Donald Trump stands by his call to ban Muslims from the United States

The front runner for the Republican Party has once again defended his call of banning Muslims from the United States in the future.

The multi-billionaire is not standing down from his provocative call for banning all Muslims from the United States. Donald Trump was arguing his case on Tuesday night’s Presidential debate, and while other candidates focused on other issues, Trump was once again at his usual narcissistic best. He stated that the most important factor that needs to be addressed is the security of the United States, and that is why he wants to ban all Muslims from entering his country.

During his speech, he argued that he has nothing against any race or religion, all he wants is the ultimate utter security of the greatest country of the world, the United States. The debate was revolving around national security, and Donald Trump once again presented his case for banning Muslims from entering the U.S.

After receiving massive backlash from a large section of the population following his comments about banning Muslims, people were expecting the presidential candidate to take back his words or at least explain what he meant. Contrary to popular belief, Trump backed his call of banning Muslims and added that this would be the first thing to do in order to secure the security of the United States.

Another Presidential candidate, Jeb Bush, who has so far failed to make a strong case to be elected, came hard on Donald Trump during Tuesday night’s debate. Bush discredited Trump, terming him someone who is only good at one liners. He added that Donald Trump is nothing but a confused person. He has no concrete policy, and he does not know what he is doing. He added that Trump has been a “chaos candidate,” and if he is elected as the president, he will be nothing but a chaos president as well who will only bring America down.


Donald Trump, in a move to avoid talking about his provocative call for banning Muslims, turned the tide of the debate towards ISIS. He said that it is unfair to call IS fighters masterminds, because they are nothing but thugs and people who have nothing to do in their lives. He further added that there is an urgent need to penetrate the internet in order to precisely locate the ISIS strongholds in the Middle East. He expressed his frustration at how those ISIS members are able to use internet to recruit American citizens and said that this must be stopped.

Another candidate, Ben Carson, decided not to indulge in the heated debate between Bush and Trump. He said that he has better issues to talk about than a person, and he let those two fight out their differences. Carson added that he is in favor of keeping a close eye on places where radical elements might be active. Whether it is mosques, schools, supermarkets or theaters, it is pretty much clear that the billionaire candidate is not really going to be a safe bet as the head of state.

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