What does Brexit mean for your business?


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Whitehurst: Free OSS Red Hat’s biggest competition in Asia
Red Hat still faces a major challenge convincing organisations to pay for its services, especially in markets such as China where there is widespread use of free, open source alternatives, says CEO Jim Whitehurst.

What does Brexit mean for your business?
Firms will be impacted on a number of fronts following the British public’s decision that the UK should leave the EU, predict analyst houses.

5 key qualities of a modern enterprise architect
Enterprise architecture was about predicting the future of enterprises. Now it’s about making that future.

Toshiba releases a trio of new education laptops
Schools get a little pizzazz, as the new notebooks include a 2-in-1 device with detachable screen and two batteries and a laptop with full HD touchscreen.

Apple patent could prevent ‘illegal’ iPhone recording
The patent could prevent iPhone camera from being able to record concerts and classified facilities. Could it be used to prevent recording of protests?

Twitter hires former Apple designer to serve as director of AR and VR
The new hire complements Twitter’s recent acquisition of the machine-learning company Magic Pony.

Microsoft removes Messaging Everywhere feature from newest Windows 10 test build
Microsoft is nearing the Windows 10 Anniversary finish line and is releasing both new Fast (14376) and Slow (14372) Ring preview builds to try to stamp out remaining issues.

Microsoft’s Office 365 turns five
Microsoft launched its Office 365 productivity service five years ago, on June 28, 2011. A lot has changed — and continues to change — since that day.

Cisco buys cloud security startup CloudLock for $293 million
CloudLock uses an API approach to cloud access security in order to give enterprises granular control over content that is shared and stored in cloud-based apps.

DisrupTV: How leaders stand out amidst the digital noise
CIO of the American Cancer Society, Jay Ferro; author Dorie Clark; and James Norwood of Episerver discuss how to remain relevant in an environment of constant of change.

Rimini Street adds $125 million to coffers via strategic debt deal
Rimini Street has big expansion plans and access to $125 million in additional capital. CEO Seth Ravin talks scaling the business as well as Brexit.

What new technologies will improve customer service?
Businesses need to adjust to a reality where customers control the conversation with technologies of their choosing, a Forrester report says.

Microsoft signs Android patent-licensing deal with Luna Mobile
Microsoft has signed an Android patent deal with Luna Mobile, even though its announcement of the arrangement never mentions the word ‘Android.’

Amazon adds more Dash Buttons, but is anyone really using them?
According to market research firm Slice Intelligence, fewer than 50 percent of people who bought a Dash Button actually made an order.

MapR, Microsoft make announcements at Hadoop and Red Hat summits
MapR is making cluster management and upgrades easier. Microsoft will be showing its enterprise database on Red Hat’s Enterprise Linux.

Microsoft to make saying no to Windows 10 update easier
Microsoft is changing the wording of its ‘Get Windows 10’ update prompt to make cancelling the free update easier and clearer.

Salesforce brings Lightning components to Microsoft’s Outlook
The move is among the more than 10 product integrations between the two parties over the last two years.

Backblaze B2: dirt-cheap cloud storage for business
Amazon Web Services (AWS) promotes its cost advantages, but cloud storage pioneer Backblaze is less than 1/4 the cost. Their B2 service is designed for businesses that want massive storage without massive cost.

Zenefits built a licensing controls app to bolster compliance among brokers
The San Francisco-based company says it has been using the the system with success since January, but it’s now making the application available for free to all insurance brokerage firms nationwide.

Adobe pushes new open standard for cloud-based digital signatures
The Cloud Signature Consortium will aim to build a global network of industry contributors who will work together to create new standard specifications for cloud-based digital signatures.

New laptop tech combines GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE onto single antenna
A UK company has found a way to avoid interference from the signals of various antennas and hopes to work with Sony to manufacture its antenna, which could save space and boost battery life in laptops.

A hacker is advertising millions of stolen health records on the dark web
The dark web seller has four batches of data, going for close to $1 million in bitcoin.

Data centers becoming more energy efficient, thanks in part to cloud computing
While there’s room for improvement, a new federal report should help put to rest concerns that energy usage from data centers is getting out of hand.

Open-source Microsoft protocol aims to be a programming standard
Codenvy, Microsoft, and Red Hat have announced they are adopting a universal Language Server Protocol for integrated development environments.

Microsoft pays $10,000 to unwilling Windows 10 updater
Microsoft dropped its appeal of a suit brought against the company by a user unhappy with the results of her Windows 10 update experience. Will other similar suits follow?

Google, Viacom win appeal in lawsuit over children’s privacy
In a setback for consumers seeking more privacy online, an appeals court largely sided with Google and Viacom over their use of cookies on a children’s website.

Microsoft showcases SQL Server, .NET Core on Red Hat Enterprise Linux deliverables
Microsoft is readying SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and is making .NET Core 1.0 and ASP.NET Core 1.0 generally available today, as promised.

Google rolls out new tools for teachers: Quizzes, Cast for Education
The internet giant is expanding its presence in classrooms, where Chromebooks are already the go-to PCs.

Red Hat’s JBoss moves to the cloud
Red Hat releases new version of JBoss EAP 7, a cloud-friendly Java Enterprise Edition server.

Red Hat makes container development easier
Red Hat releases Red Hat Container Development Kit 2.1

HP Enterprise CTO Martin Fink stepping down
CEO Meg Whitman announces more organizational changes less than a year after HP spun off its Enterprise business.

#CXOTALK Cisco’s Chief Privacy Officer: Marketing, personalization, and trust
A top world expert shares practical advice on privacy policy, implications for marketers, and how platforms should think about trust.

How to: Disk partitioning for Linux and Windows dual-booting
One of the most confusing and intimidating parts of installing Linux for dual-booting with Windows is the disk partitioning required.

The future of apps: How Salesforce is using low code development
A new App Cloud Mobile suite blends all of Salesforce’s developer tools into one mobile application development platform.

Amazon’s Dash button: A look at the economics, returns to consumer goods companies
The returns on investment for Amazon’s Dash program may be a bit murky for now, but there are some intangibles to ponder.

Deutsche Telekom finds passwords for sale on dark web, but denies hack
The company denied it had suffered a data breach, suggesting the data came from another source.

Brazil’s top supercomputer turned off due to lack of cash
The Santos Dumont complex is inactive since May as electricity bills remain unpaid

We tested a new breed of USB stick that’s 16x faster, holds 240GB
Thumb drives are everywhere, but they’re not exactly a go-to solution when you’re looking for performance storage. Until now.

Amazon rolls out Inspire, a free online education service for teachers
Inspire includes features such as search, discovery and peer reviews on thousands of education materials.

HP’s new Chromebook 11 G5 promises 12.5 hours battery life
HP’s new Chromebook promises long battery life at a budget price.

BizTweet social media software helps London airport smash communications targets
London City Airport has become the first airport in the world to send more than 10,000 tweets in a single month using BizTweet software to automate its outbound communications.

Google building a smartphone to compete with the iPhone, claims report
A report claims that we can expect to see “a Google-branded phone” arrive “by the end of the year.”

New exploits target hospital devices, places patients at risk
‘Medjack 2’ describes the latest weapons in the hacker arsenal used to hijack medical devices.

What Google needs to beat the iPhone
It’s clear that no Android OEM has the clout to compete head-to-head with Apple. But a company that could have the influence and power to do that is Google.

Brexit spells turbulence for cloud computing: 6 stormy scenarios
The fallout from the U.K. leaving the EU is just starting. Here’s a look at how large cloud computing vendors may be affected. Get ready for the pause in U.K. data center build-outs.

Intel considering sale of security arm formed from McAfee acquisition
Intel Security could sell to a group of private equity firms for more than $7.7 billion.

Can we achieve a better, more effective digital workplace?
As a confluence of new apps and devices steadily flow into the enterprise, they’re encountering a growing sense that the digital workplace has become too complex and fragmented to be properly effective. What can organizations do?

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