HBO’s ‘Suited’ And The Search For The Perfect Fit

Ricky Gervais On Controversial Jokes, Celebrities And ‘Special Correspondents’
“I didn’t go out there to ruin everyone’s day or undermine the moral fabric of America. I was making jokes.” Gervais talked with NPR’s Rachel Martin about his new movie and how he approaches humor.

Rob And Nick Reiner Say ‘Being Charlie’ Is ‘Drawn From Our Lives’
Being Charlie is a new film about addiction in a Hollywood family. It’s a story director Rob Reiner and his son, writer Nick Reiner, say they know well because of their own family’s struggles.

A White House Meeting Brings Together 2 Lost Souls In ‘Elvis & Nixon’
A new film imagines what happened when Elvis Presley met President Nixon on Dec. 21, 1970. Film critic David Edelstein says Elvis & Nixon “shows the crazy-making insulation of celebrity.”

Key And Peele Duo Are Back As Action-Duo In ‘Keanu’
Lourdes Garcia-Navarro talks with Wesley Morris, critic at large for The New York Times, about Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, the comedians behind the award-winning sketch comedy show.

‘Jungle Book’ Love: Why I Identify With The ‘Flower In Underpants’
Growing up in India, she was a fan of the dubbed-in-Hindi TV series. As a globetrotting adult, she is touched by the Disney movie version.

‘L’Attesa’: Two Women Wait, Perhaps In Vain
Juliette Binoche plays another in a string of grieving-survivor roles in the visually powerful story of a mother who meets her son’s girlfriend.

A Maternal Melodrama Unfolds Around An Unusual Girl In ‘Viktoria’
A dictator commandeers and pampers a young girl in Maya Vitkova’s boldly visceral fairy tale.

‘Keanu’ Finds Key And Peele On The Hunt For A Kitty
The sketch comedy duo Key and Peele pull off the difficult feat of translating their sensibility into a feature film that recalls out-all-night sagas like Adventures In Babysitting.

‘The Family Fang’ Makes Art Together, Falls Apart Together
Jason Bateman directs a cast including himself, Nicole Kidman and Christopher Walken in the story of a family where the parents’ experimental performances included the kids from an early age.

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