Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will endorse Donald Trump

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin is known to many around the globe, not just for being the sweetheart of the grass-roots conservative movement or part of the Tea Party bunch.Palin, for those who are unaware, was Governor of Alaska and also a 2008 vice-presidential nominee.

According to the officials in charge of Donald Trump’s campaign, Palinhas deemed Trump worthy and will be endorsing him on Tuesday at Iowa. It is hoped that this endorsement by Palin will give Trump a push, as it is only 13 days before the Iowa Caucuses take place.

As reported by the statement provided by the officials in charge of Trump’s campaign, Palin gave a statement that reads, “I’m proud to endorse Donald J. Trump for president.”

This might prove to be the most popular and strongest backing for Trump since the inception of his campaign. Donald was not shy to comment and declare his excitement, stating, “I am greatly honored to receive Sarah’s endorsement, she is a friend and a high quality person whom I have great respect for. I am proud to have her support.”

The former governor of Alaska has had a history of success in Iowa. She has spent quality time building trust and garnering the support from the people of Iowa, and with all these benefits, she has the potential to catapult Trump to another level.

Craig Robinson, the publisher of the website The Iowa Republican commented on the endorsement. “Over the years Palin has actually cultivated a number of relationships in Iowa,” the former executive director of the Republican Party of Iowa reported, adding that “there are the Tea Party activists who thinks she is great and a breath of fresh air, but she also did a good job of courting Republican donors in the state.”

Ralph Reed, the chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition said, “Palin’s Brand among evangelicals is as gold as the faucets in Trump tower, endorsements alone don’t guarantee victory, but Palin’s embrace of Trump may turn the fight over the evangelical vote into a war for the soul of the party.” Reed’s comment supports the fact that Palin is acting as a strong force against Ted Cruz, who is also in a battle to take the lead against Donald Trump in the Iowa polls. However, Ted Cruz’s tactics in achieving this lie in the hands of the evangelical voters.

When the rumor mill started churning out the news of Palin endorsing Trump, Cruz immediately sang praises to his former political buddy, telling the New Hampshire reporters that he loves Palin, and that “without her friendship and support I wouldn’t be in the same senate today. So regardless of what Sarah decides to do in 2016, I will always remain a big, big fan of Sarah Palin.”

Ted Cruz, also in the course of speaking with the New Hampshire reporters, stated,“Sarah Palin is fantastic.”

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