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Here is the latest in Fitness News from Mens Journal.

How to Have Casual Sex with Friends (And Not Regret It)
Casual sex with friends can work. The trick is simple, really: Just don’t get emotionally […]

Lessons on Consent — From Dancing Cartoon Body Parts?
A new series of educational videos on sexual consent go for the obvious, and then take it one s[…]

In Minnesota High Schools, Hockey Hair Is an Art Form
See this year’s finest hockey hair from the Land of 10,000 Locks.

Are Your Muscles Imbalanced? Take Our Test
This quick, simple test will tell you what muscles are too tight, and which need to be strengthened.

5 Ways to Boost Your Productivity Immediately
Author Charles Duhigg spent years unlocking the secrets of productivity. You can add his new book to[…]

Why We’re All Going Nearsighted
Why half of the world will be nearsighted by 2050. The solution? Get outside.

The Science of Squats: Investigating Three Common Myths
Should you squat in front of a mirror? Is there a perfect position for your feet?

The Insane Power of Combining Exercise and Meditation
A new study shows that when done together, mediation and exercise have the power to stop depression […]

What, Exactly, Is an Orgasm?
Any way you look at it, orgasm is an incredible bodily process. But how exactly does it work?

Can Marijuana Save Your Sex Life?
A growing number of doctors are prescribing THC for everything from erectile dysfunction to dif[…]

America’s First Beer Spa Opens in Oregon (of Course)
Get a barley grain foot scrub, hop oil wrap, or beer soak in Deschutes at Hop in the Spa.

Why Men Should Work Their Kegels
Kegels not only help in the bedroom, they’re also the key to six-pack abs.

Why You Should Never Buy Bagged Greens
Why buy greens that are more likely to make you sick?

Play Squash, Get Fit
Squash is a brutal test of stamina and willpower, and perhaps the best 45-minute workout you’ll[…]

Does the NFL Have an Obesity Problem?
Pro football players have been getting consistently bigger for decades. But when is the weight […]

Problems Only Big Guys Have at the Gym
Fix the most common equipment and mobility issues larger men face at the gym.

Trailer for the CrossFit Games Documentary Shows What the ‘Fittest on Earth’ Can Do
The winners, Ben Smith and Katrin Davidsdottir, are in ridiculous shape. Here’s how they got th[…]

Sex and Zika: What You Need to Know
The first case of Zika to have been transmitted through sexual contact and not via mosquito has[…]

Should You Stretch Before Working Out?
A new study proves that stretching gets a bad wrap.

Plastic Problems: New Study Says BPA-Free Is No Safer
A new study shows that BPA-free plastic is likely no safer than those containing bisphenol[…]

How to Fix Your Tight Neck
Your desk job could be compressing your neck, causing arm numbness and pain.

Why Fit People Burn Fewer Calories
If you want to shed pounds, you have to focus on what you need — there’s just no way around it[…]

Get More From Your Workout With These 5 Gym Hacks
Workout smarter, and you’ll bolster your results and prevent injury.

How to Master a New Skill in Half the Time
A new study found a way to learn new skills twice as fast. The trick? Practice, but with a twist.&nb[…]

How Ryan Reynolds Got in Superhero Shape for ‘Deadpool’
Follow the strength routine he used to add seven pounds of muscle.

Depressed? Antidepressants Might Not Be Your Best Option
Drug-free depression treatments really do work.

Masturbation: You’re Doing It Wrong
This is nothing new: Everyone masturbates. And recent research says it’s still a good idea[…]

The World’s Thinnest Condom
A new material made from grass may lead to condoms that are 30 percent thinner and just as safe[…]

No, “Organic” Snacks Are No Healthier for You
Organic snacks aren’t automatically better for you. They may even be less healthy. Here’s […]

Training Tricks to Boost Your Vertical
Improve your power and jump higher with these expert tips.

Should College Athletes Be Required to Get an EKG Test?
The debate over testing for the most common medical cause of death among NCAA athletes boils over.&n[…]

Will CLA Supplements Really Help You Lose Weight?
The truth about conjugated linoleic acid supplements.

Does Pro Golf Have a Weight-Training Problem?
Golf Channel commentator Brandel Chamblee recently took aim at Rory McIlroy’s weight train[…]

Get Stronger in Half the Time
Use these three bodyweight supersets to build strength in less time.

The Connection between Scent and Sexual Attraction
No, pheromones won’t drive your partner wild. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a connection between[…]

An Appreciation for Don Mattingly’s Mustache in the 1980s
Say it ain’t so, Donnie baseball.

Marijuana for Your Migraine
A new study shows promise for medical marijuana to alleviate symptoms of migraine headaches.

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