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Uber Teams Up With Real Estate Developer To Replace Car Ownership
About 90% of U.S. households own a car–but Uber wants to change that.

Indian Cars Fail Crash Test
Five Indian cars failed crash tests conducted on them and scored zero stars, according to a vehicle safety assessor in the U.K., which called some of the cars “sub-standard”.

10 New Electric Cars From China
The market for electric cars in China is booming, supported by subsidies and other incentives like free license plates and free parking places and public charging stations are now popping up everywhere. In 2015 sales of new-energy vehicles (electric and plug-in hybrids) stood at 188,700 units, up a staggering 223% compared to 2015.

The TV Serial That Got Pakistan Talking About Child Abuse
A new TV serial, Udaari, gets served a notice for shining the spotlight on child abuse in Pakistan.

Identity Theft: What To Do When A Colleague Or Boss Steals Your Brilliant Idea
What to do if your boss or coworker steals your idea. First, digest and assess the situation.

2016 NBA Team Valuations, Visualized

KTLA Meteorologist Is Asked To Cover Up Live On Air
What would you do if you were told that your work attire was inappropriate…and you were currently live on TV broadcasting to thousands of viewers?

Apple Dominates Social Conversation As Europe’s Most Loved Brand, New Report Shows
Apple is the UK and Europe’s most ‘loved’ brand and dominates social conversation, according to a Brand Love List launched today by enterprise social analytics company NetBase. ‘Love’, ‘best’, ‘great’, ‘perfect’ and ‘awesome’ were the top five words consumers used when expressing their feelings towards Apple, which received 400,000+ more mentions than Google (in second place) and seven times as many total mentions as Lego (in third place). Tesco, in fourth place, was the top British brand and the only food and beverage company to feature in the list. The top automotive brand was BMW, ranked fifth.

This Entrepreneur Is Building A Multi-Million Dollar Custom Tailoring Business In India
Custom tailoring went out of vogue only very briefly in India, while ready-made stores made their debut in the 90s. But it’s back with a bang, and entrepreneur Vidya Nataraj is convinced her latest company, Tailorman, is the next big thing.

At I/O Conference, Google Doubles Down On Mobile App Ads
Today at Google’s I/O conference, the search giant is announcing several ways to allow mobile app developers to market to the most valuable potential users.

Raw Ratings Drop For Extreme Rules Go-Home Show, But WWE Isn’t Panicking
Raw ratings dropped yet again on the final show before WWE Extreme Rules. But with a new roster in a changing television landscape, WWE could care less.

How MIT Is Teaching Regions Around The World To Unlock Their Entrepreneurial Potential
The companies spun out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are valued at over $1 trillion, according to an analysis conducted by the institute a few years ago.  That’s enough to be the 17th largest economy in the world.

Tax Pros: Feel Free To Get A Law Degree, But Don’t Plan On Deducting The Tuition
When you make your hay in a career as mundane as tax preparation, it’s common to spend your darker days hanging on to the hope that with one small change, you’ll be able to move on to something more exhilarating. Lose ten pounds and you’ll be an underwear model. Get that scuba certification and you’ll unearth sunken treasure on your next vacation  Go back to law school and you’ll soon deliver impassioned closing arguments that will leave witnesses confessing their guilt to an astonished jury. It all beats cranking out another Form 1065.

Easiest New Way in 2016 To Seek Returns From Reclusive Chinese Markets
China’s first scheme to connect its largely off-limits stock market to a freely traded one offshore formed a beacon of optimism on an otherwise turbulent investment scene. The 19-month-old Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect lets just about anyone with money trade hundreds of shares from mainland China without special permits. They trade through the exchange in Hong Kong, an open market unlike Shanghai where the shares originate. The daily cap for those shares stands at about $2 billion. Another scheme like it is coming this year, as early as July per some news reports.

Sixers Finally Hit NBA Draft Lottery Jackpot, While Lakers Come Away Big Winners with No. 2 Pick
It’ll come down to LSU’s Ben Simmons or Duke’s Brandon Ingram when the Sixers select No. 1 in the NBA draft on June 23.

Review: ‘Penny Dreadful’ Season 3 Continues To Thrill In Episodes 2 & 3
The terror every fan of a newer series always faces with each new season is the usual one: will this be the last run of my favorite show? Are enough people watching this new batch of episodes to entice the channel to renew the series for another round? We spend the entire hiatus anxiously waiting for our show to return and then when it finally does, we spend the entire season anxiously hoping for it to receive that sweet, sweet renewal announcement.

How The War On Sugar Could Affect Coke And Pepsi’s Bottom Lines
Sugar is under fire at home and abroad. And while a sugar-free future would help shrink waistlines around the world, it could also shrink the earnings of companies that depend on sales of sugar-laden products — including Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Dr. Pepper.

BizAv’s Darwinian Climate
The persistent lack of meaningful growth in business aviation will fuel continued consolidation among service providers as they seek increased size and greater market clout to offset fixed costs and grow their brand, according to XOJet Chief Executive Officer Brad Stewart.

Celebrities at the 2016 Kentucky Derby

Preakness 2016 Preview: Nyquist Loses Another Rival, New Contenders Emerge
The latest news on the contenders for the 2016 Preakness Stakes.

The Health Trend That Grips Hong Kong Has Meant a Proliferation of Juiceries
I walked past a juicery in New York yesterday that proudly displayed an article from a lifestyle magazine promulgating the newest craze–juice crawling. It’s exactly what it sounds like: in the same way you would pub crawl, ditch the pint and sub it for a green smoothie and drink your way through the city’s finest liquid carrot, mango and orange juices. It begs the question: have we reached peak juice trends? A few things indicate a mass of millennials arriving in capital cities; increase in record player purchases, juiceries, farmers’ markets etc. The United States might have hit peak farmers’ market as per a January 2015 study from the US Department of Agriculture, but Amazon claimed its highest selling piece of tech over Christmas was the record player, and it seems as though the trend of ‘local, organic, liquid’ isn’t slowing either, particularly in Hong Kong. The number of dedicated cold-pressed juiceries in Hong Kong (these stock juices which are extracted using a hydraulic press rather than in the traditional process which uses much more oxygen and heat and thereby purportedly compromises nutrients) sits at 13 at last count. While the territory is better known for barbecued meats and a filling bowl of carbs noodles and wontons, Hong Kong always had a finger in the juice pie (not a thing); typically older women and men were commonly seen at the junctures of many of the busiest side streets of Hong Kong with a singular non-commerical juicer, churned out fresh papaya, pineapple, bitter melon and carrot juices to pedestrians. But this was the extent of it. The cold-pressed juice industry did not exist in 2011, which means there’s been an increase of 550% per cent in just five years, and this is not including the many more cafes and fast-casual dining outlets that offer cold-pressed juice on their menu.

The World’s Biggest Public Energy Companies 2016

Built To Sell: Some Backstory On The $3.3 Billion Range Resources-Memorial Deal
NGP’s Ken Hersh appears to have been the influence behind the scenes.

Adapt Or Fail: Watch Out For Disruptive Technologies
“(Amazon ) is a big force, which has already disrupted plenty of people and it will disrupt more. When we saw what was happening on the Internet, we jumped in with both feet. We’re mobile, but the nature of capitalism is that if you’ve got a good business, somebody’s always trying to figure out how to take it away from you and improve on it.” – Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio)

China Investment In U.S. Real Estate Breaks New Ground
Chinese buyers are snapping up Park Avenue condos and hotels, Los Angeles skyscrapers and mansions in wealthy areas from the east to west coasts, as the number and value of deals climbs through not necessarily the sophistication.

Today In Sports Biz: Preakness 2016 Preview, Success For Non-Tendered MLB Players, Curt Schilling As A Martyr And More
From the 2016 Preakness to one analyst’s life after ESPN, here’s what’s going on today in the world of Sports Business…

The 2016 PEN Gala Raised $1.7 Million, Bringing Continued Revenue Through Literary Celebrations
During opening remarks at the PEN Literary Gala yesterday evening President Andrew Solomon announced that the event had raised $1.7 million–an increase from last year’s $1.4 million–to continue PEN’s global mission to celebrate and aid writers unable to maintain the freedom to create and share ideas without fear of prosecution and incarceration. PEN’s Deputy Director for Communications said the Gala tends to be a significant financial source for PEN as a nonprofit. Galas, awards, and benefit dinners appear to be a steady monetary source for nonprofits that cannot rely solely on grants and/or donations from members and supporters.

Trump Says He’s Filed New Financial Disclosure, Still Touting Questionable $10 Billion Fortune
Donald Trump has filed a new personal financial disclosure, which Trump says will show “tremendous cash flow” and a net worth “in excess of $10 billion.”

Is Obamacare On The Ropes?
Now that insurers don’t seem committed to providing health insurance, can Obamacare survive? Adam Johnson, founder of Bullseye Brief newsletter explains his thoughts to Forbes contributor Simon Constable.

How The Dodgers Are Uniquely Poised To Trade For Mike Trout
The Dodgers can sweeten the pot, certainly, and are uniquely in position to do so. But it’s not what you’re thinking, however. This isn’t about trading Seager, Pederson, Urias and a bunch of Great Lakes Loons for one Mike Trout — and it hasn’t been suggested elsewhere.

Rising Number of Carbon Emissions Reduction Policies & Regulations: Take Control of Your Future, III
There is a rising number of carbon emissions reduction policies. How is this trend fundamentally changing the power industry?

Why I Drive A Rolls-Royce Dawn: David Lee, CEO Of Hin Wa Lee Jewelers
“My father swam from Macau to Hong Kong. He was 13,” says David Lee of his father’s journey to the relative freedom and economic opportunity of British-controlled Hong Kong of the 1960s.

Digital Transformation Brings Disruption, Tipping Points, And Business Opportunities
According to Cook, the tipping point has been sneaking up on the industry for years, and accelerating in the past eighteen months as cloud technologies and acceptance matured.

David Eveleigh Of Obamacare’s Serco Group, On LPOs, Legal Cultures, And Choosing Outside Counsel
The GC of Obamacare’s Serco Group, David Eveleigh, talks about working with law firms, choosing lawyers, LPOs, and changing legal culture, among other things.

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