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Full Episode: Nightline 03/28/16: Cal Harris Defense Touts New Evidence Ahead of 4th Murder Trial
Sassy Teenage Girls Read Donald Trump Tweets in New Parody Video; American Airlines Pilot Who Authorities Say Failed Breathalyzer Test Faces Charges; Nyle DiMarco on Making His ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Debut

Watch: Xinjiang: Bob Woodruff’s Journey Inside Alleged ISIS Breeding Ground
ABC News’ Bob Woodruff travels to the mysterious and dangerous region of Xinjiang to get an up close look at the alleged breeding ground for ISIS.

Watch: Passengers Deplane Hijacked EgyptAir Flight
Officials are saying the incident was not an act of terrorism.

Watch: People Deplane EgyptAir Flight, One Climbs Out Window
Officials are saying the incident was not an act of terrorism.

The Latest: Detention Extended for Suspect in Paris
An official at Paris prosecutor office says a 34-year-old Frenchman arrested last week on suspicion of planning an attack is being kept in custody for an additional 24 hours.

UN: Many South Sudanese Flee Country Over Food Insecurity
The United Nations refugee agency says food insecurity is forcing a growing number of South Sudanese people to seek refuge in Sudan

Local TV: 7 More People Get off Hijacked Egypt Plane, Man Seen Climbing out of Cockpit Window
Local TV: 7 more people get off hijacked Egypt plane, man seen climbing out of cockpit window

Polish Leader Goes to US Summit, No Talks Planned With Obama
Poland’s president is traveling to Washington for a security summit but observers say the government’s controversial policies may be the reason why no talks are planned with President Barack Obama

Myanmar Lifts 4-Year Curfew in State After Communal Violence
Myanmar’s outgoing government lifted a nearly four-year curfew in Rakhine state, where clashes between the minority Rohingya Muslims and majority Buddhists left more than 200 people dead, mostly Muslims

Cyprus Official Says Hijacker of EgyptAir Plane Has Been Arrested and the Situation Is “Over”
Cyprus official says hijacker of EgyptAir plane has been arrested and the situation is “over”

Report: 18 Suspected People-Smugglers Detained in Turkey:
Turkey’s state-run news agency says security forces have conducted anti-smuggling operations in five cities leading to the capture of 18 alleged people-smugglers, most of them Syrian nationals

Hostages Flee Hijacked Plane
People seen departing plane, one through cockpit window.

Watch: Special Report: Hijacked EgyptAir Plane Lands in Cyprus
The plane was flying from Alexandria to Cairo when hijacked.

Thailand’s Proposed New Constitution Unveiled to the Public
Thailand’s proposed new constitution has been unveiled to the public, amid criticism that the controversial charter is undemocratic and gives too much power to the military that staged a coup two years ago

3 Syrian Children Die in Fire at Turkish Refugee Camp
Turkey’s state-run news agency says a fire at a refugee camp near the border with Syria has killed 3 Syrian children and wounded 6 other people

Hundreds of Islamic Extremists Protest in Pakistan’s Capital
Hundreds of Islamic extremists who violently protested the hanging of a man who killed a secular governor are continuing their demonstration in Pakistan’s capital

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Dismissed Amid Govt Turmoil
Ukraine’s parliament has accepted the resignation of the prosecutor general who has been accused of failing to deal with the country’s endemic corruption

Taiwan Says Indonesia Fired on Fishermen Without Warning
Taiwan’s Fisheries Agency says an Indonesian government vessel gave no warning before firing on two Taiwanese fishing boats earlier this month and denies that the boats were poaching in Indonesian waters

Police Officer Stabbed Day After Girl Decapitated in Taiwan
A transit police officer has been stabbed in the head a day after a young girl was decapitated in apparently random knife attacks in Taiwan’s capital

AP NewsAlert
Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades says Egypt plane hijacking not related to “terrorism.”

The Latest: Cyprus President: Egypt Hijacking Not Terrorism
The Latest: Cyprus president says Egypt plane hijacking not related to ‘terrorism’

Egyptian Plane Hijacked to Cyprus, Most Passengers Released
Egyptian and Cypriot officials say an Egyptian man has hijacked an EgyptAir plane and forced it to land in Cyprus, where most people other than the seven-member crew have been allowed to get off

Correction: Islamic State Story
Correction: Islamic State story

Flight Crew, Some Passengers Still Onboard Hijacked Plane
The plane was flying from Alexandria to Cairo.

Indonesia Says 10 Citizens Held Hostage After Hijacking of Ship in Philippine Waters
Indonesia says 10 citizens held hostage after hijacking of ship in Philippine waters

Indonesia Says 10 Nationals Held Hostage After Ship Hijacked
Indonesia’s foreign ministry says that 10 Indonesian nationals are being held hostage after their ship was hijacked in Philippine waters

California US Coast Guard Crew Seizes Cocaine off Panama
Officials say a Northern California U.S. Coast Guard crew seized more than 6 tons of cocaine from a semi-submersible vessel off Panama’s Pacific coast

Mattel Fought Elusive Cyber-Thieves to Get $3M out of China
Mysterious cyber-thieves tricked Mattel into wiring over $3 million to a bank in China

Full Episode: 03/28/16: Government Withdraws Case Against Apple
Grandson’s Surprise of a Lifetime for Grandparents; Georgia Governor Vetoes ‘Religious Liberty Bill’

Egypt Dismisses Top Auditor After Estimating Corruption
Egypt’s state-run news agency says the president has dismissed the country’s top auditor who earlier said corruption has cost the country billions of dollars

From Israel to Colombia, Who’s Laundering Money in China
China is emerging as a global hub for money laundering, not just for Chinese, but for criminals around the world

Fake CEO Scammer Is ‘Seduction Machine,’ Director Says
Director says inspiration for film about fake CEO scam is an ‘unstoppable seduction machine.’

Chile to Countersue Bolivia at UN Court Over Water Dispute
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet says her government is ready to countersue Bolivia over a water dispute at the International Court of Justice

El Salvador Police Chief Rejects Apparent Gang Offer
The head of El Salvador’s national police says there will be no negotiation with the country’s powerful street gangs following an anonymous offer to stop the bloodshed

Walmart Wins Suit Against Puerto Rico; Tax Declared Invalid
Retail giant Walmart has won a legal victory in a fight over tax revenue with the government of Puerto Rico

Brazil Ex-President Silva Says Rousseff Can Stop Impeachment
Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva says he believes his embattled successor and protege can survive mounting pressure in Congress for her impeachment

Argentina Hails UN Decision to Expand Its Maritime Territory
Argentina is celebrating a decision by a U.N. commission expanding its maritime territory in the South Atlantic Ocean by 35 percent to include the disputed Falkland islands

Court Papers: Woman to Plead Guilty to Terrorism Charge
A young Mississippi woman plans to plead guilty to a terrorism charge, months after authorities say she and her fiance tried to go to Syria to join the Islamic State group

Photos: This Week in Pictures: Top Photos from Around the Globe
Find this week’s top photos from around the globe in ABC News’ This Week in Pictures slideshow

Full Episode: GMA 03/28/16: Rioters Clash With Police in Brussels
Alabama Governor Asked to Resign Over Affair Allegations; Bono Appears Live on ‘GMA’ From Refugee Camp in Jordan

Uber Driver Shot and Killed in South Africa
Ride-hailing service Uber says one of its drivers in South Africa was killed in an attack

Fire Breaks out at United Arab Emirates Skyscraper
Police in the United Arab Emirates city of Ajman say a fire has erupted at a high-rise tower, the latest in a series of blazes to strike skyscrapers in the Gulf nation

The Latest: Alaska Volcanic Ash Cloud Stretches 400 Miles
An ash cloud from an Alaska volcano rose to 37,000 feet and stretched Monday more than 400 miles into interior Alaska

Greece to Set up Loudspeakers at Border Camp
Macedonia extends border closure and emergency measures but authorities in Greece say they are still struggling to counter false rumors that Balkan borders will reopen for refugees

AP Explains: Violence Against Christians in Pakistan
AP Explains: There are barely 2.5 million Christians in mostly Muslim Pakistan, a country of 180 million, and they say they worry about sending their children out and rarely feel safe, even in church

UK Tourist Rescued After ‘Trying to Swim to Cruise Ship’
A 65-year-old British woman told police in Portugal’s Madeira Islands she tried to swim out to her passing cruise ship in the mistaken belief that her husband was on board before being rescued by fishermen after four hours in the sea, an official said

Cameras Capture Extent of Destruction in Palmyra, Syria
ISIS destroyed priceless relics and statues.

Seeking Clues About Terror Cells: First Find out Who Lives
Who lives and who dies in an attack can provide crucial clues to how terrorist cells are structured

Dominicans See LGBT Rights Advancing With Gay US Diplomat
Deivis Ventura is still just a candidate for the Dominican Republic’s Chamber of Deputies, but he feels like he’s already scored a victory

Jewish Group Prepares New Battle Against Israel Boycott
The head of an organization representing Jewish communities worldwide says it is launching a new initiative to counter the anti-Israel boycott movement on college campuses

Brussels Attack Victims Came From Belgium and Around World
Victims of the attacks on Brussels’ airport and subway included commuters heading to work and travelers setting off on long-anticipated vacations

11-Year-Old Boy Among Victims of Terror Attack in Pakistan
The fifth-grader begged his mother to take him to the park Sunday.

Watch: Pakistan Attack Targeting Christians Leaves 70 Dead
The attack was near the children’s rides at the Gulshan-e-Iqbal park in Lahore.

Watch: 2 Arrested After Young Girl Dies From Bouncy Castle Injuries
A 24-year-old woman and a 27-year-old man were arrested after a young girl died after sustaining serious injuries on a bouncy castle in Essex, England, police said.

Watch: Palmyra: After ISIS
Syrian troops have regained control of the ancient city.

Fidel Castro to Obama: We Don’t Need Your ‘Presents’
Fidel Castro has responded to President Barack Obama’s historic trip to Cuba last week with a

Chinese President Xi Jinping Opens 3-Day Visit to Prague
Chinese President Xi Jinping has arrived in the Czech Republic for a trip designed to boost economic and political ties

Protesters Call for Ukraine’s General Prosecutor to Resign
Over 500 protesters have gathered outside the administrative headquarters of Ukraine’s president to call for the resignation of the country’s general prosecutor

Volcano Erupts in Southwest Alaska; Sends Ash 20,000 Feet
The U.S. Geological Survey reports that a volcano on Alaska’s Aleutian Islands erupted Sunday afternoon and sent ash 20,000 feet into the air

UN Prosecutor’s Ex-Spokeswoman Still in Custody
The lawyer for a U.N. spokeswoman-turned-whistleblower says his client is still behind bars at the same prison complex as many of the war criminals she spent her career trying to expose

New Brussels Airport Video Shows Suspect Right Before Attacks
Police did not say why they released the video.

Watch: Police Release Surveillance Video of Brussels Suspect at Airport
The terror suspect is seen walking through the airport moments before the blast.

Polish Police Detain 21 Over False Bomb Threat to Airport
Polish police say they have detained 21 people in connection with a false bomb threat that caused 800 people to be evacuated from an airport and four flights to be diverted

Israel Raises Travel Warning to Turkey, Urges Citizens Leave
Israel raises its travel warning to Turkey, warns citizens to leave as soon as possible

Girl, 3, Decapitated in Apparently Random Killing in Taiwan
Taiwanese media are reporting that a 3-year-old girl has been decapitated in an apparently random killing outside a subway station in the capital

From Israel to Colombia, Who’s Laundering Money in China
China is emerging as a global hub for money laundering, not just for Chinese, but for criminals around the world

Azerbaijan to Free Rights Activist After 2 Years in Prison
A court in Azerbaijan has ordered the release of a human rights activist who spent the last two years in jail

South Africa: Appeal for Calm After Killing of Activist
South Africa: Appeal for calm after the killing of anti-mining activist in coastal area where people are divided over plans to mine titanium

The Latest: Belgian Police Seek to Identify Man at Airport
The website of Belgium’s Federal Police on Monday began carrying a 32-second video of a mysterious man in a hat suspected of having taking part in the March 22 bombing of Brussels Airport

Palestinians Ask UN to Investigate Israel Killings
Palestinians ask UN to investigate alleged extrajudicial killings by Israel

Brussels Death Toll Rises to 35
Police clash with self-described fascists who rally at shrine honoring victims.

Israel Backs Down on West Bank Settler Ambassador to Brazil
Israel has withdrawn the nomination of a settler leader as ambassador to Brazil, ending a seven-month standoff with Brasilia that refused to accept his credentials

Afghan Official: Attack in Volatile South Kills 8 Policemen
An Afghan official: Taliban attack police checkpoints in volatile south, killing at least 8 policemen

Girl Rescued After Escaping From 2-Year Confinement
Japanese police have caught a 23-year-old man wanted for allegedly abducting a teenage girl who escaped a day earlier after being held captive in his apartment for two years

High Winds Batter Britain, Some Flights Diverted
Some flights at London’s Gatwick Airport have been diverted due to the high winds battering much of Britain

In Europe, States Challenge Austerity but Lack Cash to Spend
Portugal’s new government is determined to leave behind the loathed austerity policies of recent years

Death Toll From Easter Bombing in Pakistan Reaches 70
Death toll from massive suicide bombing targeting Christians in eastern Pakistani city rises to 70

China Holds Writer’s Siblings, Demands Retraction of Column
A Chinese writer in Germany says police are holding three of his siblings in his hometown in retaliation for an article he wrote condemning the detention of a fellow writer suspected of involvement in a letter urging the Chinese president’s resignation

Scuttled Israel Gas Deal Frustrates US, Israeli Developers
Israeli, American companies controlling Israel’s natural gas dissatisfied with Israeli top court striking down deal to pump from offshore deposits

Test Scheduled for Partial Reopening of Brussels Airport
A week after devastating suicide bomb attacks, Brussels Airport will test its ability to partially resume passenger service

Full Episode: 03/27/16: Pope Francis Prays for Peace on Easter Sunday
Brussels Riot Police Clash With Right-Wing Protestors; The Special Sound Bringing Easter Joy to Kids

China Orders Military to End All Paid Outside Work
China has ordered its armed forces to end all paid outside work within the next three years as part of ongoing reforms intended to make the world’s largest standing military more professional and battle ready

AP PHOTOS: Editor Selections From Latin America
AP PHOTOS: A selection of our favorite images from Latin America and the Caribbean

AP Investigation: How a Con Man Used China to Make Millions
An AP Investigation finds that China is serving as a massive money laundering machine for the ill-gotten gains of foreign con artists and criminals

Syria Troops Recapture of Ancient City of Palmyra Blow to IS
Recapture of ancient city of Palmyra by Syrian government troops scores important victory over Islamic State group

AP Investigation: China Launders Cash of Foreign Criminals
An AP Investigation finds that China is emerging as a global hub for money laundering

Full Episode: 03/27/16: Europe Terror Concerns Remain Going Into Easter Celebrations
Bernie Sanders Sweeps Alaska, Hawaii and Washington; Body Language May Help Combat Anxious Times

Iraqi Cleric Meets With PM After Beginning Green Zone Sit-In
Influential Iraqi Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr met with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi Sunday night after beginning his sit-in in Baghdad’s highly fortified Green Zone

Mexico Detains Alleged Money Launderer for Sinaloa Cartel
Mexico’s federal police say they have detained a man identified as one of the top money launderers for drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman

12 Dead in Algerian Helicopter Crash
Algeria’s Defense Ministry says 12 people have been killed and two seriously injured in a helicopter crash in the Sahara during a reconnaissance mission.The

Pakistan Attack Targeting Christians Kills 65, Mostly Children
The attack was near the children’s rides at the Gulshan-e-Iqbal park in Lahore.

Full Episode: WN 03/26/16: Thousands Attend Free Rolling Stones Concert in Havana, Cuba
Investigators Search for Clues in a Deadly Medical Helicopter Crash in Alabama; Rocky the Military Dog Reunites With Handler After Time Apart Recovering

Full Episode: This Week 03/27/16: Brussels Terror Attack Aftermath Discussed
Guests: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Michael Eric Dyson, LZ Granderson, Mary Kissel, Bill Kristol

Dutch Arrest Frenchman Suspected in Planning Attack
Dutch prosecutors say police have arrested a 32-year-old Frenchman in the port city of Rotterd

2 Arrested After Young Girl Dies From Bouncy Castle Injuries
The identities of the man and woman arrested were not released.

Watch: Crowd Cheers as Police Use Water Cannons to Disperse ‘Fascist’ Protesters in Brussels
Several hundred self-described fascists were cleared from Place de la Bourse in Brussels Sunday.

Israeli PM: Problems With Liberal Jewish Prayer at Holy Site
Israel’s prime minister says “several difficulties have arisen” in a historic agreement that would allow non-Orthodox Jewish prayers at the Western Wall in Jerusalem

Israel’s Supreme Court Shoots Down Gas Deal
Israel’s Supreme Court has overturned the government’s landmark deal to begin pumping natural gas, handing a painful blow to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and coalition energy companies

44 Killed in Bomb Blast at a Park in Pakistan
A bomb blast in a park in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore on Sunday has killed 44 people and wounded 91, a health official said

Algerian Nabbed in Italy for Alleged Link to Belgium Network
Police in southern Italy say they have arrested an Algerian man wanted by Belgium for a false document network used by terrorists

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