Pets: Interesting Stories from People Magazine



Owner of Starved Pit Bull Puppy Sentenced to Jail Time
When Rocky arrived at the shelter, he was described as “all bone weight”

10-Lb. Yorkie Helps Vietnam Vet Fight Off Bear
Benji started biting and lunging at the bear when he saw it attacking his owner

Meet Loki: The Mischievous Vampire Kitty of Instagram
Loki started off as a shy shelter cat, and now she is an Instagram superstar

VIDEO: This Baby Already Knows Cats Are One of the Best Parts of Life
Video proof that kitties bring joy wherever they go

The Summer of Epic Breakups: Let’s Look at Kittens & Puppies Until We Believe in Love Again
Our hearts simply cannot handle anything else

Grumpy Cat and Nala Team Up with Friskies to Help Feed Shelter Cats
Join these famous felines by sharing photos of your cat with #TeamTender or #TeamSaucy to help kitties in need

National Zoo’s Two-Time Panda Mom May Be Pregnant Again
Determining panda pregnancies isn’t as easy as you might think

Puppy Missing Front Legs Hops into Loving Forever Home
Deuce’s new parents are the founders of a non-profit that provides therapy dogs to people in need

Photographer Documents Amazing Bond Between Shelter Animals and the Volunteers Who Care for Them
These beautiful and moving photos show the bonds animals make before finding their forever homes

First Wolf Pack in Nearly 100 Years Discovered in CA
Wolves were reintroduced in the West via Yellowstone National Park in 1995

Who’s Been Playing in My Pool? Family’s Backyard Invaded by Bears in Pawsibly the Cutest Pool Party Ever
The bears spent about an hour in the pool before leaving on their own

Soldier Reunited with Army Dog After Years of Searching for Her
Army Specialist Tyler Roberts started searching for his dog as soon as he returned from his 2011 tour

Rare Sand Cat Gives Birth to a Surprise Litter After Losing Mate
Experts believe there are only 116 sand cats left in the world

It’s Twins! National Zoo’s Panda Mei Xiang Welcomes Twin Cubs After Doubts About Pregnancy
Mei Xiang welcomed the cub on Saturday

Birds That Fill Me with a Vague but Persistent Dread: The Seagull
When you gaze at a seagull, a seagull gazes also

VIP: ‘Very Important Panda’ Cub Update from Washington, D.C., and China
Check in on how the world’s newest panda cubs are adorably adjusting to the spotlight

Hurricane Katrina 10 Years Later: Founder of the Best Friends Animal Society Looks Back on Helping Pets Survive the Storm
Francis Battista helped run the animal rescue efforts following Katrina, even adopting one of the dogs as his own

Army Specialist and Bomb-Sniffing Dog Partner Share Big Hug After 3 Years Apart
Vance McFarland is giving a forever home to the battle buddy he spent every day with in Afghanistan

Happy National Dog Day! We’ve Got the Details on How Emmy Rossum Will Celebrate
Emmy Rossum’s furry best friends can expect some sweet treats this week

Vincent, a Morbidly Obese Dachshund, Is Beating the Odds on His Weight Loss Journey to ‘Skinny Vinnie’
Vincent, an overweight dachshund, is on a weight loss journey after reaching an unhealthy 38 pounds before the death of his owner

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