President Obama and President Vladimir V. Putin Have Plans to Meet Next Week


Some politicians and citizens of the United States are not in favor of President Obama meeting with the Russian president Vladimir V. Putin. In case anyone thought it was the United States initiative to call the meeting, the White House wanted everyone to know on Thursday that the Russian president was the one who requested the meeting.

John Earnest, the Press Secretary of the White House, revealed the desperation behind the request. Note that President Obama has not met Mr. Putin in more than a year with the two not having met for a formal meeting in over two years, not since Russia seized Crimea and interfered in eastern Ukraine.

obama-putinThe Press Secretary went on to further state, “It is fair for you to say that based on the repeated requests we’ve seen from the Russians, that they are quite interested in having a conversation with President Obama.”  The primary reason for President Obama finally agreeing to the meeting was in the interest of the United States, as he wants to determine how the meeting with the Russian president could benefit them, the country as a whole.

The meeting will be held on Monday at the United Nations General Assembly in New York. At the United General Assembly, President Obama will press on matters important to the United States such as attempting to persuade President Putin to give up his hold on Ukraine and discuss what his plans in Syria are, as he has dispatched tanks, combat jets, and other equipment there.

Officials hope the outcome of the meeting will explore options of a settlement in Syria, which would put a four year civil war to rest, including the reign of President Bashar al-Assad, who has been an ally of Russia for a number of years. Moreover, others are thinking of Mr. Putin’s deployment of military weapons in Syria, as a way for him to take the spotlight away from the violation he committed by entering Ukraine, an independent country.

Former national intelligence officer on Russia commented, “It’s a tough one for Obama, [as he has to talk to him] given the circumstances.” Most people are a little skeptical about the meeting, saying it may not amount to anything, especially knowing the stance Russia has taken as being a key player in having a say about what goes on.

President Obama will address Mr. Putin about his actions regarding the Ukraine and Syria. Since the Russian president is the sole decision maker of the country, any resolutions and settlements that come about depend on him.

The Press Secretary maintains that the core reason for the talks will revolve around Russia adhering to the terms negotiated to cease-fire in Minsk and that the meeting, under no circumstances, will cause a dent in the international unity against Russia’s actions in Ukraine.




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