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Tyson Foods workers win $3 million in back pay
Supreme Court OK’s back pay for the time it took workers to put on and take off the protective gear they work at Tyson Foods plants.

U.S. hospitals are getting hit by hackers
Yet another hospital got infected with a ransomware computer virus. Methodist Hospital in Kentucky was forced to operate “in an internal state of emergency” on Friday.

Starbucks CEO: Voters are embracing ‘fool’s gold’
Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz told CNN’s Poppy Harlow that American politics are in a ‘tragic situation.’

The iPhone hack that could help the FBI get a terrorist’s files
Hacking the iPhone’s memory could be the way that the FBI can see a San Bernardino terrorist’s files.

High-flying Nike gets grounded
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Amazon sues exec who jumped to Target
Amazon says logistics executive hired by Target has violated a non-compete clause and has taken company secrets to a rival.

Wireless carriers offer free calls and texts after Brussels attacks
A number of telecommunications companies are making it easier to keep in touch with people in Belgium during the coming days.

Vice Media’s Millennial reach comes under scrutiny
A recent drop in Vice Media’s monthly uniques

Consumer Reports’ top smartphone: Samsung’s Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 earned Consumer Reports’ top ratings for smartphones.

Anti-gay rights law could sink Atlanta’s shot at the Super Bowl
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Apple’s encryption fight is far from over
Apple’s battle with the FBI may not take place in San Bernardino, but it will likely be taken up elsewhere.

Starbucks plans to donate 100% of unsold food in America
Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said the company will start donating all of its unused food.

Airlines lose big betting fuel prices will jump
Airlines saved billions on fuel costs in 2015, but still made bad bets that cost hundreds of millions to protect against fuel price spike that never came.

Andy Grove, former Intel CEO and personal computing pioneer, dead at 79
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Carnival approved for Cuba cruises starting in May
Cruise ships from America will soon be dropping anchor off Havana.

Facebook activates Safety Check after Brussels attacks
Facebook has activated its Safety Check feature, so people in Brussels can let loved ones know they’re okay.

Has your flight been canceled after Brussels attack?
Brussels Zaventem airport has been closed following a suicide attack. Charleroi Airport is open but many flights to and from Belgium have been canceled.

Tribune loses SoCal papers to Digital First
The Tribune Company, which owns the Los Angeles Times, lost out of the sale of the Orange County Register to Digital First Media.

Apple will battle the FBI in court Tuesday
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FanDuel and DraftKings to leave New York state
FanDuel and DraftKings agreed to leave New York state, Attorney General Schneiderman

Saudis to take control of largest U.S. refinery
Saudi Aramco recently announced plans to take full ownership of the Port Arthur, Texas refinery, which is the largest in the U.S.

Apple drops Apple Watch price to $299
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Mark Zuckerberg met with China’s propaganda chief
Mark Zuckerberg has already been perceived as being a suck-up to the Chinese government. His meeting with China’s propaganda chief may only reinforce that perception.

Concealed carry gun looks like a smartphone
Ideal Conceal to launch folding derringer that looks like a smartphone.

10 years later, Twitter still isn’t close to making money
Twitter has come a long way since the first tweet was sent 10 years ago Monday (“just setting up my twttr”).

Now its Marriott’s turn to push aside Chinese firm in bid for Starwood
Marriott ups its offer for Starwood to $13.6 billion, topping bid from Chinese insurer Anbang which had temporarily derailed deal to create largest hotel company.

Apple expected to announce a smaller iPhone and iPad
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The business of information: IHS and Markit agree $13 billion merger
Data provider IHS is buying its London-based rival Markit, in a deal valued at $13 billion.

‘Apple saved my life’
James Rath, a legally blind filmmaker, says that Apple saved his life by helping him see more clearly.

Chinese firm snatches Starwood from Marriott
Starwood says offer from investors including Chinese insurer is better than the $12 billion proposed merger with Marriott that would have created world’s largest hotel chain.

Mark Zuckerberg criticized for running in Beijing without a mask
Mark Zuckerberg is being criticized for running in Beijing’s controversial Tiananmen Square without a mask.

The clock is ticking on Aeropostale
Teen retailer Aeropostale looks like it’s lost the war to more nimble fast fashion rivals like H&M. Aeropostale has lost money for 13 straight quarters and now it’s exploring a sale or a possible restructure.

Google agrees to join T-Mobile’s ‘Binge On’
T-Mobile’s controversial “Binge On” program has added an industry heavyweight to its streaming video service lineup.

What to expect at Monday’s Apple event
Apple is likely to unveil its latest iPhone 5SE and a smaller iPad Pro.

Apple gets new encryption patent – even as it fights the FBI
As Apple fights the FBI over encryption, the U.S. government has granted Apple a patent for a new type of encryption.

Los Angeles Times deal is target of federal anti-trust suit
The Justice Department has filed an anti-trust suit against the Los Angeles Times winning bid to buy the Orange County Register and the Press-Enterprise.

Oil prices jump to $40
Crude oil prices raced back to $40 a barrel on Thursday, marking a stunning rebound of 54% in the span of just five weeks. But the rally has mostly been driven by hopes of production cuts, not fundamental improvement.

Tim Cook tells Time: FBI fight is like a ‘bad dream’
Apple CEO Tim Cook says he never expected to be in the position he’s in now — fighting with the FBI.

Starbucks unveils a new Cherry Blossom Frappuccino
Starbucks’ new Cherry Blossom Frappuccino celebrates the Japanese Sakura festival.

The largest U.S. coal company may go out of business
Peabody Energy, world’s largest coal company, warns it may not have the cash it needs to stay in business.

Jawbone says Fitbit employees stole 335,191 more of its files
Fitbit employees are accused of stealing 19 times more of Jawbone’s files than it previously stated.

Europe is getting a new stock exchange giant
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Sony’s PlayStation VR to release in October
Sony’s new virtual reality headset, the PlayStation VR, will be released in October in Japan, North America, Europe and Asia.

Donald Trump’s 500 businesses would pose ‘unprecedented ethical dilemma’
Donald Trump’s businesses would pose uncharted ethical issues if he were elected president.

How to get instantly verified on Twitter: Be Barack Obama
President Obama has gotten an instantly verified Twitter handle for his new Supreme Court Nominee.

Instagram is turning your feed over to the robots
Instagram has become the latest social media platform to cede control of user feeds to the robots.

Taco Bell to open first store in China
Yum! Brands plans to open its first Taco Bell by the end of this year.

Chipotle faces first loss ever after E.coli scare
Food safety costs are expected to cause Chipotle to post its first quarterly loss since 2005. Sales declines have moderated, but they remain down sharply due to the E.coli scare.

Apple gets final word in encryption fight: The government just doesn’t get it
Apple and lawyers for the government are still talking past one another as Apple files the final court brief before a hearing on March 22.

Volkswagen investors file $3.6 billion lawsuit
Volkswagen investors have filed a 3.25 billion euros ($3.6 billion) lawsuit over losses they say they suffered as a result of the carmaker’s diesel affair.

Great news for new parents at Etsy
Etsy, the online marketplace provider for unique goods, unveils one of the most generous, flexible and gender-neutral paid parental leave policies in any industry.

Valeant stock collapses 47% after warning of possible default
Valeant Pharmaceuticals warned on Tuesday it faces a default risk if it fails to file a key report by April 29. The drug maker also said the cancellation of its controversial price hikes is hurting its business.

Amazon wants to replace ‘awkward passwords’ with smiling selfies
Amazon has filed a patent application for selfie payment technology, saying it is more secure and less “awkward” than traditional passwords.

Microsoft wants Xbox to play nicely with PlayStation
Microsoft ways it wants Xbox games to be compatible with the PlayStation Network.

Amazon wants to replace passwords with selfies
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Cocktail mixer: Campari buys Grand Marnier
Americans are rediscovering classic cocktails and the maker of Campari is buying Grand Marnier to take advantage of the revival.

Unpaid subprime car loans hit 20-year high
Seriously late car subprime car loans hit the highest level since 1996, according to Fitch Ratings. It’s a sign of lax borrowing standards and may also suggest pain in states like North Dakota and Texas amid the crash in oil prices.

The world’s first solar airport no longer pays for electricity
Cochin International Airport in India last year became the first in the world to be fully powered by solar energy. Now, it’s planning to expand its capacity.

Ex-oil CEO going 89 miles per hour before crash
Former Chesapeake Energy CEO Aubrey McClendon was going 89 miles per hour without a seatbelt before the fiery crash that killed him on March 2 just a day after being indicted by a federal grand jury.

Iran to U.S. oil companies: We want your money
Iran’s oil minister said the country would welcome investment from American companies into its aging oil and gas industry. However, sanctions have so far prevented major investments from Big Oil companies.

Chinese investors try to upend Starwood-Marriott merger
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Bangladesh ‘optimistic’ it will get $101 million back after bank heist
Bank robbers stole $101 million from New York Fed accounts belonging to the Bangladesh Central Bank in February.

Inside the economy that shrank 20% last year
Macau’s casino slump is spreading far beyond gaming tables, with residents and businesses across the Chinese gambling mecca feeling the pinch.

A Google computer victorious over the world’s ‘Go’ champion
A Google computer just beat the long-reigning global champion of the world’s most complex board game.

Big pay cut for Chipotle’s bosses
Chipotle shaved the total compensation of co-CEOs Steve Ells and Monty Moran by roughly half in 2015, which was a brutal year for the fast-food chain.

Joe’s Crab Shack apologizes for racially-charged photo of hanging
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A Republican debate again outdraws Democrats
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U.S. oil and gas rigs fall to 70-year lows
The crash in oil prices and cheap natural gas has caused drilling activity to slow dramatically. The number of active rigs is now at the lowest level on records going back to 1949.

How Sprint is trying to fix its biggest problem
Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure has been traveling around the country trying to tell the carrier’s story.

Woman who sued Trump University wants out of case
Tarla Makaeff, who brought class action suit against Trump University in 2010, now wants out of case after Trump attacks on her.

Marissa Mayer is in the fight of her life
Marissa Mayer is fighting for her job, trying to overcome a growing chorus of calls for her dismissal from Yahoo.

U.S. Gulf of Mexico pumping oil like never before
Despite the crash in crude prices, oil production in the Gulf of Mexico is on track to rise this year and shatter records in 2017. This new supply is set to offset declines in shale oil fields.

Eight odd tricks to try with your Amazon Echo
The Amazon Echo assistant-in-a-speaker does a lot more than just play tunes.

Indian beer baron denies fleeing to UK over $1.3 billion debt
Flamboyant tycoon Vijay Mallya, India’s self-styled “King of Good Times,” has denied fleeing the country in order to avoid his creditors.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are angry about Oreos
Oreo cookies are in subject of presidential candidates’ furor, as Mondelez International plans to cut 600 jobs in Chicago.

What’s the deal with Trump Wine?
Donald Trump doesn’t drink but really does own Trump Winery in Virginia.

White House pledges to tackle the ‘diaper gap’
The White House announced a new plan to make diapers more affordable for the nearly 1 in 3 families that struggle to buy them.

U.S. pushes back against Apple: Writing code is not free speech
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Desperate oil companies sell stock to raise cash
U.S. oil and gas companies are on track to sell more stock than ever before. It’s a fresh sign of the financial stress energy companies are under given the crash in oil prices.

Apple could reveal mini iPhone 5SE on March 21
Apple could reveal its mini iPhone 5SE on March 21. The company sent invites to a special event on Thursday.

FCC wants to clamp down on Internet privacy
FCC has proposed new rules to require Internet service providers to ask customers for permission to share their data with third party companies.

Google unveils new Android ‘N’
Google pulls back the curtain on Android N, a preview version of the latest Android update.

Facebook and WhatsApp might be the next Apple in encryption fight
Police in Brazil want messages from Facebook-owned mobile service WhatsApp. But WhatsApp says it can’t provide the information that’s requested because of its encryption technology.

Tailored Brands to close 250 stores after Jos. A. Bank sales plunge
Tailored Brands to close up to 140 Jos. A. Bank stores and 110 MW Tux stores.

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz to employees: Go vote!
Starbucks CEO wants to help boost the U.S. voter turnout for this year’s election.

Tennis racket company HEAD sticks with Maria Sharapova after ‘honest mistake’
Maria Sharapova can count on HEAD to keep her supplying with racquets. The sports equipment company intends to extend its contract with the player.

Amazon to take air with 20 Boeing cargo planes
Amazon to lease 20 Boeing 767 cargo planes in effort to control soaring shipping costs.

Volkswagen America’s CEO resigns
Volkswagen Group of America said Wednesday that its top executive is leaving his post ‘effective immediately’ after reaching a ‘mutual agreement’ with Volkswagen Group — its international parent company that’s been mired in a growing scandal over falsified emissions tests.

Low-cost airline Ryanair launches private jet service
Ryanair, Europe’s ultra low-cost airline, just began offering private jet services.

Google wants to be your travel agent
Google launched “Destinations” so you never have to go use any other travel search engine again.

World ‘Go’ champion loses to computer
A computer program built by Google has won the first round against the world’s top player of the ancient Chinese board game Go, signifying a significant advancement in artificial intelligence.

Jeff Bezos says he’ll put people in space in two years
Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin will launch tourists into space by 2018.

Chipotle store near Boston closes for ‘full sanitation’ amid norovirus fears
A Chipotle store in Massachusetts has been closed down for ‘full sanitation’ amid norovirus fears.

Goodyear is working on spherical tires
Goodyear has developed spherical concept tires called Eagle-360 for self-driving cars.

Is Shake Shack losing the burger wars?
Shake Shack was a Wall Street darling after its IPO last year. But the stock is no longer sizzling. Slowing sales growth may be a sign that Shake Shack could be losing ground to cheaper fast food rivals and other gourmet burger joints.

Nike’s long list of disgraced athletes
Nike has a history of big sponsorship deals turning sour. Here are some examples of other Nike athletes who faced disgrace.

Is Maria Sharapova paying too high a price?
Nike has stuck with male athletes accused of misdeeds, but quickly moved to suspend its deal with Maria Sharapova after she failed a drug test.

Attention shoppers, Amazon’s newest show is ‘Style Code Live’
Amazon’s newest show ‘Style Code Live’ is aimed at shoppers, but the network says it’s not like QVC or the Home Shopping Network.

Galaxy S7 Edge is as sexy as it is smart
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Why the oil crash isn’t a repeat of 2008 crisis
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