Trump Slams TPP Trade Deal, Calling It ‘Another Disaster’


Here are the latest reports from ABC News ‘This Week’.

Trump Slams TPP Trade Deal, Calling It ‘Another Disaster’
“The Trans-Pacific Partnership is another disaster,” he said at a rally in Ohio.

Nate Silver Predicts Clinton Wins General Election Against Trump
According to FiveThirtyEight’s forecast, Clinton has a 79% chance of winning.

Trump Voters Voice Mixed Reactions to Shift in Proposed Immigrant Ban
Voters reacted to Trump’s apparent tweak in the language on the ban.

Trump, Clinton Urge End to Terrorism After Istanbul Attack
Trump campaigned in Ohio and Clinton in California.

Trump Gains With ‘Highly Religious’ White Protestant Republicans
But he’s unlikely to reach Ted Cruz-like appeal, Gallup finds.

Senate Zika Bill Falls Apart Over Planned Parenthood Objections
A $1B bill to address the Zika crisis fell apart on the Senate floor today.

Donald Trump Says US Robbed by ‘Elite’ He ‘Used to Be’ Part of
The presumptive Republican frontrunner gave an economic speech today.

Trump’s Unusual Aluminum Background Steals the Show at Event
The backdrop sent Twitter into a tizzy.

A Look at the 2016 Republican National Convention’s Stage
Committee leaders unveiled a 3D model of the GOP convention stage.

Inside the Benghazi Committee Report
The report capped a 2-year investigation.

Latest Tweak in Trump’s Muslim Ban Raises More Questions
It’s gone from “total and complete” ban to Muslims from only certain countries.

Elizabeth Warren Says Trump Trying to ‘Bully Me Into Shutting Up’
The Massachusetts senator blast Donald Trump on “The View.”

ANALYSIS: How Politics Limited Clinton’s Benghazi Fallout
The just-released House Committee report includes no startling revelations.

Clinton Campaign Says Benghazi Report Is Attempt to ‘Hurt’ Campaign
House Republicans on the Benghazi Committee released their final report today.

Obama Laughs Off Trump, Brexit Comparisons
The president anticipates no “major, cataclysmic changes.”

The Note: Inside Clinton’s Numbers Advantage
NOTABLES –CLINTON BESTS TRUMP ON ORLANDO MASSACRE RESPONSE AND TERRORISM: Mirroring her rebound in the overall race for the White House, Clinton leads Trump by 50-39 percent in trust to handle terrorism in this poll, ABC’s GREGORY HOLYK reports.  Hillary Clinton has moved ahead of Donald Trump in trust to handle terrorism, boosted by her response to the Orlando attack. This reflects Clinton’s superior marks for her response to Orlando. More think she did a better job than Trump responding to the attacks overall (by 18 points, 46-28 percent) and showed better temperament in her response (by 34 points, 59-25 percent). Looking forward, more say Clinton gave them confidence that she could handle a similar incident as president (+19 points vs. Trump, 53-34 percent). –CLINTON’S LEAD AMONG NONWHITE VOTERS SURGES: Clinton’s double-digit lead over Donald Trump in the latest national poll is significant, and her standing among minority voters is even more dramatic….

Clinton Bests Trump on Orlando Massacre Response, Poll Finds
Americans overwhelmingly support banning gun purchases by individuals.

Benghazi Committee Releases Final Report
Nine eyewitnesses never interviewed before are included in the report.

What the Supreme Court Ruling Means for Abortion Laws
Texas law constitutes an “undue burden” on women, the majority ruled.

Clinton Says She Has ‘Work to Do’ on Trustworthiness
Clinton has come under fire.

Polls Show Why Hillary Clinton May (or May Not) Pick Elizabeth Warren for VP
Five numbers indicate how Sen. Warren could be received as a running mate.

Elizabeth Warren as Big of a Draw in Ohio as Hillary Clinton
Warren fired up the crowd in Cincinnati.

Clinton’s Lead Among Nonwhite Voters Surges
The gap has widened in the latest national poll.

Warren on Clinton’s Shortlist for Vice President Pick
The Massachusetts senator has been campaigning with Clinton.

Warren Mocks Trump’s Hat, Business Plan at Her 1st Clinton Event
Elizabeth Warren joins Clinton on the stump to assail Donald Trump.

House Dems Release Their Own Benghazi Report
House Democrats preempt the Republican report on 2012 Benghazi terror attack.

ANALYSIS: Poll Shows Deep Hole for Trump, With Room to Dig
The poll also suggests that Trump’s campaign can further alienate voters.

The Note: The Warren Factor The Note: The Warren Factor
NOTABLES –CLINTON AND WARREN HIT THE TRAIL IN OHIO: Hillary Clinton hits the campaign trail this morning with Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren for their first public appearance together this election, ABC’s JOSH HASKELL and LIZ KREUTZ note. The two will campaign in Cincinnati, Ohio. Warren endorsed Clinton two weeks ago becoming the last female democratic senator to endorse the former Secretary of State after Warren had stayed on the sidelines during the primary. When Warren, one of the faces of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, endorsed Clinton, she said she was “ready to get into this fight” and days later the two held a private meeting at Clinton’s DC home. –UNITED AGAINST TRUMP: Warren and Clinton both share a desire to do everything they can to “stop Donald Trump” from becoming president, and, according to a campaign aide, they will both warn of the risks Trump would have on the economy during their event today, according to HASKELL and KREUTZ. “The…

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