Brock Lesnar returns to Monday night RAW

The former Heavyweight champion, who has not made an appearance on the WWE since Survivor Series, is all set to return to RAW this Monday night in New Orleans on January 11.

Lesnar took a break from Wrestling after setting his debt with Undertaker following a trilogy of matches that he won in the end. It was being anticipated that Lesnar will now take a lengthy layoff from the WWE arena but contrary to popular opinion, he is set to make a return on January 11 in New Orleans on the Monday night Raw.

With Royal Rumble scheduled to take place on January 24, it is a clear message from Lesnar camp that he would be very much involved in the main event. And Lesnar’s advocate Paul Heyman has promised fans that his client will not be coming as a PR stunt and they will see him in action real soon. He added that Lesnar will make an appearance on Monday night RAW and it would not be a mere show of words.

“Brock Lesnar will physically appear live in the ring at ‘Monday Night RAW,” Heyman told FOX Sports on Wednesday.

Heyman also added that his appearance will be noteworthy and he promised fans that his client’s fight will leave all of the watching fans awestruck and they will definitely have something to talk about the next day at work.


“Fans are guaranteed something to talk about the next day at work,” he added. “When Brock Lesnar comes along with me, you know something substantive is going to be said and perhaps something impactful is going to happen.”

Lesnar has been one of the most ruthless and popular fighter in WWE. His appearance on any day is certain to be a main event. And looking ahead at Royal Rumble, it would be interesting to see what Lesnar camp will propose and do on Monday night RAW. It would not be a surprise now to see Brock Lesnar among the 30-man over-the-top rope battle royal at the Royal Rumble. Or he could be lined up against the biggest start that day in a single’s match the same night.

This year’s Royal Rumble will be different from the past ones in a sense that current WWE Heavyweight Champion, Roman Reigns is also participating in the 30-man fight. Usually the winner of this fight gets the ticket to fight the heavyweight champion later on but if Reigns win the Royal Rumble 30-man fight, it would be interesting to see how the title fight in the future shapes out.

Looking at the timing of Brock Lesnar’s return, it is hard to imagine that there is not something in the offering at RAW. This Monday night Raw will be interesting and it is expected that some revelation will be made from the Lesnar camp on Monday regarding the Royal Rumble. After downing Undertaker again and again, is there any one in WWE who can stop Lesnar from getting what he wants?

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