Kobe in dire need of much required rest

Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is apparently unwilling to take much needed rest as he want to play every game of his farewell career.

Kobe Bryant is in a bit of pickle at the moment with his mind pushing him to keep on playing but his body telling him to get some rest. The LA Lakers star does not want to miss a game especially if his team is visiting to a city making it one last trip there for the NBA legend. Kobe wants to say goodbye to every city he has played in his trophy laden career and that is the major reason behind his reluctance to give his body a break.

Kobe Bryant has been experiencing various kinds of troubles already this season. He has missed eight of Lakers’ 40 games this season already because of his injury troubles. He has been out with his back problem, shoulder injury and Achilles soreness. On Tuesday, he left the game early against Pelicans because his Achilles was troubling him. All these factors indicate that Kobe needs rest. But will he?

Lakers trainer Gary Vitti has told team coach, Byron Scott that Kobe Bryant needs to rest and nothing less than a break of 7 days or so will do him good. However, will Lakers give him such a long break? The chances of that happening is very bleak according to sources.

Brad Turner tweeted that Kobe has recovered from Achilles soreness that forces him to leave the court early against Pelicans last Tuesday. He revealed that the player is set to fly with the rest of the team to Golden State today but added that it is not certain if he will be playing or not.

“Scott said that Kobe feeling better with Achilles injury and will fly with team to Golden State today. However, he is listed as questionable, probable.”


Turner further added that the coach is aware that the trainer wants Kobe to be rested but the coach is not seeing that happening for the time being.

“Scott said trainer Gary Vitti wants to shut down Kobe Bryant for 1-2 weeks. But Scott said he doesn’t see that happening.”

LA Lakers coach Byron Scott knows the importance of farewell season and does not want Kobe Bryant to miss this chance of playing in front of fans for the last time in his career.

“My biggest concern is I want that man to finish the season standing up, on the court, and getting the respect that he deserves.”

Scott added that he is aware of the fitness issues Kobe is facing at the moment and said that he would not be playing Kobe Bryant the entire game. He still can play a part in the game and he will be used for half an hour in the games to come.

“Obviously, he can’t play 30-32 minutes a game.”

LA Lakers will take on Warriors for the last time this season on Thursday.

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