Obama: Hillary Clinton Made a Mistake but Didn’t Endanger National Security

ObamaPresident Barack Obama recently gave an interview on CBS’s “60 minutes” and released details about Hillary Clinton mistakenly using a private email server, when she was Secretary of State. She was conducting government business at the time and even though it was a mistake, it didn’t endanger national security. Obama did however; say that public officials should be more sensitive when they are handling personal information and data. He said that the criticism that Clinton has been getting for that is only because of politics and said that she knew it was a mistake and she could have handled it a lot better.

No Threat to National Security

Obama was also quick to downplay the threat to national security, which always gets people edgy. There were concerns raised when it became known that his administration had previously prosecuted a lot of people for having classified information on their private computers.

Senate investigators found out that the private server that Clinton was using had been subject to hacking attempts from Germany, South Korea and China. The FBI is currently looking into the system, and it remains to be seen if there is any real evidence that the attempts to get into her server were successful and whether the hackers were able to steal information.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has not provided any answers to the questions about the security protection she has for her unusual email setup. During her time as Secretary of State, she worked from her New York home and not from a professional data center, which has got people even more nervous about any potential government details being stolen by hackers.

The 2016 Elections

Barack Obama was also asked to weigh in on the 2016 presidential elections, and he obliged by calling Donald Trump, the current GOP front-runner, a ‘great publicity seeker’ and ‘a classic reality TV character’. This basically meant that he didn’t really consider Donald Trump could realistically win the election as he was only good for television.

He further went on to clarify the claims that he made and openly declared that he didn’t think that Donald Trump will end up as the President of the United States. He declined to comment on whether current vice president Joe Biden should get into the presidential race and people are waiting for Biden to make a decision sometime soon. When asked if he would win a third term if he was allowed to run again, he replied with a simple ‘yes’.

Syria Discussed

Obama also gave his views on Syria and the recent claims that suggested that the Pentagon had failed in its efforts to build a new ground force of moderate rebels. There is also growing concern in the Obama administration that Russia’s intervention has seriously complicated the battlefield of Syria and it has also given a new life to Syrian president Bashar Al Assad.

Obama claimed that he was skeptical from the beginning about building a new army of moderate forces in Syria and said that his goal was to train and equip a moderate opposition that would be able to fight ISIS. Obama also said that he and his administration were working to bring about change, but the Russian intervention has complicated matters a little bit, since there are now so many players inside Syria.

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