Why are so many of our pets overweight?

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Why are so many of our pets overweight?

The Conversation USDec. 26, 2017
Owners often say they don’t care if their pet is “fat” – there’s just more of them to love! It’s my job to then let them know there’s less time to provide that love. A landmark lifespan study showed Labradors who were 10-20 percent overweight – not even obese, which is typically defined as greater than 20 …
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Could dogs one day speak ‘human’? Pet translator that converts …

Daily MailJan. 13, 2018
In just ten years time your dog could talk to you instead of barking, according to leading experts. Advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning mean the Dr Dolittle dream of communicating with animals could soon be a reality. One researcher is currently collecting thousands of videos of dogs …
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Pet Translator: Scientist Developing Device To Convert Dog Barks …

Tech TimesJan. 15, 2018
Animal behavior expert Con Slobodchikoff is one of these researchers whose work may allow pets and their owners to effectively converse with each other using a pettranslator in less than ten years. Slobodchikoff, from Northern Arizona University, has studied footage of dogs engaged in a range of …
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From The Dog’s Paw – It’s doggone cold outside!

Fairfaxtimes.comJan. 5, 2018
Not many humans think about the cold weather being dangerous for their pets. Winter weather temperatures can cause frostbite, hypothermia to any dog or cat left outside in pawfully cold weather. Many think their pets fur coats will keep them warm, it’s simply not true. Like humans, animals have different …
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From The Dog’s Paw – Holiday parties and your pets

Fairfaxtimes.comDec. 22, 2017
For their safety, the humans should keep an eye on their pets being near the front door as humans come and go. Open doors are often an easy escape to take off and run like crazy pets! If they were to get out the front door, they might not be missed for several hours and get into trouble out in the wilds of the …
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The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time trades deadpan for …

The Conversation AU16 hours ago
The National Theatre’s production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, currently playing at the Arts Centre Melbourne with MTC, is a lauded adaptation of Mark Haddon’s debut novel, of the same title. Haddon’s book was published to much acclaim in 2003. Its literary innovation is in part …
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US Army Hero Dog During WWII Receives Posthumous Medal

U.S. News & World Report21 hours ago
John Wren from New York, who was 4 years old when Chips the family pet dogreturned from the war effort, with Military working dog Ayron who received the PDSA Dickin Medal, the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross, on Chips’ behalf, in London, Monday, Jan. 15, 2018. Chips was a US Army dog who …
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People are leaving dogs to freeze to death in the bitter cold

Washington PostJan. 4, 2018
Police in Hartford, Conn., charged a woman Thursday with animal cruelty in connection with a grim scene reported by a neighbor on New Year’s Day: a dogchained to a small shelter outside a home — and frozen solid. The incident was one of several similar deaths reported in recent days as bitter cold …
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Inside of a Dog

New York TimesDec. 27, 2017
I took her picture last year, one sparkling autumn day, as she stood on our dirt road waiting for me. There was a bright red maple leaf on the ground. This fall, I held that photo in my hands as the tears rolled down. Eva Cassidy was singing on the radio: “But I miss you most of all, my darling, when autumn …

1st case in Japan of death from infected cat or dog confirmed

Asahi ShimbunJan. 14, 2018
Health authorities are cautioning pet owners and others who come into contact with cats and dogs to be extra vigilant about a deadly infection that has surfaced in Japan. On Jan. 10, the health ministry notified the Japan Medical Association, Japan Veterinary Medical Association and municipal …

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