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Here is the latest US News from CNN.

Angry killer bees torment neighborhood
A scourge of killer bees terrorized a California neighborhood over the weekend, attacking people and pets before being contained by what had to be a very brave beekeeper.

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State Dept. issues blunt warning
The State Department is urging any American thinking of a trip to reclusive North Korea to think again. And they’re doing it in an unusually blunt and direct fashion.

Whole Foods lawsuit dropped
The Internet put on its sleuthing hat last month, trying to determine whether a pastor’s complaint of a gay slur on a Whole Foods cake was a hoax.
First U.S. penis transplant 
Doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital performed the first U.S. penis transplant, they said Monday.

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Veteran runs ‘worst’ charity for vets
At first glance, the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation is a roaring success. According to its tax filings, the charity has received more than $29 million in donations from generous Americans from 2010 to 2014 for what it calls on its website “aiding, supporting and benefiting America’s veterans and their families.”

Lawsuit alleges abuse of mentally disabled inmate
Arrested for stealing $5.05 of sweets and soda, a 24-year-old who doctors repeatedly diagnosed as psychotic and delusional was left to essentially starve to death over four months in a squalid Virginia jail cell, Jamycheal Mitchell’s aunt alleged in a federal lawsuit.
Clinton edges Sanders at chaotic Nevada convention
Hillary Clinton maintained her delegate advantage in Nevada as the state Democratic convention adjourned amid chaos Saturday night.
Priebus: Third-party run would be a ‘suicide mission’
Mitt Romney made an unsuccessful effort to recruit Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse as a third-party presidential candidate to challenge Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, a source with knowledge of the efforts confirmed to CNN Sunday.

How Trump goes from ‘self-funding’ to fundraising
Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump goes from self-proclaimed “self-funding” to courting GOP donors, while Hillary Clinton has a secret weapon when it comes to taking on her GOP rival.

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Housebroken bison sold on Craigslist
“TAME/HOUSEBROKEN BUFFALO COW,” the Craigslist ad read.
Navy SEAL instructor reassigned after sailor’s death 
A training instructor of Navy SEALs has been temporarily reassigned following the death of a sailor earlier this month, a Navy spokesman confirmed to CNN.

Coast Guard hunts missing cruise ship passenger 
An air search for a missing cruise ship passenger who had gone overboard in the Gulf of Mexico was suspended overnight Saturday, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

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Top allies downplay Trump’s personal life, relationship to women
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus said Sunday Donald Trump “is going to have to answer for” his behavior around women — but said Trump’s presidential campaign isn’t being judged based on his personal life.

People we’ve lost in 2016 
A look back at notable people who died in 2016.
Biker brawl: Inside the Texas shootout
CNN’s Ed Lavandera gives a harrowing look into last year’s Waco, Texas, shooting massacre between rival biker clubs.

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Waco biker shootout: The crime scene
Crime scene photos from the shootout between motorcycle clubs in Waco

‘Outlaw bikers’ open up about deadly Waco shootout
From the time he was big enough to climb onto the back of his dad’s Harley, Jake Carrizal felt the pull of the open road.
Pilot killed in biplane crash at air show
One person was killed Saturday afternoon when a biplane crashed during an air show at a metropolitan Atlanta airport, DeKalb County public information officer Shiera Campbell said.

Eight dead, dozens injured in charter bus crash
Eight people were killed and 44 were hospitalized Saturday after a charter bus left a south Texas highway and rolled over.
Donald Trump on recording: Not me
Donald Trump said Friday that a newly resurfaced recording of a man who sounds like Trump posing as his spokesman isn’t him — even though he has admitted in the past to posing as his own publicist under a pseudonym.
Yes, it’s time to think about the 2020 presidential race
It’s never too early to think about the next election.

Python swallows teddy bear
An Australian veterinarian performed surgery on a python that ate a teddy bear. The snake now has 15 stitches. CNN affiliate Seven Network reports.

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Dolphins chase, capture shark
Drone footage shows a pod of dolphins chasing a young shark. CNN affiliate Seven Network reports.

Skinny-dipper kills rare fish, a cougar tortoise, and a selfie fail
I don’t know about you, but I’m glad it’s the weekend. Time to sit back, relax and enjoy some of the weirdest, wackiest, wildest stories of the week — such as how a skinny-dipper may have killed an extremely rare fish, why a turtle crossed the road but didn’t quite make it, and another example of a spectacular selfie fail.
Hubble captures comet’s close Earth encounter
One of the closest encounters between a comet and Earth has been captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

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Bones may rewrite Florida history
It’s a discovery likely to rewrite the story of southeastern United States.

Passenger pleads guilty to yanking Muslim woman’s hijab
A man who admitted yanking a Muslim woman’s hijab from her head during an airline flight pleaded guilty Friday to a charge of obstruction of a person’s free exercise of religious rights, according to the plea agreement filed in the U.S. District Court in New Mexico.

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Cruise ship passenger missing in Gulf Of Mexico 
A search is underway for a missing cruise ship passenger who may have gone overboard in the Gulf of Mexico.

Dog rescued from shelter saves girl from snake
Haus the German Shepherd, a rescue dog, is being called a hero after putting himself between a rattlesnake and a child in Florida. Now he’s recovering from a venomous bite.
NFL star Devon Still marries, daughter Leah is flower girl 
There were tears, laughter and joy at this NFL player’s New York City wedding.

Death penalty fast facts
Here’s a look at the death penalty in the United States.

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Pfizer moves to block its drugs from being used in lethal injections
Lethal injections will probably become more difficult to carry out in the United States because Pfizer, the second-largest pharmaceutical company in the world, has strengthened controls to prevent its products from being used in executions.

America’s death penalty dilemma
Supplies of lethal injection drugs are running low and new sources are becoming increasingly difficult for states to come by. Pfizer, the second-largest pharmaceutical company in the world, just made the job even more challenging by blocking its drugs from being used in executions.
Mom finds new calling after son’s suicide
One of the worst nightmares a parent can experience is outliving a child.

World’s oldest person dies: Her secrets to living 116 years
Susannah Mushatt Jones, the world’s oldest person, has died in New York, a Guinness World Records spokesman confirmed Friday. She was 116.
Your freezer might have more foods recalled over listeria concerns
Listeria contamination has prompted a flurry of separate food recalls sin the last three weeks.

Texas Republicans not quite ready to secede from the union
Texas isn’t going anywhere. At least, not yet.

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How to navigate ‘insane’ TSA lines
Heading to the airport on a tight schedule?

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