Extra-Buttery Snickerdoodles

Chocolate-Hazelnut & Raspberry Toasts
Transform your toast with decadent chocolate-hazelnut spread and tangy raspberries. — posted by Food.com

Blueberry Toasts With Lemon Ricotta
Sweet blueberries and tangy lemon-laced ricotta come together in this easy appetizer. — posted by Food.com

Hummus & Cucumber Toasts
Crunchy cucumbers and creamy hummus make for a simple snack that’s ideal for summer entertaining. — posted by Food.com

Brussels Sprouts Latkes
I was going to make a brussels sprouts-only patty, but I decided to mix in an equal amount of potato instead. The result was incredible! This is something that’s so flavorful that you can seriously enjoy it by itself. But, if you like, treat it like a latke, and serve it with sour cream. — posted by The Late Night Gourmet

Raspberry Oatmeal Bars (Vegetarian Times)
July August 2008 Vegetarian Times — posted by Lelandra

Vernors Bundt Cake With Vernors Glaze
Posted in celebration of Vernors Ginger Ale’s 150 anniversary — posted by SweetSueAl

Vernors Gingerale Baked Beans
Vernors Gingerale celebrates 150 years this year. It’s a Michigan product, but now available in a larger distribution area. — posted by SweetSueAl

Ramen Soup
Delicious! — posted by Jen in Victoria, BC

Jolene’s Mongolian Beef
This is a recipe I adapted from My Recipe’s.com, that I had found to use up some left over cooked steak I had. It is now outside of spaghetti, hubby’s most requested meal. He even wants to cook extra steak just to have leftovers so I can make this! — posted by Meekocu2

Bloody Mary Full-Of-Mustard
Try mustard in place of horseradish for a sweet, less-harsh spice. — posted by Ethan at Food.com

Mustard Chicken (Poulet a La Moutarde)
The most decadent chicken wings you’ve ever tasted. Adapted from the recipe by David Lebovitz from his cookbook “My Paris Kitchen” (2014). — posted by Ethan at Food.com

Moroccan Braised Beef
Braised tender beef intensely flavored with Moroccan spices, delivers the warm, sweet-savory flavors of Morocco. — posted by Laka

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