Grand Island cookbook author Frances Schaffer cooks natural recipe of success

Frances Schaffer

Someone rightly said, “Old secrets stand true to the test of time.” Frances Schaffer is one smart woman. She has been way ahead of her time and has evolved her cooking methods far ahead of others. She is a pioneer when it comes to natural cooking. She has been cooking using natural methods since time immemorial. Even when the world was unaware of natural cooking methods and other related benefits, Frances Schaffer has been using these natural methods to cook.

Since the 1970s, she has been cooking naturally and has adopted various methods that enhance the health benefits of the dishes. Through her cooking, she has avoided things like nitrates, artificial sweeteners, food coloring, and preservatives, among other things. The good part is that this Grand Island native has now decided to compile all her secret recipes of natural cooking in a cookbook. This has made her cooking methods more in vogue than ever.

Frances Schaffer adapts her old recipes for the cookbook

Frances Schaffer is an ex-restaurateur, and this will be her second cookbook. In her first cookbook, she focused on the family favorites and recipes that she has served in her now closed restaurant. She ran a restaurant called Nonna’s Palazzo till the year 2005.

The second cookbook that she has decided to publish also has her secret recipes. But this time, she has catered to the new fads and trends. Her recent cookbook has recipes that have been specifically adapted so that they can be made gluten-free. With her recipes, she shares her age-old secret of natural cooking. As it is seen in the recent times, people are adapting more stomach and health friendly recipes. They are constantly searching for recipes that are devoid of nitrates, artificial sweeteners, food colors, and preservatives.

Her second cookbook also has a special section entirely dedicated to how to make kitchen staples. The section has recipes of cream of mushroom soup and chicken stock from scratch. The user can make these staples at home rather than buying the grocery store versions. This way, they will be easily able to avoid processed ingredients.

A lot of effort until the final recipes

Frances Schaffer never expected to write a second book. But then she started experimenting. She made her homemade pasta with different kinds of flour like white whole wheat flour and gluten-free flours. After doing the same thing with lot of her recipes and putting in a lot of effort, she was able to yield delicious results. These mouthwatering recipes are now part of her second cookbook. The book also has many more Italian recipes. She has even adapted recipes to suit the slow cooker.

“What I tried to do with this book was to be more of a reference and to get back to healthy cooking,” says Frances. She is highly excited about her second cookbook. She has planned to put up a website so that she can promote it. Schaffer has brought all her cooking secrets into this book, and it is a great guide for those who prefer natural cooking.

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