ISIS document reveals it’s more than a radical militant group

Tuesday, December 8, 2015: The ISIS internal document, revealing its future strategies to govern the captured areas, revealed to the media has created a lot of ripples in the West. The 24-page document, more like a doctrine for the government of the Islamic State, shows how the religious radical group plans to run the government in ISIS-captured areas of Iraq and Syria.

The doctrine gives clear indication that the radical group is systematically planning to run formal government in the captured areas, focusing on the military power and economy. It also details the process through which it will strengthen its education and healthcare systems, while keeping complete control over the economic factors like oil and natural gas reservoirs.

The revelation of the document has rattled the cages in the neighboring regions and the West, who are planning a large-scale military campaign to subdue the group. ISIS declared a self-proclaiming caliphate in Syria and Iraq in 2014 under the leadership of Abu Baqr Al-Baghdadi.

The major concern over the document in the West is that it shows how organized and well-planned ISIS is and how it has sketched out systematic transformation from a battle-ridden region to a well-governed state. The document has confirmed what some of the experts feared, that ISIS is not a radical militant group but a well-organized political movement that will not stop at butchery of innocent people in the regions of Iraq and Syria.


The document, written by an Egyptian called Abu Abdullah, states that ISIS will systematically establish military training camps for rookies. The veterans will be given the responsibility of training freshmen and will themselves go through refresher courses as well. It also has penned plans for the training of children in warfare and how the promotion and ranking system will work.

From the economic point of view, ISIS plans to keep complete control over the major economic factors like oil wells and how it will work with other countries to boost up its economy. ISIS plans to control the factories for the manufacturing of military items and food products.

The document presents a model for the international relations and the code of conduct for the diplomats.

All in all, the doctrine is more or less the constitution draft for ISIS in Iraq and Syria with complete sketches of how to run the state departments, economy, and day-to-day activities.

The major concern that the West, who is planning a major strike to bring down the radical group, is that the document means ISIS is not just a militant group but a well-organized religious faction whose doctrine is an amalgamation of Maoism and fundamentalism.

“If the west sees ISIS as an almost stereotypical band of psychopathic killers, we risk dramatically underestimating them,” said Gen. Stanley McChrystal (R). “In the Principles in the administration of the Islamic State, you see a focus on education (really indoctrination) beginning with children but progressing through their ranks, a recognition that effective governance is essential, thoughts on their use of technology to master information (propaganda), and a willingness to learn from the mistakes of earlier movements.”

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