Smoking Xbox One Only the Start of Dad’s Microsoft Woes

The ABC News Fixer helps Minn. man who was told to just drive during daylight.

Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert to Report to Prison
Former Speaker of the House admitted to “mistreating” young boys years ago.

Celebrities Square Off Against Chinese Dog Meat Festival
New undercover video reveals what activists call dog slaughterhouse.

FBI: Indiana Teen Wanted to Join ISIS, Researched Homeland Terror Targets
Feds say 18-year-old tried to travel to ISIS territory, looked up explosives.

FBI: We Didn’t Have Enough Info on ‘Suspicious’ Gun Customer
Gun store says it alerted feds to man, later recognized as Omar Mateen.

‘Suspicious’: Gun Store Turned Away Orlando Shooter
Robert Abell says his employees refused to sell Omar Mateen body armor, ammo.

Orlando Shooter on Facebook: Now ‘Taste’ ISIS ‘Vengeance’
FBI: Four Facebook profiles associated with Omar Mateen.

Witnesses: Orlando Shooter at Gay Clubs on Regular Basis
The man who killed 49 people at Pulse nightclub in Orlando was a regular patron of gay clubs in Florida for years, classmates, friends and club employees told ABC News.

Orlando Shooter May Have Scouted Disney Properties, Official Says
Official: Omar Mateen’s wife cooperating with investigators, providing key info.

Terror Group Likely Killed Canadian Hostage as Ransom Deadline Passed
Canadian PM defends policy of not paying ransom.

‘Polite’, ‘Shy’ to ‘Troubled’, ‘Sick’: Portrait of Orlando Shooter Emerges
Those close to Omar Mateen, who gunned down 49 people, are speaking out.

What We Know About the Suspected Orlando Nightclub Shooter
Omar Mateen was a U.S.-born citizen, officials said.

How Clinton Donor Got on Sensitive Intelligence Board
Emails reveal State aides sought to “protect” Hillary after ABC News’ questions.

Ex-CIA Officer Says US Allowing Italy to Send Her to Prison
Sabrina de Sousa convicted with other Americans in blown CIA op in Italy.

The 10-Year Wait for a Comic Artist’s Sketch
A decade after the deal, the ABC News Fixer jump-starts the art.

Hoover Who? The Battle Over the New $1.8B FBI Headquarters and a Name
Scuffle goes public over legacy of FBI’s most famous, and infamous, director.

Trump U. Script Tells Students to Inflate Income
Presentation could be lesson on fraud, experts say.

Germany: ISIS Sleeper Cell Planned Suicide Bombings
Prosecutor says attackers infiltrated Europe to plot Dusseldorf assault.

Trump Uses Former Students to Fire Back in Trump U Controversy
Donald Trump publishes YouTube video with self-identified former students of Trump University.

Observers Fear ‘Dirty Brigade’ Atrocities After ISIS Fight
Despite investigation, U.S. officials find repeated instances of war crimes.

NY Attorney General: I Won’t Back Off Trump ‘Fraud’ Case
CA court releases hundreds of documents from now-defunct business program.

Woman Says Verizon Treated Her ‘Like an Extortionist’ Over Rebate
The ABC News Fixer helps Fla. woman get over $600 credit with wireless carrier.

Russian Spy, Who Posed as Manhattan Banker, Heading to Prison
Evgeny Buryakov pleaded guilty to working as a foreign agent.

American ISIS Wannabe Nabbed in Elaborate Sting, FBI Says
Feds: Sajmir Alimehmeti repeatedly showed support for ISIS to undercover agents.

Trump Still Claims Golf Course Worth Over $50M
New disclosure forms repeat evaluation, 5x higher than Trump’s attorneys claim.

Forget Red Cards: Soccer’s New $500K Green Card for Wealthy Foreigners
Controversial EB-5 visa program was subject of ABC News investigation.

Ghastly Countdown Begins for Western Hostages
Philippine-based Islamist group already murdered one Canadian.

The Only Time Donald Trump Undersells: Tax Time
Going back decades, Trump accused of “extraordinary flim-flammery.”

Dennis Hastert Pays $250K Fine Linked to Sex Abuse
Dennis Hastert was sentenced to 15 months in prison.

Coal King Expected to Report to Prison, Emergency Motion Denied
Donald Blankenship to serve a year for actions related to 2010 mine disaster.

Coal King Makes Last-Minute Bid to Put Off Prison
Don Blankenship was sentenced to one year for actions related to mine disaster.

The Fight for a Car Dealer’s Warranty Refund
The ABC News Fixer’s tips for when you should consider an extended warranty.

‘Tortured’: Former US Marine Sues Iran Over Detention
Suit says Amir Hekmati was tricked into false spy confession.

Flower Delivery for Mom Runs Into Bloomin’ Problems
ABC News Fixer helps Florida woman after flower services comes up short twice.

Getting to the Point(s) With Your Hotel Stays
The ABC News Fixer helps Florida woman set things straight with

China Accuses Pentagon of ‘Blowhard Performance’ in Port Snub
In Hong Kong kerfuffle, state-run paper criticizes U.S.’s “series of tricks.”

FBI Searches Home of Reputed Mobster Suspected in Boston Art Heist
The FBI is hoping to solve one of the country’s most enduring mysteries.

Boston Bombing Day 5: Never-Before-Heard 911 Call That Ended It All
Bogus information paralyzes Boston for hours before second bomber captured.

Boston Bombing: The Firefight: ‘I Thought We Were Gonna Die’
Watertown Police Sgt. Jeff Pugliese was less than three yards from the man shooting at him when his own pistol ran out of ammo.

CIA to Pay Benghazi Contractor’s Family $400K
Spy agency reveals “enhanced death benefits” for some employees killed overseas.

CIA to Pay Benghazi Contractor’s Family $400K
Spy agency reveals “enhanced death benefits” for some employees killed overseas.

Boston Bombing Day 3: Dead-End Rumors Run Wild And a $1B System Fails
FBI struggles to learn identity of the bombers, confusion over arrest abounds.

‘5 Days’: How the FBI Found the Bombers in the Crowd
FBI agent recounts “ah-ha” moment when they spot the bombers.

Boston Bombing Day 1: The Stop the Killers Made After Attack
Just minutes after killing 3, Boston bombers went to the market.

Debit Card Danger: Double Charged for Beach Vacation
The ABC News Fixer helps mom get money back after mysterious double billing.

ISIS Names Brussels Attackers
Terror magazine says brothers involved in Paris and Brussels attacks.

Data Breaches Bigger, Worse Than You Think, Report Says
Researchers estimate over half a billion records exposed in 2015.

Jailbird Bernie Madoff to Be Deposed By Victim
Victim to be face-to-face with infamous, convicted conman.

Disturbing Details of Dennis Hastert’s Alleged Sex Abuse Revealed
Filing discusses “encounters in an empty locker room,” “motel room” with minors.

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