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Actor Leonardo DiCaprio arrives on the red carpet for the 88th Oscars on February 28, 2016 in Hollywood, California. AFP PHOTO / VALERIE MACON / AFP / VALERIE MACON        (Photo credit should read VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images)

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How IBM Is Hoping To Close The Massive Big Data And Analytics Skills Gap
The amount of data in our world is growing at an unprecedented rate but at the same time many companies are struggling to turn that data into valuable insights. A key problem is the lack of people with the right analytics skills. The demand for data scientists is said to […]

Your Company Will Adopt Its Own Culture, Whether You Nurture It Or Not
If “three’s a crowd,” then four’s a culture. In fact, culture happens wherever people gather — whether we try to make it happen or not. But even if culture just “kinda happens,” that’s not to say that it doesn’t require a nurturing touch. There are companies with underdeveloped and even seemingly […]

EBay Faces Startup Lawsuit In The Battle Of Mobile Marketplaces
5miles, a mobile marketplace app, is suing eBay’s Close5, a competing app with a similar name.

What Entrepreneurs Need To Succeed: Focus, Speed & Gut Feeling
How one serial entrepreneur created a digital platform and cornered the lucrative art collection management market. And then sold it to Christie’s, too…

Five Telltale Signs Your Boss Is Unhappy With You
Is your boss unhappy with you? If so, it’s better to find out what’s up and resolve that conflict than to pretend it doesn’t exist. Here are five signs to watch for!

Oscar Winners 2016: The Full List
Leonardo DiCaprio accepts the award for best actor in a leading role for “The Revenant” at the Oscars on Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP) Just steps from the paved stars on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, the Academy Awards tonight crowned new […]

Managers More Stressed Than Ever Before
A survey of more than 1,300 HR managers has found that 44% report that their level of stress has increased in the last six months, according to Roffey Park’s annual management agenda. The proportion of managers reporting increased stress goes up as you move down the management layers: 59% of junior […]

Ten Good Reasons To Kill Performance Reviews
Performance reviews have outlived their usefulness. It’s time to scrap them!

Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Wins An Oscar For Best Actor
Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar for ‘The Revenant’ (Photo credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images) With his fifth nomination, Leonardo DiCaprio has finally earned an Oscar for his role in The Revenant. The actor beat out competition from Bryan Cranston (Trumbo), Eddie Redmayne (The Danish Girl), Matt Damon (The Martian) and Michael Fassbender (Steve […]

A $29 Million Paycheck Makes Leonardo DiCaprio The Highest-Paid Male Oscar Nominee
The Revenant may not be the movie Leonardo DiCaprio deserves an Academy Award for, but he is currently odds-on favorite to finally win the Oscar for Best Actor at this Sunday’s show.

Q&A: Marie Kondo On The Magic Of Decluttering, Part II
Marie Kondo, the author of the best-selling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,”and her newest book, “Spark Joy,” advocates ditching anything that doesn’t make you feel happy and most of all, eliminating the clutter in our lives. Here is Part II of […]

Gartner’s Top 10 Internet Of Things Technologies For 2017 & 2018
Gartner predicts that low-power short-range networks will dominate wireless IoT connectivity through 2025, far outnumbering connections using wide-area IoT networks. For enterprises to adopt and gain the full value of these technologies, significantly higher investments in training are needed. Gartner’s Top 10 IoT technologies provide a glimpse into what their clients are […]

Q&A: Marie Kondo On The Magic Of Decluttering, Part I
Marie Kondo, the author of the best-selling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing,”and her newest book, “Spark Joy,” advocates ditching anything that doesn’t make you feel happy and most of all, eliminating the clutter in our lives. Here is Part I of […]

‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6, Episode 11 Review: ‘Knots Untie’ But Not Much Happens
The survivors meet a new group of allies and set their sights on Negan in Sunday night’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead.’

‘The Division’ Is Still Dancing Around The Definition Of Microtransactions
Ubisoft has constantly said that The Division does not have microtransactions, but according to the very definition of the word, they’re wrong.

With $52 Million, Jennifer Lawrence Is This Year’s Highest-Paid Oscar Nominee
Jennifer Lawrence, who is nominated for her fourth Oscar this year, earned an estimated $52 million pretax last year making her the world’s highest-paid actress. Not a single one of the other female acting Oscar nominees earned more than the $6 million cut off necessary to make the ranking.

Six New Management Hacks For The Age Of Entrepreneurship
In order to attract and retain the best talent, we have to do much more than create new, desirable products and services. We must think differently about how we treat our employees. This isn’t something to fear, but something to embrace.

Oscar Nominees 2016: Full List And Projected Winners
The winners of the 88th Academy Awards have yet to be announced, but punters have already chosen their victors. This is the full list of nominees, with odds-on favorites for each category.

Oscar Predictions 2016: Which Categories Are Most Likely To See An Upset?
The 88th Academy Award ceremony takes place Sunday night, and it sure does look like we’re going to see familiar and predictable faces in the winner’s circle. Leonardo DiCaprio is the odd-on favorite to win Best Actor for the first time for his lead performance in The Revenant, his fifth […]

Why The Rick-Michonne Romance Is The Walking Dead’s Best Comic Change Yet
The midseason premiere of The Walking Dead saw two children die, and a third shot in the face. Needless to say, what came next was going to have to be a bit of a pick-me-up. And it was, as we saw the birth of a new relationship between Rick Grimes and Michonne.

iPhone SE Photos Confirm Two Worst Features
Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone is both better and worse than we had expected…

Leadership Reboot: 4 Ways We Sabotage Our Own Authority
It doesn’t take a study to know that the link between effective leadership and employee engagement runs deep. But it’s a lot of fun to use a superhero or television show or zombies to glean pointers from; sometimes it’s easier for a hero in comic-book spandex (men or women) than […]

Don’t Understand Donald Trump? Baseball Stat Guru Bill James Explains His Appeal In One Word
VideoEarlier today, Politico posted a short piece with headline “Sabremetrics Pioneer: There aren’t enough Morons to Elect Trump.” The piece was about Bill James, whose pioneering analysis of baseball led to Moneyball, as well as to the Red Sox winning the World Series. James’ name got my attention as did […]

‘SUPERHOT’ Is A Super Rad First-Person Shooter Like Nothing You’ve Played Before
‘Superhot’ blends turn-based strategy with first-person shooter mechanics and does it all with style.

The Best Cities For Women In Tech Aren’t On The West Coast
At two and three on SmartAsset’s ranking: Kansas City, Mo. and Detroit, Mich. In both cities, women in tech actually out-earn their male counterparts, to the tune of 100.8% and 122.8% respectively.

Oscars 2016 Full List Of Nominees In Order Of Presentation
The full list of nominees for the 88th Academy Awards in order of presentation

3 Dividends You Need To Buy And 3 To Dump Immediately
Stocks that raise their dividend meaningfully every year will make you a lot of money over the long haul… provided they continue to boost their payouts, of course. Studies by two global investment heavyweights, BlackRock and GMO, have shown that 90% of U.S. equity returns over the past 100 years have […]

New Documentary Offers A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Jazz Age Depicted In ‘Downton Abbey’
As the much-beloved series Downton Abbey approaches its final episode March 6, PBS’ Masterpiece tomorrow night will offer one last, behind-the-scenes look at the world of manners it portrays.

New Facebook Emojis Tenderly Caress Your Heart Meat
The new Facebook emoji reactions are here, but tell us how you really feel.

Salesforce Delivers In-Line Q4 Earnings And Raises Full-Year Guidance, Boosting Its Stock
The crowd at one of Salesforce’s Dreamforcekeynotes. (Credit: Jakub Mosur Photography for Salesforce may have just done its enterprise tech peers on the public markets a big favor. Marc Benioff and team delivered strong quarterly results on Wednesday, exceeding analysts’ consensus on revenue and matching them on earnings for the fiscal […]

Warren Buffett Channels Keynes: Of Course American Children Will Be Better Off Than Their Parents
In Warren Buffett’s annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway stockholders he gives us his usual forthright rundown on what he and Charlie Munger have been doing with everyones’ money. He makes the usual slightly eyebrow raising joke or two (this year it’s about his not quite being ready for Tinder) and, […]

The Hottest New Employee Benefit: College Loan Aid
Student loans can prevent you from saving for retirement. Here’s how to approach your employer for help.

Donald Trump Blows The Trade Argument Again: Blames India For Stealing American Jobs
It’s entirely obvious from his public utterances that Donald Trump just doesn’t get the most basic argument in favour of trade. Or if we are to think of him as being perhaps more Machiavellian than we might desire, that’s he’s banking on the lack of knowledge of some significant segment […]

Surface Book Review: 24 Hours With Microsoft’s Ultimate Laptop
Microsoft calls it the ultimate laptop. The Surface Book is striking, it stands out from the crowd, and it has seen Microsoft enter the luxury laptop market with an impressive slice of style. But can it do the job of a laptop? I’ve received a review unit from Microsoft to help me answer that question.

Face It: Career Jumps Are The Future Of Work
Here’s the big talent paradox: great minds rarely stay put. They’re seekers, refusing to rest on their laurels, leaving comfort behind for something better, faster, bigger. A lot of factors go into what we view as top talent, the best recruits, the bright stars. They have an innate tendency to […]

US Grand Prix “Will Happen” This Year Says Ecclestone
Formula One’s chief executive Bernie Ecclestone says that the United States Grand Prix in Texas will take place in October despite the race facing a $5.5 million cut in state funding. The future of the race, which is held at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) track in Austin, the capital […]

Bitcoin Agreement Promises To Break Impasse; Currency Jumps In Value
After a year of rancorous debate, two dozen members of the Bitcoin community forged an agreement in Hong Kong. The currency rose to highs not seen since mid-January.

7 Small Ways You’re Losing Respect In The Office
There are a few small habits that could be losing you respect in the office among your co-workers and boss. Learn how to spot and fix them.

Oscars 2016: The Nominees That Have The Most To Gain
There will be many winners walking back from the stage from the Dolby Theater at the 88th Academy Awards. Some of them are household names while others you have never heard of at all. It’s highly likely Leonardo DiCaprio will get the statue that he deserves this year but who actually needs a win the most?

With The Getaround App, Your Idle Car Can Pay For Itself
28-year-old Jessica Scorpio is the co-founder of Getaround — think Airbnb for your car. With $40 million from big name investors like Eric Schmidt and Marissa Mayer, it could become the largest on-demand car sharing company in North America.

Sony Reveals Trick Up Its Sleeve For PlayStation VR In Recent Patent Filing
Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) is big business these days, even though the fledgling technologies are still cutting their proverbial teeth. With big names like Facebook-Oculus, HTC, Google and even Apple behind various technologies, it might be easy to forget what manufacturer platforms might make the easiest jump […]

Volvo’s Unlikely Comeback Is Gathering Speed, Thanks To A Visionary Chinese Owner
When Geely acquired ailing Volvo, many questioned how a little-known Chinese car company with a reputation for making low-priced cars of dubious quality could possibly save a premium European brand. Six years later, the Swedish brand is posting record sales. Here’s how Geely Chairman Li Shufu did it.

Bill And Melinda Gates Have Educational Superpowers
People who want to change the world better be able to communicate their idea effectively.

Never Good Enough: Why Millennials Are Obsessed With Self-Improvement
Millennials may be perceived as narcissistic, lazy, entitled and fragile, but we’re more determined to improve ourselves than the generations calling us that.

Uh Oh, Mom And Dad. Disney Is Adopting Surge Pricing
Surge pricing is the epitome of free-market economic theory. So why do so many people hate the way Uber applies it?

2 Drug Stocks To Buy For Safe Dividends And 20% Gains
With all the bloviating on the campaign trail about reeling in drug costs these days, it’s safe to say the pharmaceutical industry is under siege. But it’s not all the politicians’ fault; many of the sector’s injuries are self-inflicted. Case in point: Valeant Pharmaceuticals’ (VRX), whose stock has plunged 62% amid […]

Tired of Things That Break? BuyMeOnce Finds Products That Last
Busy people, Marie Kondo fans and environmentalists should love this site that could shorten shopping lists everywhere.

How Millennials Are Disrupting The Workforce — For The Better
Millennials are positively disrupting the workplace. Moreover, they’re doing so with significant implications for organizational leadership. Read on.

The SQUIRE App Makes Booking And Paying For Your Next Haircut Hassle Free
SQUIRE Founders Songe LaRon (L) and Dave Savant (R) pictured in NY (Photo courtesy of SQUIRE) In the United States, men spend over $16 billion at barbershops each year . For most men, haircuts are a quintessential element of individual style. Beyond being well groomed, hairstyles are an aesthetic signature. […]

Five Time-Management Tips To Lower Your Stress
Try these time-management tips to lower your stress level!

Should Your PR Include Marketing Automation? Surprisingly, Yes
Eighty-one percent of sales happen after five or more contacts, marketing expert Jamie Gilleland says. Yet 85% of entrepreneurs give up after 1-2 contacts.

Six Simple Tax Savvy Ways To Stay Clear Of IRS
Taxes are complex, but these rules are surprisingly simple and surprisingly effective in keeping the IRS at bay.

5 Easiest Places For The Novice International Traveler
Want to travel, but worried because it’s your first international trip? Here’s a list of the easiest countries for the novice traveler.

Ten Things Never To Do On LinkedIn
Keep your networking reputation stellar by avoiding these ten LinkedIn “Don’ts!”

Friday Box Office: ‘Deadpool’ Tops ‘Captain America 2’ As ‘Star Wars’ Falls Out Of Top 10
‘Deadpool’ image courtesy of 20th Century Fox With three under-performing holdovers,Deadpoolis set to easily top the weekend box office for the third (and probably final) weekend. The Ryan Reynolds comic book superhero action comedy earned $8.95 million on its third Friday, dropping 46% from last Friday. That gives the $58m, R-rated, […]

Want To Know Where To Live? These Cities Are Best For Quality Of Life
American cities were shut out of the top 25, with San Francisco coming in at 28.

New iPhone Pro Teased By Apple’s Powerful Naming Strategy
Just as the media get back from Mobile World Congress and start looking around to decide who the momentum belongs to, Apple steps up with a cunning name-change on its newest product to capture another news cycle.

Apple’s 4-inch iPhone Strategy Could Devastate The Competition
Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone won’t bring anything radical to the company’s business model. But the mid-year launch and a rumored price cut to the 5s suggests a strategic shift to pursuing market share as iPhone growth has stalled. But just how aggressive Apple will be is the big question.

Building the Case for Skill-Based Education
Although it has been several years since the global financial meltdown of 2008 – which saw stock markets throughout the world crash and hundreds of thousands of people lose their jobs – unemployment in the United States remains persistently high. A carpenter carries lumber inside a house under construction in Peoria, […]

Millennials Fear Taxes. Here’s Why They Shouldn’t
Signage for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) stands outside the IRS headquarters building in Washington, D.C. Photographer: Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg The personal finance site NerdWallet recently conducted a survey in tandem with Harris Poll that found some interesting statistics about Millennials and taxes. In a survey of more than 1,600 U.S. adults […]

Meet The Man Who Derailed Facebook’s Plan To Provide Free Internet In India
Nikhil Pahwa, a soft spoken Indian journalist and entrepreneur, led the fight

What ‘Korean Miracle’? ‘Hell Joseon’ Is More Like It As Economy Flounders
Pessimism pervades the Korean economy, from financial to shopping markets, from homes to work places, as China’s financial woes, declining exports and low job prospects gnaw into the fabric of the “Korean Miracle.” Nowadays, on the streets of Seoul, in coffee shops, on the Internet, you’re likely to find more people […]

No Real Choice In The Iran ‘Elections’
BY MARYAM RAJAVI – Democratic elections, where people are afforded a real choice to pick their leaders, are non-existent in today’s Iran; the genuine opposition has no political voice.

Massive 4-inch iPhone Leaks Reveal 10 New Features
Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone now looks very exciting…

Five Unmistakable Signs You’re Too Smart For Your Job
If you’re too smart for your current job, you’ll get bored and also hurt your marketability on the talent market. Here are five signs that might be happening to you!

4 Guiding Principles To Navigate Confusion And Find Your Voice In The Workplace
When ideas get the most attention at the corporate table, these four tactics can help younger, millennial employees learn, add value, and bring thoughtful ideas forward.

IRS: Efforts To Access Taxpayer Accounts Twice As Bad As Originally Thought
Remember when the IRS announced that identity thieves illegally accessed tax information with unsuccessful attempts made on more taxpayer accounts? And remember how the IRS announced that it was worse than first believed? Well… it’s even worse than that.

Mailbox Sunsets Today, Here’s The Best Alternative
Mailbox, one of the best mail apps for iOS, shut down on February 26, 2016. Here’s the best alternative to keep your email workflow intact.

Android Circuit: Galaxy S7’s Nasty Surprises, Making Gmail Beautiful, How To Redesign The Smartphone
This week’s Android Circuit focuses heavily on the news from Mobile World Congress and includes details of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, the modular LG G5, the battery friendly Sony Xperia, and Acer’s mid range Zest and Jade 2 handsets. There’s also a look at Google’s update to Gmail on Android, and the circadian lighting app F.Lux arriving (in a fashion) on Android.

Warren Buffett’s Concentrated Six Stock Portfolio
Buffett’s famed annual letter is due to be released this weekend. With that, today we want to talk a bit about his record, his philosophy on markets and successful investing and the high conviction stocks that he has in his $130 billion plus Berkshire Hathaway stock portfolio. First, only one living […]

10 Maps That Explain Russia’s Strategy
Many people think of maps in terms of their basic purpose: showing a country’s geography and topography. But maps can speak to all dimensions—political, military, and economic. In fact, they are the first place to start thinking about a country’s strategy, which can reveal factors that are otherwise not obvious. The 10 […]

These 20 Cities Have The Most Expensive Office Space In The World [Infographic]
Hong Kong tops the list

Ten Things Your Boss Is Trying To Tell You
Whether your manager has verbalized these 10 wish list items or not, chances are excellent that he or she would love for you and your teammates to get the memo.

Why Pokémon Sun And Moon Make Me Question Nintendo’s NX Plans
Nintendo has finally announced Pokémon Sun and Moon, but the reveal poses questions about the future of the 3DS, and how it ties into the launch of the NX. Will Nintendo stick with the handheld longer than everyone thinks?

Student Debt Crisis: The Recession Started It; Colleges Sustain It; And Politicians Make It Worse
A significant portion of the $1.3 trillion in student debt can be attributed to tuition inflation pushed along by the flood of student loan money in recent years.

February’s Geekiest Celebration: 29 Days Of Black Cosplay
Black cosplayers have long faced racist comments for posting their photos online. Now they’re fighting back in the most positive way possible.

Blue Cross Plans Hit Hard By Obamacare Losses
The nation’s Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans have fared worse than publicly traded health insurance companies on the new health insurance exchanges, with many of these plans losing hundreds of millions of dollars last year on individual policies sold under the Affordable Care Act.

Trump Won’t Release Tax Returns, Citing IRS Audit: Is It A Legitimate Excuse?
With Super Tuesday on the way, many are renewing calls for GOP frontrunner Donald Trump to release his income tax returns. He says he cannot – because he’s being audited. Is that a legitimate reason?

How Your Social Security Benefit May Be Unfair
Six ways that benefit formulas can short-change you.

Five Easy Ways To Kill Your Team’s Motivation
Be sure you aren’t killing your team’s motivation in these five sadly common ways!

2 Dividend Aristocrats to Buy and Hold Forever
If you’re a retiree, or a near-retiree, you’ve probably been told you should dump—or at least reduce—your stock holdings and focus on fixed-income investments. It sounds like a smart move, right? After all, CDs, Treasuries and the like protect your principal, while one big downturn can wipe out your stock-market gains. But […]

The Simple Mindset Change That’ll Break You Out Of Your Career Rut
Instead of calling it a “career rut,” here’s a brand new phrase you can you use that’s way more motivational and aspirational.

U.S. Beats India In WTO Solar Case: Indian Consumers Win
Local capitalists are, by law, getting rich at the expense of local consumers.

Is Being A Data Scientist Really The Best Job In America?
It’s official – data scientist is the best job in America, according to users of online employment analysts Glassdoor. Glassdoor’s service allows employees to anonymously rate their jobs and their employers, awarding scores for how well they are paid, treated, and helped to advance in their careers. Data Scientist came […]

Top Job Hunting Tips For 2016
Thinking of looking for a new job? Now is the time to do it. That’s what experts are saying, anyway. This past January the U.S. unemployment rate hit an 8-year low of 4.9%. With fewer people out of work, recruiters are finding it harder to find job applicants to fill open […]

Leap Day: Don’t Waste Your Extra 24 Hours
There’s no parades, or parties, or celebratory cakes. There’s really not much hoopla associated with Leap Day at all—except for maybe a few lame jokes about how it won’t happen for another four years. On Leap Day, you’ll show up to the office at the same time as usual. You’ll check […]

‘Deadpool’: The Best Lesson Hollywood Can Learn From Its Box Office Blow-Out
‘Deadpool’ image courtesy of 20th Century Fox AsDeadpoolcrosses $500 million worldwide, there is one lesson that Hollywood should learn from its surprise success. I probably should have written this last week, but I wanted to make sure that (however unlikely it might be) Deadpool wasn’t a kind of marketing-driven one-weekend-wonder. But yeah, […]

Why The Democratic National Convention Is Coming To Philadelphia
The DNC Nominating Convention is coming to Philadelphia, a city rich in American political history. But Philly has a lot more to offer.

Why Entrepreneurship Education Does Not Work
I know dozens of entrepreneurship professors at campuses around the country and they’re almost universally great guys (they are typically male). I love what motivates them. They’re truly dedicated to developing young people. But I’ve also spoken to hundreds of students groping for next steps. And I have to say that, […]

‘Zoolander 2’: What We Can Learn From Its Box Office Failure
‘Zoolander 2’ image courtesy of Paramount Zoolander 2is about to enter its third weekend of domestic box office. In all likelihood, it will earn around $3 million in its third frame and bring its 17-day total to around $29m. So barring a miracle that I cannot even fathom, it will end […]

10 Steps To Profitable Strategic Business Decisions
Most entrepreneurs are so overwhelmed by the day-to-day challenges of their business that they rarely take the time to work on longer-term strategy (they work in the business versus on the business). As a result, strategy decisions are made in the same ad-hoc crises style as operational decisions, and the […]

Apple To FBI: Forcing Us To Unlock iPhone Violates Free Speech
Apple filed a motion to vacate the court’s order that would compel the company to unlock Syed Farook’s old iPhone.

Apple Wins iPhone Gamble To Ignore Samsung Galaxy S7
As Mobile World Congress draws to a close, listen very carefully and you might hear Tim Cook and Apple breathing a sigh of relief. With expectations high that the iPhone 5SE will be announced in early March and the iPhone 7 on course for Apple’s regular September update window, there was an opportunity for the competition to come up with a smartphone that would challenge Apple’s dominance.

Jessica Chastain Just Launched All-Female Production Company, Freckle Films
Fed up with the lack of women executives in Hollywood, Jessica Chastain launched Freckle Films, and all-female production company.

5 Ways Millennials Show Love On The Internet And Why Your Brand Should Care
The millennial generation is an open book when it comes to expressing their feelings and emotions online. And more than any other generation, millennials have become experts at finding relevant places to share and show love on the Internet.

Why Charlottesville, Virginia Is A Hidden Travel Gem
After reading Forbes Travel Guide’s itinerary to Thomas Jefferson’s home, you’ll understand why it’s perfect for founding fathers and luxuriating mothers.

How IBM Plans To Innovate Past Moore’s Law
The end of Moore’s Law doesn’t mean the end of progress. What we will see though is a shift in emphasis from the microchip to the system as a whole.

How To Navigate The New World Of Work
We are now in the Age of Entrepreneurship, where the only one in charge of your career is you. Recognizing that you do not need to cede control to a company, and that you are the CEO of your own destiny, is the first step to achieving the career of your dreams. Adopting a new mindset is the secret to succeeding in this new era.

How Updating Our Office Environment Helped Our Team
Office camaraderie is an incredibly valuable commodity; it’s also difficult to instill, especially when more and more companies experience an increase in turnover. Happy employees make a successful company. But how do you harness a good feeling of fellowship to help make your company more productive? A few years into running […]

Despite Outrageously High Valuation, Palo Alto Networks Puts Up Terrible Results
A beat by a paltry penny per share and a miss on guidance still sends Palo Alto Networks higher.

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