Extra-Buttery Snickerdoodles


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This recipe is perfect for a summer party. It was given to me by Mr. Sanz at my work. — posted by Jacquie*

Double Corn Buttermilk Cake
Summer-fresh corn and local plums fit perfectly into this moist, tender tea-time cake. It needs no adornment, but a scoop of ice cream ever hurt! — posted by YummySmellsca

Extra-Buttery Snickerdoodles
Tender and moist from cream cheese and my signature http://www.food.com/recipe/scented-cinnamon-honey-butter-526243, these get extra richness from buttery Kamut flour, butter extract and butterscotch schnapps! A dose of Aquafaba keeps things egg free too, and rolling them in crushed cinnamon cereal adds an unexpected layer of texture. — posted by YummySmellsca

Easy Sweet Potato (Or Pumpkin) Muffins (Without a Mix!)
We had a bumper crop of sweet potatoes, so I cooked and mashed a LOT of it…Then couldn’t figure out what to do with it all. But this recipe solved that, since my family now wants it a LOT! It’s VERY easy and forgiving, so feel free to substitute various flours, sweeteners, use more or less sweet potato (even canned!) or substitute pumpkin, spice it as you like, and use other add-ins, like chocolate chips or cranberries. Note that if you add a dried fruit, mix it with the wet ingredients. If you add something moist, like blueberries or chocolate chips, mix them with the dry ingredients. These are great to freeze, too. ENJOY! — posted by GinaStudySmart

Oreo Fanatic
Oreo everything — posted by kylena2004

Raspberry Preserve
It’s a great thing to put on toast, bagels, English muffins, and even corn bread. — posted by kylena2004

Matcha-Berry Swirl Smoothie
A beautiful energizing smoothie! This makes a perfect breakfast or snack! — posted by FullLeafTea

Cajun Sauce
Hot sauce for burgers, chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, …. — posted by Christa Cartwright

This delicious ice cream recipe is easy to prepare at home. Know the steps to make ice cream in your own kitchen. Enjoy yummy ice cream. — posted by Tapashi D.

Hardy & Simple Crab Bisque
This is a simple crab bisque that almost anyone can put together. I included descriptions and substitutes in my directions because I made this as a complete novice. — posted byJillie Fish

Fried Rice Balls With Spinach
Last week teach you how to prepare the rice to fry, now we have the recipe list. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYZYE2rQzN8 — posted by conaceiteysal

Roast, Crust & Potatoes
My Mom’s recipe. I haven’t tried making it myself yet. — posted by Rebecca Becker

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