Chart: Here is why the Dow’s rally could be limited

La capacité du S&P 500, indice boursier de référence des gérants de fonds américains, à accumuler de nouveaux records de clôture cette semaine dépendra en grande partie de déclarations de divers responsables de la Réserve fédérale, mais aussi d'une série d'indicateurs relatifs au secteur immobilier. /Photo d'archives/REUTERS/Mike Segar

Here are the latest reports from CNBC ‘Charting Asia’.

Chart: Here is why the Dow’s rally could be limited
The Dow chart has two significant chart patterns and they combine to limit the Dow rally in the short-term.

Chart: Nikkei looks poised for a breakout
The market will again pause and consolidate around this level for several weeks before continuing the uptrend breakout, says Daryl Guppy.

Australian dollar poised to rally from valley of death
The long and steady decline in the Australian dollar from $0.93 to $0.69 has paused and developed a significant reversal pattern.

Chart: Watch gold prices to profit from silver
Similarities in the patterns on the gold and silver charts mean the silver price follows the behavior of the gold price, says Daryl Guppy.

Chart: Gold could be set for a strong breakout
The dollar remained relatively calm while investors rushed into the safety of gold after British voters’ decision to leave the EU.

Chart: Here’s why dollar is relaxed about Brexit
Britain as an unwilling partner is just as devastating as Britain leaving, so a stay result has a similar impact to an exit result.

Yellen offers 25% return for investors who understand trading bands. Here’s how
Janet Yellen used to be decisive but now she not so sure, and that’s a gift to traders.

Here are three trading opportunities for the S&P
The 2130 level is a tough resistance level for the S&P 500 index and this offers traders three types of opportunities.

Chart: Here’s why oil prices may be headed up
The trend breakout in NYMEX oil, first signaled by the Guppy Multiple Moving Average indicator (GMMA), has been confirmed.

Chart: This is where the dollar could be headed
The weekly dollar index chart shows several interesting patterns. On balance, the bias is towards renewed dollar strength.

Chart: The dollar-yen’s dancing a five-step polka to 100
The steps being taken by the currency pair lead downward, which is great for short-side traders but not so encouraging for Abe.

Chart: This is where the euro/yen pair is headed
The euro/yen pair continues relentlessly and inevitably towards 120, according to Daryl Guppy.

Charts show gold going to $1,340 and fast. Here’s the signs to watch for
There are three key features to look out for in this breakout in the gold price.

Here’s how to trade the Dow’s ranges
The Dow Jones industrial average offers rally-and-retreat trading opportunities between 16,000 points and 18,290, chart analysis shows.

Oil above $38 a rally, not a trend change
The OPEC meeting confirmed that the era of cheap oil has not come to an end. This is what charts predict.

Chart: Strong chance of a rally in Chinese stocks
The Shanghai Index has developed a strong breakout above the resistance level near 3000 with a upside target near 3400

Chart: Don’t expect a euro-yen rally
The euro-yen pair looks set to continue its steady downtrend, with only a small likelihood of a rally and a longer-term target near 120

Chart: Copper in slow recovery
Charts suggest that the outlook for copper is slowly improving. Doctor Copper is on the way to recovery.

Chart: Abenomics’ arrow falls to ground
Shinzo Abe infamously talked of three arrows: fiscal stimulus, structural reforms and monetary easing.

Chart: A simple, effective silver trade explained
Traders are asking if the smart trade is to now look at gold, and then execute in the silver market.

Trade for an oil rally, not a trend change
Has the era of cheap oil come to an end? The strong rally is a boost to traders buts it’s not enough to revitalize the industry.

Chart: Don’t give up on the Nasdaq
A technical expert analyzes the NASDAQ with two different levels of technical analysis to provide a better understanding of the index’s activity.

Chart: Fade the Australia rally
This burst of bullish activity is a relief rally rather than a change in trend direction, according to Daryl Guppy.

Chart: The Nikkei still has a long, long way to fall
The Nikkei 225 may have had a thousand-point run on Monday, ending at 16,022.58, but its collapse still has a way to go.

Charts: Shanghai shares are looking to consolidate
There is to be a big change in the direction of China’s Shanghai Composite Index, with a high probability the market will find support at 3400 points.

Four Shanghai market features that fuel volatility
Four key features of the Shanghai Composite have exacerbated its plunge, pushing it toward the consolidation area between 3000 and 3400.

Gold seeking consolidation amid global turmoil
The euro zone is under pressure, the Shanghai Index is falling and US rates will rise. But despite these factors, gold continues to move sideways.

No doomsday on S&P’s cards: Chart
Despite doomsayers’ predictions that the S&P 500 index will collapse, the charts still don’t support those warnings.

Chart: Euro is detached from Greek debt crisis
The euro-dollar has developed a broad consolidation between 1.05 and 1.14, a trend that is detached from the Greek crisis.

Chart: Gold looks headed for $980

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