reach millions of people and in all of them, he is quite critical of President Obama’s presidency. It wasn’t his videos that got people talking, but it was the alleged picture of him showing proof that President Obama blocked him on Twitter because he voiced his opinion.

obama-twitterWhen Did the Hoax Start?

When Pearson logged onto his Twitter account, he got the surprise of his life, the President of the United States had blocked him. A spokesperson from the White House was quick to refute this claim, saying that it’s false, but Pearson had proof. Pearson wasn’t a liar, and he uploaded a video to show his anger at the president and the spokesperson for covering it up.

Obviously, people wanted evidence of the President’s Twitter account @POTUS from Pearson to back up his claim. He uploaded a screenshot, showing that he no longer was allowed to interact with the President, see his tweets, and follow him. Further examination of the picture revealed the holes in Pearson’s story.

Unveiling the Truth

Once you have blocked a person from Twitter, they cannot follow you. If so, how could Pearson still see the President’s account? When @RINOPundit called Pearson out for it, he unfollowed the President immediately. Her tweet, “Great idea. My hmm is going to stand for now. This smells fishy.” To discredit his claim further, the picture seems to be old, having been uploaded months ago like in May. Moreover, a closer look at the screenshot reveals that it was altered. Look at the justification and placement of the “Learn more” text. Don’t you think it is slightly off?

A closer review reveals that the text is rasterized. If this was a “real” and “honest” screenshot, the rasterization would not have been there.

Do you want more proof? Look at the screenshot’s metadata. An inspection of the metadata would tell you if someone altered the image or not.

Pearson who confidently touted having the original image before it was determined a fake has stayed silent on the issue when several outlets asked him to provide it to them so they could examine it for its originality.

potusAfter news about his story being a fake gained momentum, Pearson said that he does not have the original picture, as it was taken from a different device with the camera roll conveniently being wiped.

Later on Facebook, he said that he saw the screenshot with his own eyes, which was sent to him by one of his friends. He wants to put this issue to rest, but one last question remains didn’t Pearson say before that he took the screenshot from his own device?

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