Gucci fashion hails feminism with minimalistic designs and simple demeanor

Gucci is changing the way people perceive fashion, and it’s a good thing. Gucci is slowly launching its Gucci geek chic, and she is every bit of awesome. The fact that all of this comes from Gucci makes it even more commendable. It wasn’t long ago that Gucci defined new levels of promotion. For instance, cutting the model’s pubic hair to advertise was a normal thing to do. It is making geek the look of the year and is avoiding all the scathing criticism from rivals.

Gucci is changing the way people perceive fashion, and it’s a good thing

Gucci talks about change and a closer-to-reality look

Gucci’s new collection encourages women to wear comfortable clothing. But that is no problem at all, as fashion is going through reformation. It is changing to get as close to reality as possible. The regular clothing styles suggested by Gucci is fashion going as close to feminism as possible. It is not fashion’s tendency to embrace a feminist point of view, but regular clothing is all about less objectification and more empowerment.

These kinds of changes started because fashion became an integral part of regular life for all the people. In the past, if a person was set up on a date by a friend, the questions were similar and fixed and included, what’s their name? What do they do? Are they a psychopath? Do they have a hairy back? And some other questions that were eventually answered to suit your liking. This was when social media did not exist. Now, going on a date involves a serious session of online stalking. The procedure is to go through multiple social media accounts to make a good call about how good the date is going to be. It helps you to decide on clothing and accessories.

It is all about individuality and personal sense of style

The idea of fashion is to be the girl next door who has all the sense of basic styling. The notion allows you to be someone who can look like a nerd and still manage to make a personal fashion statement. It is more about embracing your individuality. Models and designers are hailing Gucci for bringing in this idea. The collection has been praised by a lot of esteemed designers and models. “It’s playful, it’s youthful, and it’s definitely not a look,” said Paul Hanlon backstage. She says that the collection makes you look like that girl in school whose simplicity kept you glued and attracted.

Hanlon further described the models’ look with a simple gesture. “There are girls with hair that’s a bit wavy, girls with these off kind of bobby pins in the hair, girls with turbans, and girls with a single plait in the hair. It’s almost as if she went to her grandmother’s house and has been playing in her [dressing room]. Alessandro likes to find beauty in the things you might not normally consider beautiful. You shouldn’t look at her and think, Oh, the hair’s nice. You should look at her and think, Oh, she’s quite interesting.”

Gucci’s hair and styling onsets the new lineage of feminist fashion and hails it. A moment of looking stylish and neat while discussing empowerment would not harm anybody after all. “It’s about personal style. Heavy contour is great if you’re 17 and you want to look 30, but you almost always look fresher when you wear less that’s more cleverly applied. It’s about the girls being the best version of themselves,” agreed backstage pro Pat McGrath.


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