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Here is the latest in Relationship News from Glamour Magazine.

“What I’ve Learned From 7,000 Love Stories”
Secrets about falling in love (and staying there) from Brooklyn Sherman, the creator of the Instagram sensation The Way We Met.

What Would Life Look Like If Marriage Was a Maybe Thing?
Whom to marry, and when will it happen—these two questions define every woman’s existence, regardless of where she was raised or what religion she does or doesn’t practice.

Why Serial Monogamy Is the New Marriage
I have heard the intimate yearnings of thousands of women who long for love. Strong women.

I Used to Be a Lesbian. Now I’m a Happily Married Man
Diane and I first met at Idaho Gay Pride in 1990 when we were 22. We were lesbians. Actually, I wasn’t just a lesbian—I was a lesbian feminist with separatist tendencies. I believed that patriarchy and compulsory heterosexuality were keeping women down. I hadn’t heard of trans men, and I couldn’t imagine wanting to be a man.

How to Let Love in: The Power of Coincidence and Following Your Heart
Despite coming from a liberal family, I knew my parents secretly hoped I would meet a nice Indian boy and “settle down.”

Seriously: When Did Dating Get So Weird?!
Comedian Aziz Ansari spent a year trying to answer that question. What he learned about texting, hooking up, and soulmate-searching could change your love life forever.

My Cross-Dressing Husband Became a Woman, and We Stayed Together
When I met my second husband in 1987, he was wearing a dress.

I Found the Best Love Coach Ever: My 74-Year-Old Polish Dad
Don’t laugh. His advice could change your dating life.

How to Hack Dating Apps: 5 Tricks From the Cofounder of Tinder
Want to know how to make your profile stand out? I may have a few ideas. (I cofounded Tinder in 2012, and I’m now the founder and CEO of a new dating app, Bumble, so I’ve got a few secrets up my sleeve.) Here are five insider tricks to help you get that guy of your dreams.

Does Porn Damage Men? A Look at the Lasting, Unspoken Effects
Going beyond the physical, many experts still feel there may be deeper, less visible effects that porn has on the average man.

The Dos & Don’ts of Real Dating
As Jagged Little Pill turns 20, the woman who made a career out of singing about relationships shares everything she’s learned.

The Pro-Con Love List
Should you leave him? Marry him? Or—careful!—get back together? Here’s what to do when you don’t know what to do.

I Transitioned From Female to Male as a Teen. Here’s My Story
Lots of people are confused by me. First I was a girl who liked girls, and then a boy who liked girls, and now—finally—a dude who likes other dudes. I get it—it is kind of confusing. The best way I’ve heard it explained: Gender is who you want to sleep as, and sexuality is who you want to sleep with. It took me some time to figure out that last part.

15 Couples Halloween Costume Ideas We Stole From TV, Music, and Movies
Finding your perfect Halloween costume is hard enough, but when there are two of you involved, things get even trickier.

8 Ways to Get Over Him Besides Hitting “Unfollow”
Undeterred, we’ve collected some tried-and-true tips for moving on in the Instagram age. If these don’t work…just, um, put your phone in the garbage disposal.

10 Fun Fall Date Ideas That Cost Less Than $25
This fall, there are plenty of enjoyable ways to spend a day or night with your special someone that don’t include dropping a fortune on a five-course meal. Try these fun date ideas that will bring you closer, all less than $25!

The 10 Best Beaches to Have Sex on in America
For a lot of us here in the U.S., “sex on the beach” is way more than just a drink on a bar menu.

15 Signs You’re in a Healthy Relationship
Being in love is great and all, but what you really need for a lasting, healthy relationship is a solid, compatible partner. Here, experts share 15 things that happy, thriving couples have in common.

The 30 Best Holiday Gifts for Men
We did the dirty work for you, scouring the internet to find the best holiday gift ideas for guys. Browse our list of the top 30 picks for 2015, then look at the huge smile on his face as he opens ’em up!

Real Men Share: The Moment I Knew I Was Ready to Get Married
Was it love at first sight? A certain milestone or a special experience? Ten married men reflect on the moment they just knew they had found The One.

30 Sex Tips Every Woman Should Consider by the Time She’s 30
Ever wonder how your sexual experiences stack up against the average woman’s? We made a list of 30 sex moves, acts, and games you should try (or at least consider) by the time you’re 30. Looking for something a little less racy? Check out Glamour’s book, 30 Things Every Woman Should Know by the Time She’s 30.

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