Trump advisers defend all-male economic team


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Trump advisers defend all-male economic team
Two members of Donald Trump’s economy team defended the lack of diversity among the Republican nominee’s top economic advisers.

Donald Trump reveals his economic advisers
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Hooray! Good jobs news is good for stocks too
The market rallied on Friday following a much better than expected jobs report. Even though the solid jobs gains increase the chances of a rate hike by the Fed, investors recognize that a strong U.S. economy is good for the market.

U.S. July jobs report: What to watch for
The Labor Department publishes the July jobs report at 8:30 a.m. ET Friday. Here is what you need to know.

NYU dean wants to teach low-income students ‘how to fish’
Peter Blair Henry witnessed the poverty of his native Jamaica while growing up and it made an impact. Now, as the youngest dean of NYU’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business, he’s helping low-income students get ahead.

All the jobs I can find are for 3 or 6 months
In the past 10 years, Jason Lewis has lived in seven different states. This isn’t by choice. This is reality for a growing number of America’s blue collar workers.

Is the government making money off your student loans?
Hillary Clinton says she’d cut interest rates so that the ‘government never profits from college student loans.’ But will that really help graduates pay down their debt?

Elizabeth Warren on Trump: ‘Nuclear war is bad for business’
In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Elizabeth Warren said Wall Street is supporting Clinton over Trump because investors prefer “sanity.”

Brexit rescue: Bank of England slashes interest rates
The Bank of England cut interest rates for the first time in 7 years and unveils more stimulus measures in a bid to limit an economic slump caused by the Brexit vote.

Buffett: A monkey could invest better than Trump
When it comes to investing in the stock market, Warren Buffett said he trusts a monkey to make a better pick than Donald Trump — whose company’s stock lost 90 cents on the dollar when it was traded publicly.

India’s crazy tax system just got much simpler
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has finally delivered a landmark tax reform that should make life much easier for Indian businesses and boost the economy.

Fed fines Goldman $36 million for leaking documents
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Gold is glittering … and may soar if Trump wins
Gold has surged due to fears about the global economy. George Soros and Jeff Gundlach are still bullish even though some worry gold has run its course. But a Trump presidency could bring more uncertainty — which is great for gold.

Trump vows to outspend Clinton on roads, bridges
Donald Trump vows to spent twice as much as Hillary Clinton to fix U.S. roads, bridges and internet highways. Economists call it a ‘great idea’ but they want to know how Trump will pay for it.

Venezuela’s cash could run out ‘within a year’
Faced with a humanitarian, economic and political crisis, Venezuela’s government is running out of money with major debt payments looming.

Unruly France is riskier for businesses than Haiti
Businesses in France are more likely to be disrupted by social unrest than any other developed economy.

The next battle for Black Lives Matter: Economic justice
In a detailed proposal released Monday, Black Livest Matter laid out an ambitious plan to improve the financial lives of black Americans with a heavy emphasis on reparations, investing in black communities and economic justice.

Trump says he ‘got out’ of stock market
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Trump’s Facebook page has something highly unusual
While other presidential candidates have a ‘Sign Up’ button, Donald Trump’s Facebook page has a big ‘Shop Now’ button.

Venezuela is selling oil for food to Jamaica
Jamaican officials are paying back Venezuela for oil in the form of food, medicine, farming material and building supplies.

Aetna rethinks Obamacare participation
Two weeks after Department of Justice blocks its Humana merger, Aetna reviews its Obamacare involvement.

Japan’s $276 billion stimulus plan is much smaller than it looks
Analysts say only a minority of the $276 billion package announced by the Japanese government is new spending that will actually stimulate growth.

Warren Buffett challenges Donald Trump to discuss tax returns
Saying he is also under IRS audit, billionaire Warren Buffett offers to meet with Donald Trump publicly to discuss tax returns

How America’s next president can double growth
Jamie Dimon, the CEO of America’s biggest bank, has a message for both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: the U.S. economy should be growing a lot faster. Do these 3 things to get there.

10,000 Indian workers face ‘food crisis’ in Saudi Arabia
India is rushing aid to more than 10,000 of its citizens in Saudi Arabia who have lost their jobs and are now facing a “food crisis.”

Amnesty: ‘Unlawful’ Venezuela decree gives military power
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Pope Francis: Worship of money helps terrorism to grow
Pope Francis says putting money above all else is creating conditions that help terrorism thrive.

The Top 1% haven’t captured all income gains
The Democrats, including Hillary Clinton, keep repeating old data on the income gains of the Top 1%.

Venezuela’s new decree: Forced farm work for citizens
Venezuela’s government issues a decree recently that makes it possible to force workers to work in the country’s fields amid food shortages.

Moody’s: Clinton economy would create 10 million jobs
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U.S. economy disappoints with 1.2% growth
The U.S. economy only grew 1.2% between April and June compared to the same time a year ago, according to official figures released Friday.

Hillary Clinton’s new problem
Hillary Clinton woke up Friday to bad news: the U.S. economy is slowing. It could make it harder for her to win in November.

530,000 steel and coal workers are now driving for China’s Uber rival
Meet Mr. Luo, a veteran steelworker who lost his job after 21 years and reinvented himself as a taxi driver for China’s version of Uber.

The union vote: Trump wants to make it Republican
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Trump’s decade-long record of hiring foreign guest workers
Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club and Jupiter Golf Club have applied to bring in 78 foreign workers for the next fiscal year. According to former workers, Trump seems to like his overseas workers to be young, attractive, and with strong specific accents from Romania and South Africa.

Key truths about the Obama economy
Americans are vastly better off than they were 8 years ago. But most are worried. Clinton has to walk that line of celebrating the turnaround, but also laying out a vision for how America reaches its full potential, especially on growth and worker pay.

U.S. economic recovery may not be worst ever
The U.S. economic recovery from the recession is poised to no longer be the worst economic comeback since World War II, according to Princeton economist Alan Krueger.

Why restaurant recession fears are on the rise
Americans are growing more hesitant to eat out. Whether the slowdown is being driven by rising prices, slowing job growth or even terrorism, some believe it could be the start of a painful restaurant recession.

Fed isn’t raising rates this summer

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