Obama in Louisiana:President rejoices at Obamacare expansion

Obama in Louisiana

President Obama on Thursday paid a visit to the southern capital, Louisiana, to celebrate with the state’s new democratic governor who vouched to make an expansion towards the Medicaid program of the state with the backing of the Affordable Care Act. This meant a lot to President Obama, who has had ill luck with the southern part of the country during his years in office. The newly elected governor is taking action just barely a day after taking over the office.

This plan of action could eventually lead to health coverage for over 300,000 individuals that are going through poverty problems in the state.

President Obama, while speaking at the McKinley High School in Louisiana, mentioned the plan to a crowd of over 1,000 people, saying, “It shows you why elections matter.” He also commented on the fact that the governor of Louisiana, Gov. John Bel Edwards, is “already delivering for the people of Louisiana” what he promised them earlier in his campaign held last year.

Governor Edwards, on his first day of resuming office duties, signed an executive order that gives adults in the state with low income earnings the privilege to sign up for Medicaid starting on July 1. This makes Louisiana the 31st state — and overall first state in the deep parts of the south — to carry out a remarkable expansion.

President Obama was quite pleased and approved the expansion to be in line with the healthcare law, which is commonly referred to as “Obamacare” The program was formed by President Obama, and it serves as one of the most important landmarks of his time in office.This expansion could also have a positive impact on President Obama’s State of the Union message.

President Obama’s administration ushered in new federal aid that urges more states with the help of the healthcare law to implement and expand their Medicaid services.

Medicaid has proven to be very useful in the United States, and thanks to the new insurance created by the healthcare law, an expansion has been made that has provided coverage to 17 million Americans since the year 2013.

The Medicaid program is on a daily boost, which has been made possible due to the law, which makes the provision of up to hundreds of billions of dollars available in federal aid and is aimed at expanding the Medicaid system, thereby making it accessible to those who live on low income. Medicaid has been of good comfort to the disabled, mothers, and children.

It is quite evident how useful and beneficial this system can be to citizens, yet many Republicans and lawmakers have stood strong against the expansion of the system. According to them, the system is inefficient and far too expensive.

Federal funds were provided to fund the system and boost its expansion starting in2014 up to 2016. However, with time, this aid will fade out, and states will have to pay up to 10 percent of the cost by 2020. Local lawmakers see this as something to be worried about.

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