Russia has invented world’s most effective Ebola Drug, boasts Vladimir Putin

The Russian Prime Minister has claimed that scientists in his country have succeeded in developing the most effective drug against the Ebola fever to date.

Vladimir Putin surprised everyone related to health sector across the globe when he announced that Russia has developed the best and most effective drug against the Ebola fever. He made this statement during a governmental level meeting in which he informed the officials that Russia has developed a new medicine against the deadly illness of Ebola. To date, there is no effective treatment of Ebola and no drug can claim to be the pure remedy against it. The highly contagious virus has affected West Africa highly in the last couple of years.

Putin stated that he has a good news for everyone as Russia has now registered a medicine for the Ebola fever. And after relevant testing, it has turned out to be the most affective one of the lot. No other drug in the world can compete with it in the fight against Ebola he added.

“We have good news. We have registered a medicine for the Ebola fever, which after the relevant tests, has proven to have a high effectiveness, higher than those drugs which until now have been used in the world,” Putin said, referring to the vaccine developed by Russian scientists.


However, the world has raised doubts over the effectiveness of this drug with experts calling this claim from Putin as utter nonsense. Ira Longini, who is a professor of infectious diseases at Florida University, said that this drug by Russia is in its earliest stage and it is silly how they are claiming it to be effective at all. It was impossible to talk about the effectiveness of this drug at this stage at least.

“This is a preliminary stage 1 study. Which is fine — it shows their product should go forward. It shows some promise. But you can’t say anything about efficacy at this point,” Longini told ABC News.

She added that she was shocked to see a leader like Putin making such bold statement. She said that unless the drug has passed all the necessary steps of its testing, only then we can talk about its effectiveness. She said that it would have been acceptable had they called this drug promising but calling it the best in the world, is beyond stupid.

“Without the Phase 3 efficacy trial, you can’t really make any statements about the efficacy of a vaccine,” Longini said. “The best they could say is its just promising.”

Putin has not given details about this Russian vaccine against the Ebola fever. However, Russian Health Ministry issued a statement back in October stating that the vaccine they have been testing against Ebola has shown great results. In the phase 1 trial of this drug, 200 volunteers were tested and they showed none or very little side effects. More details are required of this drug in order to better evaluate it.

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