Blame game continues between Greece and EU over Refugee crisis

Greece has blamed the European Union for the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe because European leading nations are responsible for the escalation of civil war in Syria.

The European countries are pondering whether to expel Greece from Schengen are after its alleged failure to protect EU’s external border. Germany is leading the way in the campaign against Greece and EU has reportedly given Greece a three month ultimatum to fix its borders or else, it will be expelled from Schengen area. Greece however, has hit back and has stated that it is not the fault of Greece that refugees are flowing into EU. It is rather the fault of the other European countries who are involved in Syria and their wrong policies have contributed towards the escalation of civil war in the Middle East.

Moustafa Moustafa, a left-wing Greek Syriza MP of Turkish decent, blasted EU over their three month ultimatum to Greece to strengthen its border security in the wake of refugee crisis. In a recently concluded interview, he said that the EU countries should take a good look at their policies first because otherwise, this refugee issue will left unsolved.

“First and foremost, the EU should focus on taking the necessary steps to stop the war in Syria instead of discussing Greece’s protection of the EU’s borders,” Mustafa said.

Moustafa further criticized EU for adopting double standards when it comes to migrant-related policies. He said that at some forums EU countries talk about the protection of refugees but on the other hand, they want to distant themselves from it. And to make things better for their own sake, they are trying to make Greece the ultimate scapegoat in all this.


“Those actions that we are now seeing are nothing but a search for a plausible pretext. The EU countries want to distance themselves from the problem, and are trying to lay the entire responsibility for the migration crisis on Greece,” he said.

He added that EU should be criticized for turning a blind eye to the truth. Migrant crisis is an international one and putting the entire responsibility on a single country is nothing but a weak attempt to escape from the reality. Moustafa called for an international solution to this crisis and urged EU countries to come together and find a solution which is acceptable to all.

Members of Germany’s majority Christian Democratic Union (CDU) argued that Greece must be excluded from the Schengen area amid the ongoing refugee crisis. According to them, Greece should be excluded from Schengen block because it has failed to protect its borders which has allowed immigrants to enter Europe without proper documentation and check and balance. This has allowed an inflow of terrorists disguised as refugees increasing the security risk in Europe.

CDU accused Greece of ignoring its responsibility to protect the external borders of the European Union. Refugees continue to flood into Europe using the Balkan route, which takes them across the Aegean Sea to Greece en route to Northern Europe.


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