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Thai Chicken and Coconut Soup
Sub shrimp or lobster for chicken. Try adding straw mushrooms. — posted by Ellen Duffy

Easy, Decadent, Incredibly Chocolatey Chocolate Torte Gluten Fre
Below I give you my favorite dessert recipe. It’s so easy a child can do it to perfection. Just melt, mix, pour, bake. And out comes the most intense chocolate experience. I accompany this with whipped cream (beat heavy cream with sugar and vanilla extract until semi stiff. Use your senses, taste & smell & DO NOT overwhip. If you raise your beater, cream should hold, but needn’t stand up & salute) and strawberry sauce (thaw a container of frozen strawberries or any berries and liquefy in a blender or by a hand-held). Both are ridiculously easy to make too but are celestial accompaniments to this torte. — posted by Soma Sengupta

Tuscan Potatoes With Sausage
More to Follow… — posted by Lab Chef

Sammie Burgers
Recipe is off the can of Chicken of the Sea Pink Salmon. I modified it by including celery and reducing the amount of onions. — posted by Clevergirl7

Bacon Cheeseburger Soup
A delicious, slow cooker, bacon cheeseburger soup will warm you from the inside out! Packed with beef, veggies, cheese and bacon, it’s easy to make and your whole family will love it! — posted by Lise in Indiana

Easy Stir-Fry
This is an adaptation of a NomNomPaleo recipe. I typically use beef, but you can use any old ground meat, or tofu or whatever – of course, if you use tofu it isn’t Paleo anymore. But still yummy. — posted by Ex-Pat Mama

Chimichurri Steak
Chimichurri—an Argentine herb sauce—is one of the most flavorful condiments out there. We’re making it with mild parsley and chili flakes for a kick. A touch of cumin and charred roasted peppers gives this couscous salad a slightly smoky flavor—it’s perfect with juicy, pan-seared steak. — posted by abovag

Spring Asparagus & Shrimp Risotto
This risotto is dressed to impress! We’re folding nutty Parmesan, sautéed asparagus, and juicy shrimp into this creamy dish. This dinner may be simple, but it’s elegant enough for any dinner party. — posted by abovag

Lemony Salmon & Cacio E Pepe Linguine
Cacio e Pepe means salt and pepper in Italian, and usually refers to a simple pasta dish consisting of just Parmesan, salt, and freshly cracked black pepper. We’re adding tender broccoli, burst tomatoes, and a few other twists to the mix for an unbeatable pasta dinner. — posted by abovag

Full-Proof Southern Macaroni and Cheese
Best if served the next day. — posted by ki_94

Borsch is the famous Russian beet soup served hot or cold, usually with sour cream. — posted by Laka

Ranch-Flavored Brussel Sprouts and Chicken Sausage
This is a one-pan weeknight meal that has become a staple in our household. It’s paleo, and tasty to boot. — posted by AllergyGirl

Bill’s Favorite Meatloaf
Am recording this recipe because my husband loves this variation (and I may forget what I added the next time I make it)! It is a very simple meatloaf, but gets rave reviews from my husband and guests (including picky eaters). I use a loaf pan to shape the meatloaf, and unmold it onto a broiler pan to reduce fat. — posted by Maureen in MA

Chicken Breasts With Tomatoes and Capers
Simple, quick, and delicious recipe (I modified it by using thighs and cooking everything a bit longer) from the New York Times’ Pierre Franey. It’s not as caper-y as you’d think/fear! — posted by l’ecole

Fruit and Cream Pie Bars
Delicious bars that have a creamy cheesecake and fruit pie filling in the center. Drizzled in a glaze, these taste just like biting into a pie! Bake in a 15″ by 10″ jellyroll pan, or in a 13″ by 9″ pan, depending on how thick you like your bars. Courtesy of Lucky Leaf Pie Filling. — posted by Lise in Indiana

Creamy Chicken Quinoa and Broccoli Bake
Creamy Chicken Quinoa and Broccoli Bake — posted by Friends & Foodies

Butternut Squash & Black Bean Enchiladas
Butternut Squash & Black Bean Enchiladas — posted by Friends & Foodies

Savory Lentils in the Rice Cooker
adapted from the Aroma housewares website — posted by heatherhopecs

Colcannon is a traditional Irish Halloween dish and very popular on St. Patrick’s Day. In Irish it’s known as cál ceannann, which means white-headed cabbage. Adapted recipe contributed by Tom Hinchey, of the Irish American Club of Tulsa. — posted by Cook4theFamily

Lindsey’s Grilled Salmon With Avocado Salsa
This salmon is to die for! It is written for the grill it can be done on stove top … it turns out fine. And it can also be made with or without the salsa. There is a lot of seasoning listed; if you are not preparing the full two pounds of salmon, I would cut how much you use or it will be overpowering. Servings will depend on serving size. This was enough for our office potluck of 35 along side other dishes….made minus the salsa. — posted by marisk

Lindsey’s Apple-Cranberry Holiday Jello
I had given up ever getting this recipe (and it took a few years) but here it is : ) Posting here so I never lose it. I only took a a spoonful to taste and ending up going back three times (that’s okay, everyone else was eating my jello (gmaterry’s Strawberry Pretzel Salad ). This recipe is so full of flavor … I can’t make it at home or I’d eat the whole thing myself! Note: Prep time includes refrigeration time. — posted by marisk

Sweet Potato Chips
For paper-thin chips in a flash, use a food processor. — posted by ValkyrieQueen

Pork With Apricot Glaze
Another tasty treat from Jean Nidetch. The original recipe was written for 10 ounces of pork so you will have to do the math, sorry. — posted by ValkyrieQueen

Quick Marinara Sauce
Very tasty. No need to simmer for more than 30 minutes. The baking soda is needed to cut the acidity of the tomatoes. — posted by Jen in Victoria, BC

Steamed Lentils
Adapted from the Vegan Coach blog. — posted by heatherhopecs

Slow Cooker Roast Beef With Roasted Mixed Vegetables
From the Arkansas Democrat Gazette newspaper food editor, Kelly Brant. It is her favorite roast recipe now. She serves the roast beef with the oven roasted vegetables. — posted by Bren in LR

Abuelo’s Charro Beans
Trying to find a replica of Uncle Julio’s beans. — posted by Bren in LR

Bird’s Nest Easter Basket Treat
These adorable bird’s nest place card holders are an edible treat the kids can help make. Published in the March 2016 Relish magazine. — posted by Bren in LR

Banh-Mi Wrap
A cast iron skillet is required to accommodate the high heat for the sear. Recipe courtesy of Aarti Sequeira. — posted by gailanng

Fried-Fruit Pie
This is a recipe for a pie from the famous collection of medieval “Forme of Cury” (Manner of Cuisine) recipe collection (around 1380). The taste is very mild and not too sugary as you don’t add any extra. N.B. The recipe actually called for 1/2 teaspoon of red sandalwood powder and not cardamom. I didn’t use red sandalwood powder because it isn’t so easy to find; I replaced it with a bit of cardamom. You can see below that I didn’t put sandalwood powder in the recipe below; that’s because the website didn’t recognize that spice and wouldn’t let me save it. I also mixed a bit of arrowroot with the almond milk – mix some arrowroot into a about 2 tablespoons of cool almond milk; heat remaining almond milk gently and then stir in the cool almond milk into the heated. — posted by Anonymous

Panko-Crusted Mahi Mahi
Pungent wasabi gives a nice little kick to the delicate, mild flavor of mahi mahi. A simple veggie sauté completes this light and healthy weeknight dinner. — posted by Anonymous

Crispy Chicken Biryani
Biryani, an Indian mixed rice dish, can be composed of a variety of spices, meats, and vegetables. Our version uses crispy chicken thighs, sweet peas, and a fragrant mix of ginger, garam masala, and cumin. The best part? It’s a one-pot dinner! — posted by Anonymous

"Cracked Out" Tater Tot Casserole
Tater Tot Casserole — posted by Robert V.

Chicken Bubble Up
“Cracked Out” Chicken Bubble Up — posted by Robert V.

Caramel Apple Drink
same taste delicious and easy as heck — posted by

Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Bread
This bread is refined sugar free and can be made vegan if using an egg alternative. — posted by Ali Roux

Apricot Bourbon Glazed Ham
This recipe came in a periodical I receive monthly. I plan to make this on Easter. I will post pictures. Sound great. — posted by Jane from Ohio

Sausage Casserole
One pot slow cooker recipe — posted by Kevin B.

Chili Mac
This is a delicious spicy chili mac! It taste just like the kind you order from Steak N Shake! It is so yummy with cheesy bread on the side! — posted by Flaky C.

Super Peanutbuttery Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
A delicious, super peanutbuttery, and even slightly healthy, cookie that will have them raving and wanting more. — posted by Dawn S.

Cream Cheese Corn, Long and Short Cook Methods
This is the creamiest real cream corn ever. The flavor is wonderful. The first time I made this, everyone was hooked. I make it at least once a week now! — posted by dmhalaska

Pressure Cooker White Fish
Easy White Fish — posted by Chef #731089

Pressure Cooker Corned Beef
Easy Corned Beef — posted by Chef #731089

Meatloaf With Maple Bourbon BBQ Sauce
This sweet and savory meatloaf is sure to please. Use the recipe as a base for your own creations. The key is mixing different meats together with vegetables and spices to make a memorable loaf. If the meats listed are too expensive or difficult to get, mix the meats you have available (preferably one fatty and one lean meat at least). Feel free to experiment with spices till you get the right taste for your preferences, but I like mine nice and spicy. You can make it bigger or smaller, just change the amounts of spices and veggies accordingly. — posted by Jennifer J.

Hasselbeck Potatoes
Baked potatoes that are crispy on the outside & creamy in the middle. — posted by Sammington

Banana Bread
Super moist banana bread. I use frozen, then thawed, over-ripe bananas. No need to mash once they’ve thawed. Not exactly healthy, but homestyle hearty! No need to butter these slices! — posted by LuckyMomof3

Rainbow Bliss Buddha Bowl
Mexican flavours all packed into one bowl of hearty vegetarian deliciousness. It’s simple to make and you don’t need any fancy ingredients to create this comforting meal. It’s a great way to eat a range of healthy and colourful vegetables. — posted by caseyjade

Lemon Blueberry Waffles
Light and crispy waffles with blueberry sauce, dairy free ice cream and a drizzling of maple syrup. The breakfast of your dreams! — posted by caseyjade

Gluten Free Apple and Cinnamon Muffins
A delicious gluten free apple and cinnamon muffin recipe that the whole family will love. — posted by Lami

Chicken and Wild Rice Casserole
chicken casserole — posted by miriam.broadwell

Apple Bread
very moist textured apple bread — posted by miriam.broadwell

Krazy Krunch
Delicious popcorn snack. In my humble opinion, better than popcorn balls. My sweet adoptive mother fixed this treat for us for Family Home Evenings. It’ll always be a good memory! — posted by LittleJo

Black Bean Brownies
these black bean brownies are a kids #1 dessert . they are moist — posted by sudeymaris

Meatballs / Rissoles. Family Recipe
Meat rissoles (meatballs) with rice, cheese & ginger. Rissoles are a family favorite that is simple to make. I’ve used the combination of pork and beef and they are equally good. Freshly grate your cheese with ginger powder. There is not a frying! Serve rissoles with rice, pasta or nothing. 🙂 Video of my recipe is here: And I am sorry for my English, please! — posted by Vladimir Shveda

Butterfinger Cookies
Soft and chewy butterfinger cookies — posted by Chef #460769

Turkey Sliders
A basic turkey slider with a few spices. — posted by R.D. And M.S. Foods

Tumeric Infused Chicken and Chick Pea Stew
My wife swears the tumeric in this dish helps the most when her Lupus flares. Adjust the spice amounts as you see fit. I feel sprinkling the spice mixture directly on the chicken is the most important step! — posted by Oumichaelm

Edamame Salad
Light and hearty. — posted by thekahns41

Mahi Mahi With Citrus
Sturdy fish good for pan or grilling. Tangy citrus and toasty garlic cloves – turn leftovers to a Mahi Mahi salad lunch by adding cucumber and scallinon and a drop or two of mayo. — posted by thekahns41

Braised Pork With Slow-Cooked Collards, Grits, and Tomato Gravy
The greens can simmer while the pork cooks (they can be done ahead and reheated). Start the grits and gravy around the same time; you don’t want the grits to sit or they’ll get too firm. You’ll use the liquid from a can of tomatoes for the gravy here, then reserve the tomatoes for Spinach and Onion Pizza. — posted by patchpony

Korean Crispy Fried Pork
From Brooklyn Munch — posted by adopt a greyhound

Knapp Street Creation
Inexpensive and delicious, the whole family will love this pizza! And I came up with this recipe myself. Chef tested. Chef approved. ENJOY!!! — posted by Anonymous

Lemon Aioli
YUM. Great with fish and potatoes. I usually make some to go along with pan seared cod. — posted by Smoke Signals

Loaded Steamed Baby Red Potatoes
Easy side dish done completely in the microwave. My family raves about this dish! — posted by MHudson07

Roasted Corn Soup With Chicken
This roasted corn soup is very similar to soups seen in Mexican restaurants. The soup can be blended and used as an enchilada sauce for chicken enchiladas. — posted by kbfish

Roast Chicken With Sweet Potato Salad
Roast a whole chicken for this low-calorie lunch or dinner and save the leftovers for later – swap the chicken with hard-boiled eggs for a vegetarian version. — posted by holhome

Kale and Spinanch Salad With Beets and Roasted Garlic-Citrus Vin
Cooking Light — posted by WKernan

Ross’ Chili
One of my dearest friend’s recipe. I make this several times a year during the winter and fall. Comfort. — posted by Chef #1802848225

Alyce’s Perfectly Simple Roast Chicken
Roasting chicken in a bag keeps it tender, moist and juicy — posted by Chef #1802848225

Corny Chicken Wraps
A low-fat but full flavored sandwich alternative — posted by Chef #1802848225

Peanut Butter Cookies!!
The classic is always best! — posted by Riley

Broth-Braised Brussels Sprouts
Simple but flavorful way to prepare brussels sprouts — posted by Chef #1802848225

Cajun Steak Sandwiches
Easy-peasy and very tasty Cajun steak sandwiches — posted by Chef #1802848225

Easy Crockpot Roast
Easy-peasy crockpot roast — posted by Chef #1802848225

Valentine’s Day Puppy Chow!
I love puppy chow, and this Valentine’s day version is super delish! Made with strawberry cake mix and M&Ms — posted by Riley

Pita Pizza
A easy and healthy weeknight dinner. Great for any age! You can adjust this recipe to your liking, and use any toppings/ ingredients you want! — posted by Riley

Lauki Ki Barfi
Ghiya Ki Burfee or Lauki ki Lauj can be prepared on festivals or eaten as a fruit diet on fasts. It is very easy to make, this fibrous and nutritious Lauki ki Burfi can be made for Diwali, your family will surely love it. Ghiya Ki burfee can me prepared in numerous ways. Lauki is cooked in milk till it turns very thick. But this process consumes much time. In another way, after cooking Lauki we can add Mawa to it and make Lauki ki Barfi. Lauki ki Burfi made in any way has its own distinct taste. Here we will make Burfi in the easiest and less time consuming method. If we use ripe Lauki to prepare its Burfi then it will taste more delicious. It is not suitable to use unripe Lauki to make Lauki ki Barfi. — posted by Geetanjali Saini

Chocolate Ganache Brownies
These brownies are very ganache like. If you want to try the most amazing and simple recipe ever then here you go! ENJOY! — posted by Mrs. Bake-Alot

Baked Asparagus and Bacon
If you portion this dish out right it can be not only delicious but good for you. I serve it with a good steak. Look up the benefits of asparagus some time. You will be amazed. Remember that everything is good in moderation. — posted by Simply Shirley

Blackberry Muffins
Yummy and healthy blackberry muffins made with yogurt. — posted by Riley

Perfect Southern Macaroni and Cheese
A full-proof macaroni and cheese recipe with no guess work. Best if served the next day. — posted by ki_94

Vegan Blueberry Muffins
These are full of healthy fiber and protein but still taste great — posted by keramil

Spinach Paratha
Spinach Paratha tomato ketch up added tomato chutney — posted by culinaryApp

Prefect Banana Muffin
i have worked for a long time to get a really good banana recipe and i have found it, i hope you like it. — posted by wolfelauren8

Savory Italian Grilled Chicken
Basted with a buttery blend of Italian seasonings, this superb dish has virtually no carbohydrates. — posted by Alexis B.

Slow Cooker Cafe Rio Sweet Pork & Cilantro Lime Dressing
Copy cat from a favorite restaurant — posted by Anonymous

Provençal Chicken & Potato Stew
Olive oil, garlic and herbs are the cornerstones of Provençal cuisine, rich in both French and Italian influences. This rustic stew has it all (including a dash of classic Herbes de Provence). Originally from Blue Apron but modified for my taste. — posted by danglin34

Multi-Grain Bread
A genuinely healthy bread, low salt, low fat, and low sugar. You may also add other ingredients to this basic recipe: rolled oats, wheat germ, pureed white beans, rye flour are just some examples. I had trouble with the number of servings. This will vary with the size of pans used. I get about 10 fairly thick slices per loaf. — posted by bngrey55

Pressure Cooker Coq Au Vin
from the power pressure cooker site edited for errors — posted by Joe Stevens

Naples-Style Pizza Dough
Pasta Da Pizza Napolitano — posted by Phil Franco

No Yeast Dinner Biscuits
Super easy recipe that doesn’t use a lot of ingredients or take a lot of time, yet taste great! — posted by dEbBiE_oTaVa

Rubarb Pie
A very simple old family recipe to make use of the rubarb in your garden. To simplify recipe calls for a store bought pastry shell but a homemade pastry if you have the time is even better. — posted by Courtney

Quick & Easy One Pot Fettuccine Alfredo
Originally created as a quick and easy meal to appease my picky daughter while camping, this dish has become a favorite with my family and friends. A few simple ingredients, one pot and a 20 minutes is all you need to make this quick and yummy dish. Perfect for those weeknights when you are too tired to cook. — posted by Deena Foley

Brownie in a Mug
A simple, quick brownie in a mug recipe. — posted by thirteen

Greek Pork Tenderloin (Or Sirloin)
From the Washington Post. — posted by Jen in Victoria, BC

Black Currant and Primitivo Wine Jam
Arrowroot starch takes the place of traditional pectin in this adults-only jam! Adapted from Miyoko Schinner’s book The Homemade Vegan Pantry, I added some dried currants to a currant juice for extra oomph and used a smooth, “Doppio Passo” wine for a semi-sweet elegance. — posted by YummySmellsca

Rosemary and Olive Grissini
Deliciously crunchy breadsticks are perfect for an appetizer or accompaniment to a Mediterranean dinner. Packed with the bright flavours of fresh rosemary and Kalamata olives, they can stand alone or pair beautifully with dips like baba ghanoush or hummus. Top them with fresh Parmesan for an extra gourmet twist! — posted by YummySmellsca

5-Way Cincinnati Pizza
Source: Pillsbury — posted by tickledsassy

Afghan Marinated Lamb (For Kabuli Pulao)
Afghan Marinated Lamb (for Kabuli Pulao) — posted by RawSpiceBar

Afghan Kabuli Pulao
Afghan Kabuli Pulao — posted by RawSpiceBar

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