Flight Centre CEO: Brexit hurt UK travel demand

CNBC’s Phil LeBeau takes a look at a new report that predicts airline tickets will drop even more in the fall, and while that may be good news for travelers, it could hurt airline revenue.

This airline is serving candy bars instead of meals on flights to North America
Passengers travelling to and from the U.S. and Canada are being given fun-size chocolate bars rather than a meal on flights.

Fidel Castro turns 90, commemorates occasion by lambasting US, Obama
Fidel Castro thanked Cubans for their tributes to mark his 90th birthday, and the iconic leftist revolutionary also lambasted his old foe, the U.S.

Winnebagos make a pit stop outside NYSE
The shipments for traveling homes are at the highest level in nearly 40 years. Michael Happe, Winnebago CEO, discusses the RV business, and shows us two Winnebago models outside the NYSE.

Take a break
We talk to Katie Denis of “Project Time Off” and Sarah Green Carmichael of the Harvard Business Review about the value of vacation and how some employers are even requiring workers to take off and hit the road.

JetBlue flight forced to make emergency landing
Two dozen passengers were taken to the hospital after turbulence forced the pilot to make an unexpected landing.

Having travel trouble? Here’s why your airline flight is delayed
The massive outage that forced Delta to cancel thousands of flights this week showed how airlines face a relatively new vulnerability, USA reports.

Thailand rocked by series of bombs
A string of explosions hit a number of popular tourist destinations throughout Thailand.

‘Rocky’ turbulence on JetBlue flight sends 24 to the hospital
Twenty-four people were taken to the hospital after turbulence forced a JetBlue flight to make an unexpected landing.

Fresh flowers and small slippers: How hotels hope to attract the female 1%
Five-star hotels and luxury tour operators are trying new gambits to lure in the growing pool of female million- and billionaires.

Growth in women’s wealth is global: WealthInsight
Oliver Williams, head of WealthInsight, looks at how different countries cater and market to the high net worth female generation.

When it comes to travelling, what do women want?
Dukes Hotel’s managing director, Debrah Dhugga, says the company sees great growth in the women traveller market, while discussing how they cater to different travellers.

8 jobs for people who love to travel
Work from anywhere in the world with these jobs.

Traveling for a tummy tuck
CNBC’s Carl Quintanilla discusses how medical tourists are travelling to Brazil for cosmetic procedures at discount rates.

Must Read: Delta’s tech glitch
The “Worldwide Exchange” crew discusses some of the morning’s top attention-grabbing headlines, including an article posted in USAToday titled, “Delta’s invested millions failed fliers: Our view.”

CLIA: Cruise travel is seeing unprecedented growth
CLIA CEO Cindy D’Aoust talks to CNBC about the growing demand for cruise travel, particularly in Asia.

How open is Asia to renting vacation homes?
HomeAway’s Jeff Hurst talks to CNBC about how the firm is building awareness and introducing people in Asia to the concept of vacation homes.

GMO mosquitoes join Zika fight
CNBC’s Meg Tirrell reports on the latest methods to fight Zika-carrying mosquitoes.

Containing the spread of Zika: Expert
Dr. Scott Gottlieb, American Enterprise Institute, talks about fighting the spread of Zika and why Puerto Rico must ramp up efforts to contain the virus.

Airbnb wins in Rio
The house-sharing website is the ‘official alternative accommodation service’ for the Olympic Games.

Eurostar workers to go on strike
Rail workers in Europe claim the company has failed to ensure a good work-life balance for managers.

Experts say Delta’s $200 voucher not enough for some
The airline is offering vouchers to some passengers who were affected by its worldwide computer outage.

Delta expects normal operations to resume on Wednesday
Delta said it expects to return to normal operations later on Wednesday after a power outage hit its computer systems on Monday.

People want to ‘up-lux’ their journey: CEO
Waiting for your plane to arrive at the airport and have nothing to do? No.1 Lounges CEO, Phil Cameron has a solution for you.

Why some travelers should reject Delta’s $200 apology
Delta is offering $200 in compensation to passengers grounded by its worldwide computer failure — but experts said many should reject the offer.

Europe’s summer of discontent
A number of strikes across Europe have affected the continent’s tourism sector at the height of summer.

Europe’s private jet market reaches for the skies
CEO’s and rich travelers are no longer willing to buy their own private jet.

Air travel is still a business run on a thin margin: Expert
Geoffrey Weston, partner and head of EMEA airlines practice at Bain & Company, explains how frequent flyer programs help airlines make money.

How to make the most of air miles
Robert Burgess, editor at Head for Points, talks about the most cost-effective way to use air miles and which airlines have the best schemes.

Norwegian Cruise shares down more than 9% after lowering guidance
The cruise stocks hit a rough patch on Tuesday after Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings lowered its outlook.

Delta recovering from global system outage
The airline is offering affected customers refunds and $200 in travel vouchers.

New world’s longest flight?
Qantas is mulling over plans to fly direct for the first time between Australia and the United Kingdom. It would be the world’s longest flight. CNBC’s Phil Han reports.

Delta cancels 250 more flights; seeks forgiveness with refunds, vouchers
Delta Air Lines said Tuesday it is canceling nearly 250 flights, adding “we do expect additional delays and cancellations.”

Turkey needs good relations with Russia: Stroz Friedberg
Vadim Nikitin, assistant director of Stroz Friedberg, discusses the significance of today’s meeting between Erdogan and Putin.

Memo to millennials: Spend now, save later
Jon Levy, The Influencers founder and CEO, discusses why millennials should live paycheck to paycheck.

Limited departures continue following delta ground stop
A power outage in Atlanta forces Delta to ground its global fleet this morning. CNBC’s Susan Li reports the latest.

Delta CEO apologizes for ‘challenges’ created by system outage
CNBC’s Susan Li reports the latest on the Delta system outage that has triggered delays worldwide.

Transports on the move
CNBC’s Morgan Brennan discusses what’s next for transports.

Limited departures resume at Delta
CNBC’s Susan Li reports some flights are resuming following Delta’s ground stop when a system outage triggered delays worldwide.

Limited Delta departures resume
CNBC’s Susan Li reports the latest on Delta Air Lines’ system outage grounding flights worldwide.

Bethune on Delta ground stop

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