Would You Eat Gross Food Cooked Using Discarded Shopping Lists?


People with a sensitive gag reflex please be warned, as the ingredients used to create some of these recipes may definitely trigger your reflexes. Cat food, dishwashing liquid, cotton bud, tongue, and battery are just few of the many disgusting ingredients used to create even more disgusting food. Tom Lakeman, a British photographer and now soon to be author, came up with the idea to use discarded shopping lists to create dishes unfathomable to people.

Obviously, none of the dishes are edible, but he has created them using the ingredients on the shopping lists he has found and collected over the course of eight years. Lakeman is ready to show his weird and wonderfully unique creativity to the world in the form of a book, but he needs your help to get the project into printed form.

He began a Kickstarter campaign, asking people to fund his book, which he calls À La Cart. He has already raised $5,880 and with nine days left on the clock, he hopes to raise a total of $13,644. Since it is only open to residents of the United Kingdom, you can pledge if you reside there.

Tom Lakeman commented, “[I first began collecting] lists, photos, notes, and doodles that I would find on the floor.” The photographer and budding author has always been an avid collector, collecting items from the floor. Then one day, a light bulb went off in his head and he began to create and photograph dishes he made using the odd combination of ingredients on thrown away shopping lists.

He expressed his joy of finding shopping lists, “[…] when I came across people’s shopping lists left in baskets and trolleys it seemed like Christmas!” His next stop after finding the wonderful gifts was to purchase the ingredients and make something weird and extraordinarily out of them.

shopping-list-food-2Of course, this caught the attention of people, as the thought of doing something like this doesn’t normally cross people’s mind. Literally, it’s unthinkable and what is unthinkable is creative. Lakeman wanted to use milk, diapers, cigarettes, bleach, and other weird items to create the weirdest recipes the world has ever tasted and more like never seen. As time went by, he wanted to share his creative expression with rest of the world, as according to him, “[…] a closer look [at the random items on the shopping list told] a very different story.”

When he revealed his plans to make a book out of them, the world took notice, as it’s fascinating to see dishes made using the strangest concoction of ingredients. What’s even funnier is the name of the dishes. Some of the laugh aloud names are “Poached Tongue with Box Fish,” “Maki Toilet Rolls,” “Japanese Cotton Noodles,” and “Cleaning Drink” made of actual cleaning products like floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, kitchen cleaner, wipes, tissue, and hand wash.

Who will dig in first?

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