Trump Slams TPP Trade Deal, Calling It ‘Another Disaster’

Clinton Praises SCOTUS Texas Law Decision as a ‘Victory for Women’
The justices stuck down parts of a Texas law that would have closed clinics.

Clinton Hits Trump for ‘Bombastic’ Reaction to the Brexit
Clinton spoke at the US Mayors Conference in Indiana today.

Clinton Surrogate Tom Perez Calls Donald Trump a ‘Chaos Candidate’
“Hillary Clinton is about ‘we.’ Donald Trump is about ‘me,'” Perez said.

Abortion, Corruption and Gun Ownership Still To Be Decided by Supreme Court
The Supreme Court only has one scheduled day left this term.

British Ambassador on Brexit: ‘We’re Not Going to Disappear from the World Stage’
“We will still be important players and America’s closest ally,” he said.

Mitch McConnell Declines to Say if Trump Is Qualified to Be POTUS
“That will be up to the American people to decide,” McConnell said.

Clinton Takes Aim at Trump’s Position on Brexit in New TV Ad
The 30-second spot includes footage from his recent trip to Scotland.

Clinton Opens 12-Point Lead; Two-Thirds Say Trump’s Biased
Hillary Clinton surged to a broad advantage against Donald Trump…

‘This Week’ Transcript: Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sec. Thomas Perez
A rush transcript for “This Week” on June 26, 2016.

‘Sheriff of Wall Street’ Says ‘People are Right’ About System Being Rigged
“I think to an extent, people are right about the system being rigged.”

Book Excerpt: Sen. Mitch McConnell’s ‘The Long Game’
Read an excerpt from “The Long Game: A Memoir by Mitch McConnell.”

‘Hamilton’ Musical Teams Up With Clinton for July Fundraiser
Tickets for the July 12 matinee will range from $2,700 to $100,000.

Trump Shifts Muslim Ban to Only Focus on ‘Terrorist’ Nations
Trump has shifted his policy on banning Muslims to the US.

Trump Downplays Brexit’s Potential Effect on the US
The candidate also chastised rival Hillary Clinton about Brexit.

Watch: US Leaders React to Brexit Vote
President Obama, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and more react to the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

Trump Uses Brexit ‘Shockwave’ in Fundraising Pitch
Trump has recently started sending out fundraising pitches.

Trump Greeted by Swastika Golf Balls in Scotland
Trump’s press conference was interrupted in an interesting fashion.

House Members Introduce Unlikely Gun Control Compromise
Hoping to cut through the gridlock around gun control, a bipartisan group of House members introduced a gun control compromise Friday identical to the measure proposed by Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, after the Orlando nightclub shooting. The proposal from Reps. Seth Moulton, D-Massachusetts, Carlos Curbelo, R-Florida, Scott Rigell, R-Virginia, and Bob Dold, R-Illinois, would prevent people on the federal government’s no-fly and Selectee lists from buying guns, and provide a mechanism to appeal a denial. “Simple reforms like this are demanded by the American people,” Moulton said in a news conference. But the lawmakers started working on the proposal before Democrats waged a 25-hour sit-in on the House floor for gun control votes, a tactic that exasperated Republicans and emboldened Democrats. Now, both sides appear further apart on guns than ever before. House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisconsin, called the protest a “political stunt,” and recessed the House two days early….

Obama Reaffirms Ties to UK After Brexit Vote
President Obama said the relationship with the UK “will not change.”

Sunday on ‘This Week’: Sen. Mitch McConnell and Sec. Thomas Perez
McConnell and Perez will appear on “This Week” Sunday.

What Trump’s Campaign and Brexit Have in Common
Trump’s remarks from Scotland on Brexit sounded similar to his stump speeches.

Sanders Says He’ll Vote for Clinton But Will Remain in the Race
Sanders is mum about when he will endorse Clinton for president.

The Note: Trump Talks Brexit
NOTABLES –TRUMP PRAISES BREXIT VOTERS FOR TAKING ‘THEIR COUNTRY BACK’: Republican presumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump, in Scotland for a two-day business trip, today called the United Kingdom’s vote to leave the European Union “purely historic,” after tweeting that supporters “took their country back.” Trump compared the U.K. referendum vote, “dubbed Brexit,” to America’s presidential election. “People really see a big parallel,” he noted today at a news conference at his Turnberry golf course, ABC’s KATHERINE FAULDERS and VERONICA STRACQUALURSI report. “What I like is that I love to see people take their country back. And that’s really what’s happening in the United States,” Trump said. –TRUMP IN SCOTLAND — EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW: Trump’s jaunt across the pond is shaping up to be an opportunity for him to tout his own business and real estate endeavors. ABC’s PAOLA CHAVEZ and VERONICA STRACQUALURSI have more on everything you need to know…

What Trump’s Golfing Buddies Say About His Game
Trump has played golf with Lexi Thompson and Bill Clinton.

Ex-Romney Advisor: ‘Until Trump Has the Nomination…All Things Are Possible’
“The convention could go in a different direction,” says Stuart Stevens.

Clinton Releases First Spanish Language TV Ad
The ad will air during Copa America’s final match on Sunday.

Trump Calls UK Vote to Leave EU ‘Purely Historic’
Trump is on a two-day trip to the U.K.

Everything You Need to Know About Trump’s Scotland Trip
Trump touches down in Scotland for a two-day trip.

Clinton IT Staffer Pleads Fifth 130 Times, Transcript Shows
Hillary Clinton’s staffer who worked on email server refuses to answer questions

ANALYSIS: What the Gun Control Sit-In Accomplished
Democrats staged a sit-in that lasted 26 hours.

House Democrats Stand Down After Chaotic Sit-In
“We will be back,” the Democratic minority whip vowed.

Clinton: SCOTUS Immigration Decision ‘Could Tear Apart’ Families
Trump has yet to react to today’s Supreme Court decisions.

The Perils of the Political Foreign Trip
A list of politicians who have gotten into hot water while overseas.

State Dept Disabled Blocking of Clinton’s Private Email
New emails show officials removed anti-spam software on the government server.

Trump Will Forgive Millions in Loans, Campaign Says
Trump has lent himself at least $47.5 million since the primary began.

Rep. John Lewis Becomes Face of House Democrats’ Sit-in
The civil rights leader was elected to Congress in 1986.

Obama: ‘No Successful Businessman’ Thinks Trump Is ‘Most Successful Businessman’
Obama said many businessmen in the U.S. aren’t exactly impressed with Trump.

Supreme Court Ties on Immigration, Blocking Obama Plan
The Supreme Court was deadlocked 4-4.

The Note: Trump and Clinton Spar
NOTABLES –TRUMP CALLS HILLARY CLINTON IS A ‘WORLD-CLASS LIAR’: Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton as “corrupt” and a “world-class liar” in a speech yesterday that drew attention, not only for its anti-Clinton rhetoric but also for its many fact-checkable statements. “Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the United States,” he said in New York at his Trump SoHo hotel — which got him a standing ovation from his supporters in attendance. “Hillary Clinton, and as you know, she, most people know, she is a world-class liar. Just look at her pathetic email server statements,” he said, referring to her use of a private email account for official correspondence while she was at the State Department — a controversy that has dogged her campaign. ABC’s CANDACE SMITH, JOHN SANTUCCI, PAOLA CHAVEZ, VERONICA STRACQUALURSI have more: –FACT CHECK — TRUMP REPEATS MYTH ABOUT BENGHAZI AND MORE: ABC’s…

House Dems to Huddle on End Game After Chaotic Sit-In
“We will be back,” the Democratic whip vows.

Supreme Court Upholds Lower Court Ruling on Affirmative Action
The Supreme Court today issued a decision on a major case.

House Adjourns as Democrats Enter 2nd Day of Protests
Roughly a dozen Democratic representatives are engaged in a sit-in on the House floor to protest GOP inaction on gun violence.

The Sit-In Survival Guide: Pillows, Pizza and Pastries
House Dems hunkered down Wednesday, armed with snacks and sleeping necessities.

Clinton Says Trump ‘Hates It’ That She’s ‘Gotten Under His Skin’
Clinton made the remarks during a rally in North Carolina today.

Two Reasons Clinton May Not Want Warren as Her Running Mate
Warren’s history with Clinton and her donors is complicated.

Sanders Said He ‘Doesn’t Appear’ to Be Nominee, Cites Campaign Lessons
Vermont Senator talks influencing Democratic party, Clinton and what’s next.

The Buzz Around Rep. Xavier Becerra Possibly Being Clinton’s VP Pick
Clinton met with House Democrats this morning.

Iconic Cleveland Sign Will Be Removed for GOP Convention
Cleveland residents and visitors won’t see King James for the summer.

Trump Slams Clinton as a ‘World-Class Liar’
Donald Trump attacked Hillary Clinton’s record as secretary of state.

Dems Staging Sit-in on House Floor to Protest Inaction on Guns
Frustrated House Democrats push for action on stalled gun legislation.

The Note: Trump Takes on Clinton

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