Here’s the 2017 Audi R8 V10 in its full 360-degree glory – Roadshow

What happens if you drop dry ice into slime? It’s like a hot tub for the Munsters – CNET
Remember the guy who threw 30 pounds of dry ice into a pool? He’s baaaaack.

Uber’s proposed $100M settlement of class action driver lawsuit rejected – CNET
Judge calls the ride-hailing service’s offer to settle driver misclassification lawsuit unfair, inadequate and unreasonable.

See inside a toy factory in 360 degrees – CNET
Go behind the scenes at Green Toys, a company that manufactures toys from recycled milk bottles.

BlackBerry’s new phone isn’t bad video – CNET
The BlackBerry DTEK50 isn’t anything to write home about, but it’s definitely decent.

Who cares about diesel? VW may debut 300-mile EV in Paris – Roadshow
That’s certainly one way to get everybody thinking about something that isn’t illegal pollution.

Best Buy kicks off 50th birthday with 50 deals for 50 hours – CNET
Customers are invited to celebrate the retailer hitting the half century mark with discounts on MacBook Pro computers, iPhones, Beats Studio headphones, Samsung UHD TVs and more.

How to disable tab previews in Microsoft Edge – CNET
With a small tweak to the Windows Registry, you can get rid of Edge’s tab previews.

Pokemon world championship takes Pokemon Go back to its roots – CNET
The game that sparked Pokemon Go kicks it old school with a tournament that begins this weekend.

The Chevrolet Cavalier is back, but you won’t be able to buy one – Roadshow
Unless you live in China, that is. But based on my experiences with the badge, not being able to buy a Cavalier is probably a good thing.

McDonald’s discontinued fitness tracker, tested: not as good as the fries video – CNET
The Step-It used to come in Happy Meals as a pack-in, but it’s been pulled unexpectedly. Maybe that was a good thing. We tested it over a salty lunch.

Metal Gear Survive will have stealth, Konami assures – CNET
“I know when you’re watching the trailer it’s all very action-packed and it doesn’t really elicit that feeling, but there will be stealth.”

See Battlefield 1’s new map in action, featuring horses, swords and a deadly train – CNET
Take a look at Sinai Desert, the map you’ll play in the beta later this month.

Aaron Paul on becoming a Final Fantasy character – CNET
“I see how easily it is to get sucked in by these worlds they’ve created… it’s very story-driven and character-driven. I love it.”

Pottermore: More Potter books don’t mean more Harry Potter, got it? – CNET
Author J.K. Rowling’s Pottermore venture is correcting media outlets that assume the three new e-books will continue Harry’s story.

Dead Rising 4 is still ‘stupid’ and that’s what makes it great, dev says – CNET
“We have to make sure the things we do in the game are still stupid”; there are moves called “the grilled cheese” and an item called “the Gandalf.”

GameSpot’s The Lobby–We played Titanfall 2: So what’s new? video – CNET
GameSpot’s Rob Handlery spent some time with Titanfall 2. The crew talks about the connection between titan and player, and some of the new innovations this title will bring to the series.

T-Mobile moves to unlimited data for all video – CNET
In its latest “Uncarrier” move, T-Mobile will offer one data plan for all its new customers. As with any service, there are upsells.

How not to get banned by Pokemon Go and what to do if you do – CNET
Here’s how to keep your little pocket monsters safe or get them back after a ban in Pokemon Go.

Flaming ‘blue whirl’ could help clean oil spills, researchers hope – CNET
A spinning blue flame may hold the key to mopping oil from bodies of water with minimal pollution.

This robot can beat you at foosball – CNET
Swiss researchers made a robot that will put your foosball skills to shame.

Myth busted: Copper pennies didn’t help our overheating laptop – CNET
Our handy-dandy thermal camera helped lay this myth to rest.

Segway, eat your heart out. We try the Honda UNI-CUB – CNET
Walking is so last century. Humanity is evolving to put motorized wheels under our feet. First we had Segways, then hoverboards and now the UNI-CUB from Honda.

What’s new with themes on Samsung Note 7 – CNET
Samsung is giving Note 7 users a couple of new options when customizing the look and feel of their phone.

US Cellular opens Samsung store-within-a-store – CNET
By the end of October, 57 of the carrier’s regional retail stores will showcase Samsung devices.

Whoa! Let’s slow down talk of a fifth fundamental force of nature – CNET
A new discovery could upend our understanding of particle physics and the forces driving the universe. Unless it’s all just based on a goof.

Jared Leto cast in ‘Blade Runner’ sequel, but as human or Replicant? – CNET
“Suicide Squad” actor Jared Leto joins Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Robin Wright, Ana de Armas and Dave Bautista for the upcoming “Blade Runner” sequel.

Get notified when VR game prices drop – CNET
Don’t wait to pay full price for the hot new VR game? Here’s how to watch for sales.

Google to start up startup incubator in San Francisco – CNET
CNET’s new San Francisco neighbors will focus on developers, startups and resources for emerging markets like India and Brazil.

T-Mobile vs. Sprint: The battle for unlimited data – CNET
The carriers unveiled new unlimited data plans that are significantly less expensive than previous offers. But which one is really the better deal?

Sprint hustles in with new, unlimited data plan – CNET
The carrier will offer unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data for $60 per month for the first line.

Kyle MacLachlan lays out entire plot of ‘Dune’ in emojis – CNET
“Dune” is the poster child for epic sci-fi movies, but star Kyle MacLachlan is able to boil it all down into a single tweet through the power of emojis.

This DIY seismograph feels the good vibrations – CNET
Raspberry Pi is the backbone of a new Kickstarter gadget that tracks tiny taps and massive tremors.

Michelangel-O-Ring: Renaissance art, recreated by mechanics – Roadshow
Chicago-based artist and photographer Freddy Fabris used a very unlikely location to recreate some of art’s most famous pieces, but the result is positively amazing.

The NY Times’ dying app might leave a larger legacy – CNET
NYT Now was aimed at younger consumers, but failed to gain the desired traction.

Get a 128GB wireless flash drive for $56.79 – CNET
From the Cheapskate: This surprisingly compact stick can pair with up to three devices for media streaming, file sharing and more. Plus: a seriously sweet bundle of e-books for programmers.

McDonald’s now-discontinued fitness tracker, reviewed: It was free, but it was terrible – CNET
Step-It was the only fitness band I’ve ever used that came with a cheeseburger.

The McLaren 570GT MSO concept is a look into McLaren’s crystal ball – Roadshow
Featuring a few additions that will eventually become available through McLaren’s own bespoke program, this concept is like a peek into the future of McLaren.

HP Omen X VR PC Release Date, Price and Specs – CNET
This desktop computer that straps to your back makes untethered virtual reality an actual reality.

Snowden discusses NSA hack, Cisco to cut 5,500 jobs, NASA preps an asteroid rocket video – CNET
The former NSA contractor reflects on recent hacks, Cisco says layoffs are coming and NASA is weeks away from launching an asteroid-analyzing rocket.

The Galaxy Note 7 is for work and for play video – CNET
Samsung’s new Note 7 phone is as much as whiz in the office as it is in everyday life.

Vlog your heart out in 4K and 360 at YouTube’s new London Space – CNET
The new hub features the world’s first Creator Store, where the most famous YouTubers can sell their merch to fans.

Sense of the stars: New telescopes poised to unlock the universe – CNET
Advances in technology over the last 20 years are giving birth to a new generation of telescopes that will open up the skies.

This global map shows where the internet lives – CNET
One crowdsourced project maps every data center, internet exchange, connecting cable and switch that makes up the cloud.

T-Mobile brings back unlimited data for all – CNET
The carrier is getting rid of lower tier data plans and offering new customers only unlimited data, but you’ll have to pay at least $70 to get in on the action.

Alexa, open Genesis: Amazon brings remote vehicle access into the house – Roadshow
A new Alexa skill will connect your Amazon devices to your Genesis G80 and G90, no phone app required.

Facebook is working on a new video game service, but won’t tell you what it is – CNET
The world’s largest social network is building a new service designed to help players connect with games and one another.

Volvo and Uber to deliver fully autonomous car this year – Roadshow
Better yet, when you call for an Uber and a self-driving car shows up, your ride is free.

New ‘Doctor Strange’ images show Benedict Cumberbatch’s magical side – CNET
Marvel releases new movie stills featuring Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme meeting the Ancient One and fighting evil with supernatural spell-casting skills.

T-Mobile “changes industry forever.” Sprint does it $10 cheaper – CNET

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