Purple Palm Chef Continues to Innovate California Cuisine


Purple Palm Chef Cale Falk has always had an itch to innovate classic California cuisine. His presence at the Purple Palm is felt through his many dishes. With several years of experience in perfecting his craft, Chef Falk is now prepared to reinvent California cuisine, a mission that he has already started. So, who is Chef Falk and where did he come from?

After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu, he spent his early years working in four and five star resorts and private country clubs in California and Arizona. When he got a call from Casa Laguna Inn to become their head chef, he took the opportunity and even earned a gold medal in 2008 for the “Incredible Breakfast Cook-Off of North America” in Virginia.

Next, he went on to become the sous chef at the Surf and Sands Resort in Laguna Beach. He worked there for five years under the watchful eye of two culinary masters, Jeff Armstrong and Lewis Butler. Later, his culinary adventures took him to the IW Club where he worked as the sous chef and later, as an executive chef at the Vue.

chef-caleNow, Chef Cale Falk is a well known chef around much of California, having earned the title of a culinary master through his hard work and dedication to food, giving special attention to seafood. His panache  of putting a spin on your favorite California cuisines will leave you wanting more. During the summer  he felt that a  change to the lunch and dinner menus was needed. These additions were an immediate  hit with the locals.

In the lunch and dinner menu, he added  a variety of different choices, which for a small restaurant like the Purple Palm is rare to see. In  all the dishes he prepares, a hint of California’s favorite flavors and blends are  evident. He also plans to adjust the dinner menu by serving smaller portions.

He hopes the revamped menu will attract diners who want to sample of Chef Falk’s innovative dishes. The environment of the Purple Palm complements his ideas perfectly, as it provides diners an intimate setting with Moroccan inspired décor, floral patterns, black walls, and antique mirrors. If you have plans to visit Purple Plan, you should try Brandt Beef with a side of potato dumplings, crème fraiche, and baby arugula, as this is one of their top sellers.

If you are a fan of seafood, you will like Skuna Bay salmon, oysters on the shell, Monterey baby squid, and Morro Bay black cod. Do not be surprised if you find several smoked ingredients listed under the names of the dishes, as that is one of Chef Falk’s favorite techniques to use when cooking up the diners’ meals.

Chef Falk launched the innovative dinner and lunch menus in September and plans to launch the breakfast menu in October. He is definitely one of the  most innovative chefs to step into the kitchen of the Purple Palm.

Do you want to know a fun fact?  Purple Palm in its early days was the haunt for mobsters in Detroit, as a gangster built it. The restaurant’s name is inspired by The Purple Gang, which is a fitting name given its history.

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