Opinion: The Latest Reports from the CBS News show “60 Minutes”


Here is the latest Commentary on from CBS News show “60 Minutes”

Dead or Alive
Thousands of errors to the Social Security Administration’s Death Master File can result in fraudulent payments — costing taxpayers billions — and identity headaches

Face Blindness
Imagine you couldn’t recognize people’s faces, and even your own family looked unfamiliar. Lesley Stahl reports on face blindness, a puzzling neurological disorder

Preserving the Past
On a special edition of “60 Minutes Presents,” explore three memorable buildings where architecture is honored and history is kept alive

And the Nominees Are
British director Danny Boyle and Oscar-nominated actors Michael Fassbender and Kate Winslet talk about the difficult task of making a film about Apple icon Steve Jobs

The Hostage
Elaine Weinstein, whose husband was kidnapped in Pakistan, tells Lesley Stahl about her harrowing negotiations to secure his release and how the U.S. could have done more

El Chapo
U.S. and Mexican authorities give Bill Whitaker the inside story of the hunt for and recapture of drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman

Preview: El Chapo
Officials confirm Mexican authorities knew when and where Sean Penn was going to meet fugitive drug lord El Chapo

Preview: The Hostage
Elaine Weinstein the recalls harrowing negotiations with her husband’s kidnappers in Pakistan and her anger that U.S. government didn’t do enough

FBI director, Apple CEO talk privacy concerns on 60 Minutes
FBI Director James Comey and Apple CEO Tim Cook both addressed privacy and encrypted data in separate “60 Minutes” interviews

John Brennan
In a rare interview, the head of the CIA outlines the threat to America posed by ISIS and discusses other security concerns such as cyber and biological terror

Danny Clinch
Danny Clinch has photographed just about every heavyweight in music. What does he look for? The “moment in between”

The world’s most powerful sporting organization is rife with corruption, say U.S. law enforcement authorities who have indicted FIFA officials

Preview: Danny Clinch
Grammy photographer tells 60 Minutes about getting the shot that puts him in “the history of that moment”

Lost in the Bermuda Triangle
Scott Pelley’s report on the sinking of the El Faro shows video for the first time of the cargo ship 15,000 feet beneath the Atlantic

Little Jazz Man
Joey Alexander plays jazz like a veteran of decades, but he’s just 12 years old. Anderson Cooper reports on the jazz prodigy

60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll: The Afterlife
If you believe in the hereafter, which kind of immortality would you most like to have?

Preview: The Road to Syria
60 Minutes goes to Russia’s Syrian base to report on its air war against the enemies of Bashar al-Assad

The Road to Syria
Bill Whitaker reports from inside the Syrian base from which Russia is launching air strikes in support of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad

An unorthodox musical with a diverse cast about the life of Alexander Hamilton is creating waves on Broadway and beyond while it smashes box office records

Life After Death Row
Three unjustly convicted people who spent years in prison and then were exonerated tell Scott Pelley how they are adjusting to being free

Meet the mountain lions of Los Angeles
60 Minutes’ Bill Whitaker reports on mountain lions living within the city limits of Los Angeles

Preview: The Great Brain Robbery
Chinese economic spying is costing U.S. corporations hundreds of billions of dollars and more than two million jobs. It’s also a national security risk, says Justice Department

The Great Brain Robbery
Economic espionage sponsored by the Chinese government is costing U.S. corporations hundreds of billions of dollars and more than two million jobs

Sean Penn
The actor speaks to Charlie Rose in his first interview since his controversial meeting with drug kingpin Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman

Mountain Lions of L.A.
They are called pumas, cougars or mountain lions. But they are also being called neighbors by some residents of Los Angeles

David Bowie’s unaired 60 Minutes interviews
The late pop icon was interviewed by 60 Minutes in 2003, but the story never ran. Overtime unearths the Bowie tapes

60 Minutes Presents: Making a Difference
On a special edition of 60 Minutes, a look at Americans from all walks of life who are making a difference

Heroin in the Heartland
The faces of heroin include the young, middle-to-upper class and suburban. What was once thought of as an inner-city problem is now a national epidemic

Alive and Kickin’
“The first 50 years are for learning; the second 50 are for LIVING!” That’s the motto of a show in Harlem with a cast of singers ages 55 and up

Anonymous, Inc.
See what happens when hidden cameras capture New York lawyers being asked to move highly questionable funds into the U.S. Steve Kroft reports.

Sharyn Alfonsi reports from the top of the world on one of the most significant efforts to study climate change happening today

60 Minutes/Vanity Fair: Freedom of Speech
More Americans say they use the dinner table rather than social media to unload their passionate opinions

Lawmakers call for change after 60 Minutes report
After watching Steve Kroft’s 60 Minutes story, members of Congress say it shouldn’t be so easy to conceal ownership of companies

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