The World on the brink of a terror threat on New Year’s Eve

Plans for the New Year’s Eve across the globe have hit a dead end to some extent after security agencies have raised concerns of possibly multiple terror attacks around the world.

In the wake of recent uprisings in the terror attacks around the world that includes the Paris massacre, San Bernardino, and California shootings, along with the situation in Middle East, the world stands on a brink of another deadly terrorist attack with New Year’s Eve approaching.

The United States is on the highest risk of terror attacks among all. And to counter the possible threat, the FBI has increased the number of its agents and other concerned personals in their regional and national stations. According to reports, the threat of the attack does not mention a particular city or state, and that is something that makes it even more daunting, making it difficult for the security agencies to make security arrangement.

Three states namely, New York, Washington and Los Angles are among the most threatened states in the United States and more than 6,000 police officers will be monitored on New York Times Square for the annual New Year’ Eve celebration. This was announced by Police Commissioner Bill Bratton, who also claimed that this is just a precautionary measure and the threats are not that credible at the moment but the police department will take no risk as the lives of million would be depending on them.


The police will be aided with cops on helicopters and boats. That is not all, more than hundred security and monitoring cameras will be installed along with radiation detectors. And to cope with terrorists, police officers will be equipped with additional weaponry.

New York Mayor, Bill de Blasio, has assured the public that they have put everything in place in order to contain any terrorist foil on the New Year’s Eve. He even claimed that New York is the best prepared city in the United States to counter terrorism and to deal adequately with any event if it occurs. He was presenting his case during a press conference along with police commissioner Bill Bratton, where the duo announced that they are ready.

On the other hand, Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez told reporters that they have installed more cameras this year to watch the route of the Rose Bowl Parade. He added that it would not be the first time that monitoring cameras will be used for security purposes. Cameras were in place time around too. However, this year, the number of cameras will be significantly high in the wake of global terror threats.

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s chief revealed that the largest deployment in the history will be seen this New Year’s Eve. He added that more officers will be present to make sure everything goes by the plan at the parade and the celebration to follow at Grand Park. He assured the public that the police has everything under their control.

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