“Girls” writer Lena Dunham visits Iowa to support Hillary Clinton

Lena Dunham, the lady who created “Girls” traveled to Iowa recently. She was in the city to convince Iowans to support Hillary Clinton as the state’s caucuses begin the presidential nomination process in less than three weeks. Campaigning for Hillary in sub-freezing temperatures, she halted at Iowa City and Des Moines. The 29-year-old made a strongly opinionated feminist pitch.

In a packed audience, she told people why they should vote for Hillary Clinton. She told the audience to not vote for her just to make her the first woman president, instead, she urged the audiences to vote for her because of the things she stands for.

Lena Dunham makes a strong feminist case for Hillary Clinton at Iowa right before the state’s caucuses begin the presidential nomination

Lena Dunham supports Hillary Clinton strongly

Dunham was quoted saying, “I find her conviction very moving and her tenacity astounding”. Lena Dunham has become a crucial ambassador for the Democratic Presidential candidate. Hillary Clinton has her extreme strong support. Although, most national polls suggest that Mrs Clinton leads far ahead, there are several polls that show that Senator Bernie Sanders is leading in New Hampshire. Hillary Clinton will surely try to avoid a defeat in Iowa. Young voters favor Sanders as they see him as a fresh face with experience.

People in Iowa were excited to meet Dunham. Many people who managed to meet her in the biting cold were her fans who admired her writing. Though, these fans were still uncertain about Hillary Clinton. Lena Dunham is not the first celebrity to campaign for Hillary Clinton. Earlier, Katy Perry has also been employed to promote Clinton’s candidacy. “I’m here for Lena, but I haven’t decided between Hillary and Bernie. I don’t want to vote for someone for the President of the United States because I love Lena Dunham”, said a visitor.

Dunham makes sense more than her writing.

Dunham was wearing a dress with Hillary Clinton’s name on it. She supported Hillary on the grounds of personal admiration and feminist terms. “As a newly grown-up woman who has experienced my fair share of backlash, public shaming and of puritanical judgments, that really moves me. Nothing gets me angrier than when people say I’m voting for Hillary Clinton simply because she’s female. It’s as if I have some feminist version of beer goggles. Let’s call it estrogen blindness”, said Dunham. As voting approaches, the need of celebrity messengers will increase. It will also define their value and what impact they manage to have on their fans.

Although. Dunham’s visit also reminded Iowans of the way University of Iowa did not allow “Girls” to film episodes on its campus and expressed disappointment with how the series portrayed the state. But, she still managed to charm the audiences and create a supporting fanbase for Hilary Clinton.

Her remarks displayed her quirky signature innuendo. “My underpants happen to say feminist on the butt”, said Lena in her signature style. She also urged the audience to look beyond the fact that Hillary Clinton is a woman. She urged the voters to focus on the fact that Hillary has some highly beneficial policies on abortion, women’s rights and gun control.

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