Smoking Xbox One Only the Start of Dad’s Microsoft Woes


Here are the latest reports from ABC News ‘Blotter Brian Ross’.

Smoking Xbox One Only the Start of Dad’s Microsoft Woes
ABC News Fixer has a “buyer beware” over popular gaming consoles’ fine print.

After DNC Breach, Clinton Campaign Holds Fundraiser at Hacker Conference
Event takes place days after thousands of DNC emails published online.

Release of Trump’s Video Testimony in TrumpU Case Blocked
Judge Curiel also rejected a defense request to dismiss the lawsuit.

The NSA Is Likely ‘Hacking Back’ Russia’s Cyber Squads
Head of NSA’s elite hacking squad says they infiltrate other hackers’ networks.

Predators Exploiting Personal Info in DNC Hack
Leaked docs include “Big Spreadsheet of All Things” that lists donor details.

DNC Still Assessing Hack Damage, Hasn’t Notified Donors of Breach
Hack victimizes thousands, reveals personal data on Hollywood stars, super rich.

Woman’s Money Disappears After Citibank Sign-Up Snag
ABC News Fixer shares important tips before you sign up for auto-pay services.

Video Shows Teens’ ISIS Pledge Before Church Attack
Authorities: One teen attempted to go to Syria twice before attacking in France.

In Leaked Recordings, DNC Shown Controlling Donor Access
DNC staffer “embarrassed” to have internal emails “out there.”

Russia Calls DNC Hack Accusations ‘Absurd’
Secretary of State John Kerry raised issue with Russian foreign minister.

DNC Hack Prompts Questions About Trump’s Ties to Russia
Trump interested in investments in Russia back to 1990s.

‘Beyond a Reasonable Doubt,’ Russians Hacked DNC, Analyst Says
Russian keyboard, time zones, IP addresses all clues in DNC hack investigation.

KOMO SEATTLE: Disabled Teen Trapped in House of Squalor Gets $5.52M Settlement

Nice Attacker Plotted for Months, Had Accomplices, Official Says
Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel killed 84 people by driving truck into packed crowd.

Brazil Says ISIS Recruits Arrested as Olympics Approach
Justice Ministry says raids carried out in 10 states nabbed ISIS recruits.

‘Desperate’ for Cash, GOP Fundraisers Pursue Sheldon Adelson in Cleveland
Billionaires could help Trump close huge fundraising, spending gap in 2016 race.

Widow Trapped in Kafkaesque Struggle Over Hospital Bill After Husband’s Death
After ABC News Fixer steps in, hospital apologizes, corrects billing error.

Experts Skeptical of Brazil Group’s ISIS Pledge Before Olympics
The group Ansar al-Khilafah Brazil promises to wage “jihad.”

Behind the 28 Pages: Questions About an Alleged Saudi Spy and the CIA
Theory could explain CIA’s unwillingness to share critical info about hijackers.

For Trump’s Convention, Quiet Parties and Sluggish Fundraising
Many top donors, lobbyists and powerful lawmakers skipping convention.

Baton Rouge Shooter Linked to Black Sovereign Movement
Gavin Long declared himself a member of a “tribe” with “special laws.”

Nice Attacker Searched for Information on Orlando and Dallas Shootings
Prosecutor says Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel took “recent interest” in radicalism.

Feds Hit ‘Deceptive’ Herbalife With $200M Fine, Call for Diet Firm to Go Legit
Despite fine, company CEO says business model is “sound.”

The Naked Truth About Melania From the Man Who Disrobed Her
Mrs. Trump’s career as a model included posing nude on Donald’s private jet.

KTNV Vegas: Vets on Waiting Lists for Much-Needed Treatment

Nice Attacker Had Prior ‘Violence’ Conviction, Official Says
Truck driver identified as 31-year-old Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel.

Nice Attack: The Deadly ‘Evolution’ of Vehicles Turned Into Weapons
Tactic has seen use in Israel, but in Nice, “lethality is sobering.”

French President Links Nice Attack to Iraq, Syria Conflict
France a “key player” in U.S.-led anti-ISIS coalition.

WSYX Ohio: Locked Out of Their Homes

KABC LA: Hidden Surveillance Powered by Repo Industry

WPVI Philly: Theft at Food Pantry

KTRK Houston: Did DNA Delay Allow More Crimes?

WSOC NC: Cutting Corners on Concealed-Carry

WRTV Indy: Inside the Recall Process

WLS Chicago: High-Tech Rental Scam

WFTS Tampa: Firefighters and Criminal Motorcycle Gangs

Caught on Video: Can Herbalife Cure a Brain Tumor?
Nearly 600 independent distributors of the diet and nutrition sales brand Herbalife were disciplined last year for making medical claims when selling the company’s weight-loss shakes and supplements, despite company policies aimed at preventing such tactics.

The Life and Crimes of Bernie Madoff
Ponzi schemer stole billions, ruined thousands of lives, including those closest to him.

Could You Help Crack the Case?

‘5 Days’: The Hunt for the Boston Bombers

10 Things That Drive American Consumers Crazy
Survey identifies fake IRS agents as fastest-growing consumer complaint.

Jihadists’ Computers ’80 Percent’ Full of Porn, Ex-Official Says
Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn says extremists not only “sick,” but hypocritical.

Soldier Stumbles Into Car Rental Quagmire
The ABC News Fixer gets serviceman off the “billing problem merry-go-round.”

The New Sex Abuse Scandal: 2,400 Doctors Implicated by Patients
State medical boards allowed more than half to keep their licenses.

Taliban-Held American Had 2nd Child in Custody, Parents Say
Caitlan Coleman, 29, has been held with Canadian husband for more than 3 years.

NYPD: Ready for War With ISIS Terrorists
July 4 Deployment: Inside the NYPD’s counterterror operation.

California Woman Says Scammers Made Fake Airbnb Site to Take Her Money
The ABC News Fixer has tips to keep your $ safe when using popular site.

ISIS 2 Years Later: From ‘JV’ to International Killers
Two years ago today, ISIS declared its caliphate.

Airport Bombing Latest in String of Attacks in Turkey
Turkish official says at least 36 killed in Istanbul airport attack.

Chilean Ex–Military Officer Liable for Folk Singer’s Torture, Murder
Jury awards family of Victor Jara $28M in civil case.

5 Years After She Vanished, New Hope in Lauren Spierer Case
Focus on “friends” who may have seen her die and disposed of her body.

No Headlights, Big Problem: Rental Truck Nightmare

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