World’s Most Delicious Airplane Food


Few people will tell you that they enjoyed the airplane meal so much that they cannot wait till their next flight to get another chance to experience it again. Mostly, people have had extremely bad and negative experiences when it comes to eating airplane food. It’s just not yummy! However, some airlines are challenging that stereotype by offering passengers truly delicious cuisine.

You will not have to eat mystery meat, floppy vegetables, and packaged potatoes, at least not when you are traveling with one of these airlines. These airlines have gotten celebrity food consultants, gourmet menus, and flight chefs on board to provide passengers with a once in a lifetime dining experience. If you are looking to eat mouthwatering meals on your flight, you need to travel by one of these airlines:

1.     Air New Zealand

2.     Peter Gordon of London and Auckland, a consulting chef, and two wine consultants provided Air New Zealand with a delectable menu. It gives passengers an option to choose from New Zealand’s finest dishes. The first dish you get to dig into is roasted salmon with surmac or Moorish chicken with spiced tomato saffron broth, pumpkin hummus roasted in cinnamon, and white beans. For dessert, you either get rosewater panna cotta with pistachio cream or white chocolate. Everything on this menu sounds delicious!Etihad Airways

The latest World Travel Awards has awarded Etihad Airways as the world’s leading airline. The airline offers guests with a three-room suite, which is one of the reason they received the award. Passengers can ask for a bathroom, bedroom, and a living room equipped with a flat screen and a cabinet with cold drinks. They will get to eat freshly prepared gourmet meals.

3.     All Nippon Airways

First class passengers will whizz through security check, get to sit in luxurious airport lounge, and get a private cabin to stretch out their legs and arms. However, out of everything, first class passengers will really enjoy the in-flight cuisine. People headed out of New York will have the option to choose from traditional Japanese cuisine and modern European cuisine. If you choose to go with traditional Japanese cuisine, you will have two options; sunomono, which is poached beef with sesame sauce, and takiawese, which is simmer octopus, taro, and pumpkin doused in soy sauce.

4.     Korean Air

Korean Air offers prestige and First class passengers with a “Celestial Bar,” which is a place where people can relax and drink cocktails. Mercury Awards have recognized the airline two times for its impeccable dining experience that offers passengers with Chinese, Western, Korean, and Japanese dishes.

5.     Emirates

Emirates are the proud winner of the Expert Choice awards for Emiratesbusiness and first class in-flight dining. Passengers should try their braised beef cooked in coconut milk or smoked tangerine chicken. For dessert, they can indulge in strawberry cheesecake. People travelling in First class get flat beds with comfy mattresses to remind them of home. An added bonus is a mini-bar and a vanity.


Travel in one of those airlines to try their cuisines!

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